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Everyday Erin CondrenIf you are into planners or organization at all, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve heard of Erin Condren.  This brand is taking their niche world by storm.  It’s no surprise to any of my readers or Instagram followers that I am in a serious relationship with my Erin Condren Life Planner.  She is my schedule, a creative outlet, a list keeper…she’s my baby.  Undoubtedly, when someone hears the name Erin Condren, their mind automatically goes to the Life Planner.  I want to expand your horizons just a little bit.  There is an entire world of Erin Condren products out there besides the Life Planner.  While many of the products are great for using with your LP, they also have many stand alone purposes. Let’s explore.

Every Day With Erin Condren

If you take time to check out the EC website, you’ll notice the multitude of products outside of the one tab specifically for the Life Planners. Notebooks, calendars, home decor items, organizational items, and more flood your screen with endless possibilities for every day use.  Here are a few ways I use my Erin Condren Products every single day.

Erin Condren Jot your though journals

Jot Your Thought Journals

EC has 3 beautiful journals that allow you to do so many things.  Each journal has a different cover and a different inside.  Your options are grid paper, lined paper, or completely blank paper, and I find that each type can serve a very different purpose.  I recently decided to use the grid paper journal to start my very own bullet journal.  While the specifics of this journal are still something I’m learning and working out (I’ll have a post dedicated specifically to the bullet journal later), I am very pleased with how it’s started.  The grid paper helps me keep all of my bullets and boxes neat and in line.  So far I’ve got workout tracking, future logs, home improvement to dos, an on going wishlist, weight loss tracking, and daily to dos in my bullet journal.

The lined notebook will likely end up being a regular journal for me (I like to keep a daily prayer journal, and my current one is almost filled.  As for the blank journal? Well, that can be a sketch book, another bullet journal, a place to keep favorite quotes or notes.  The possibilities really are endless.

How would you use these journals? Any tips for me as I further develop my bullet journal?

Erin Condren organization

Getting Organized

Erin Condren also has so many products to help you stay organized.  I’ve got customized file folders (that admittedly still need to find a home in my office),multiple note pads where I keep to do lists and notes, and zipper pouches that keep my Life Planner protected on the go.  In my desk drawer I have a Do-It-All Desk Set that fits perfectly, adding a pop of color and a place to house some little organizational things that would otherwise be floating around my desk drawer. The beautiful storage pockets house some of my coupons, and if I want to I can add a coil clip and clip it right into my LP or my EC notebook, but I find they’re also great standing alone.  I also have a beautiful acrylic tray on my dresser that displays my perfumes and a few pieces of jewelry.  My Erin Condren organizational goodies not only are incredibly functional, but the bright colors and patterns that all of the products have brings my so much joy.  Simple things like bright accessories really do make a difference to me, especially since a lot of my day is spent in my home office blogging.

Relaxation and Creativity

Coloring for adults is huge right now.  Research has found that things like coloring are very helpful in relaxation and stress relief in adults.  It makes me wonder why we ever stopped coloring to begin with.  Erin Condren even has something for those of us that love to color.  The Creative Color coloring book and sketch pad is great for adults and children.  Black and white coloring pages of some of ECs most famous patterns and quotes are stashed in-between more empty pages that are great for those of us that doodle, draw, or write our own inspiration.  I’ve been really enjoying channeling my inner child during breaks and making some brightly colored works of art with my giant box of crayons.

As you can see, there are so many ways to enjoy the Erin Condren brand without the Life Planner. I suggest taking a look through their website and seeing what awesome things you might want to add to your collection.  There’s a lot more on there than what I’ve mentioned.

If you’re new the the Erin Condren brand, sign up for an account using this link and you will get $10 off your first purchase.

Seasoned Erin Condren users, what are some of your favorite EC products and how do you use them?

*I was sent a box of goodies by Erin Condren to use and review as I saw fit, but all opinions are 100% my own.  When you use my link, I also get $10 credited towards a future Erin Condren purchase.  It’s a great benefit for both of us*

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