Erin Condren Address Book

Erin Condren Address Book

As some of you may know, I am a big fan of the ever popular Erin Condren Life Planner.  When the new version of the Friends and Family Address Book came out (and thankfully were on sale) I jumped at the chance to purchase one.  Like planners, I find something fun and productive about having a paper address book, despite the convenience of the electronic ones.  Let me take you on a little tour of this lovely book.


The covers of the address book are just like the covers on the life planners: beautiful, colorful and totally customizable.  Seeing how I’ve always been drawn to color, I couldn’t resist the rainbow cover.  As you can see, I personalized it with our names.


Right away, the inside page is bright and happy, which is a common theme in Erin Condren’s products.


One of the newest updates to the address book is the addition of tabs.  For some reason these weren’t in the original design of the address book which is actually one of the reasons I didn’t get one of these right away.  I figured I would wait to see if it was changed, and alas, it was 🙂


Another theme throughout Erin Condren products are the amazing inspirational quotes littered throughout  them, and the address book is no exception. With every new letter comes a new quote. It’s a small detail, but little things like that make me happy.



Now, on to the actual address book part.  There are 120 pages for you to write your addresses on.  The space for each person has a slot for name, address (duh..), birthday, home phone number, cell phone number, and email address.


Everything is very crisp and clean looking.  Tip: Buy erasable pens.  You never know when someone’s address will change, and this high quality address book isn’t one you’ll want to be scribbling things out in.


Like the life planner, the address book also contains the “Keep it Together” folder for you to hold whatever papers you think your address book should hold.


The address book also comes with the zipper pouch in the back (perfect for postage!) and inside you’ll find some gift labels personalized in the same way that your address book cover is.  I discovered the added bonus of two sticker labels of those brightly colored inspirational quotes as well.  I love all of the little touches like that.  It always makes getting an Erin Condren package so much fun!

All in all I am thrilled with my Erin Condren Address Book.  In this day and age where all of our contacts are stored on our phones and computers, a paper address book isn’t really necessary, but lets be honest, they are fun to have around.  Just like being able to flip open my life planner to get a brightly colored overview of my week, it is fun to take out my rainbow book and flip tabs to find the contact information I need.  Maybe I’m weird (actually, there’s no maybe about it), but there is just something refreshing and fun about doing that.

If you’re interested in checking out Erin Condren’s products (teacher planners, life planners, address books and SO much more) I can help.  If you click on this link to go over to the site and sign up, you will get emailed a $10 off code good for any purchase, and I get a special treat too. $10 off is quite helpful here.  Things might seem pricy, but they are definitely products that are high quality and worth what you pay for them.  It’s win-win my friends.


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