Doing Nothing

When we think about doing nothing two scenarios come to mind:

1. I’m going to spend Friday night doing nothing, meaning you’ll still do things like be lazy watching TV, maybe have a deliciously guilt filled dessert and basically just enjoy yourself rather than get work done.

2. You consciously do nothing about a situation and just let it be.

Today I want to talk a bout about our second choice.  As you may or may not know, I am a huge Jillian Michaels fan.  She’s one tough trainer with a good heart, and while she is all about the body, losing weight, being healthy and getting fit, she talks a lot about the psychology behind everything.  Every Monday she has a podcast, and the first segment is usually just her talking about whatever has been on her mind and they tend to be my favorite segments of the podcast.  A month or so ago I went to launch the new podcast and saw it was entitled “doing nothing.”  I figured she would be talking about how even she takes a lazy day or tips on being productive while feeling like you’re doing nothing, but no.  It was something much different and much more inspirational.

So with that said, I ask you this question:


What happens when you do nothing?


Now, you’re probably thinking “Come on Brianna, nothing happens when you do nothing!”  Right?  Wrong!!

Scenario 1: You’re over weight.  You’re not comfortable in your own skin, your self confidence is low, and you’ve packed on enough extra pounds for your doctor to regularly tell you it’s effecting your health.

Scenario 2: The really cute guy you see in the coffee house every day or class every week totally has caught your eye.  You two could very well be perfect for each other…if only he knew your name.

Scenario 3: You diagnosed with cancer.  Luckily you caught it early enough where it is treatable.

Scenario 4: Your significant other is starting to feel less in love with you.  Maybe there’s less passion and lovemaking, maybe there’s more tension and anger.  You know that a few minor changes in your habits could really help.

Scenario 5: Currently you’re employed, but not very happy going to work every day.  You know the type of job you’d like to be doing, but it’s just so much effort to change things at this point.


Look at the scenarios.  Again I ask, what will happen if you do nothing?  *lightbulb goes on*

Doing nothing definitely does not mean that things will stay the same, but instead it typically means things will get worse!  If you’re a #1 and do nothing about your weight you will keep living the lifestyle that got you there to begin with.  The results could very well be deadly.  Poor lab results, larger waistlines, and your health declining at a rapid rate.  In #2 and #5 if you do nothing you could very well end up spending the rest of your life regretting the fact you never took a chance.  Living in a world of “what if” is miserable.  Wouldn’t you rather have talked to the guy and been rejected?  Would that kill you?  What would you really have to lose if you did the work to try and get in the career path you actually wanted?  Be careful…you might end up happy.

While #3 is obvious it just further emphasizes the point.  If the cancer is treatable and you decide to not do anything about it, odds are it will kill you.  If you aren’t willing to do anything at home in #4, things won’t stay the same, but over time they will get worse, you both will be miserable and a split will inevitably happen.


Do any of these situations sound good to you?  These are all the results  of doing nothing.  Sure, doing nothing is easy; no extra effort on your part, but think about the results that will come from it.  Now that you’ve thought about it…is it worth it? The answer is almost always going to be NO.

Jillian Michaels’ words are wise and while I just touched on her 15 minute segment going on about this, I hope I got the point across.  Doing nothing will never result in things staying the same.  One for the road:

Scenario #6: paying your bills…what happens when you do nothing then..?

On this Saturday morning I hope you set yourself up to do something.  Make a change, take a risk, and be happy.

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