Currently | March 2018

Eating: No Cow bars on a daily basis. I LOVE that they’re a dairy-free, high protein bar that isn’t off the charts with fat.  They’re only 5sp per bar, which is easy for me to work into my Weight Watchers Freestyle plan. No Cow bars are always in my purse as the perfect on the go snack. Pro tip: the chocolate fudge brownie ones ACTUALLY taste like it. I’ve been loving enjoying one of those at night as my dessert. 

Drinking: Other than the usual (water and coffee) I recently picked up one of the new flavors of Premier Protein: cookies and cream. Let’s just say the flavor is spot on. I don’t typically get iced beverages from Starbucks, but lately, on my way to physical therapy (where I need an extra dose of caffeine anyway), I have been stopping for my triple espresso over ice just so I can put the cookies and cream Premier Protein in there.  Delicious and only 2sp.

Reading: How Should A Body Be? by Bethany Maloche. It’s her personal story about living with CMT, which is the same disease I have. It’s been great reading someone else’s experience and feeling like I can completely relate. Full book review coming soon.

Watching: Queer Eye on Netflix. It’s moving, heartwarming, funny, and beautiful.

Listening to: The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat ALL the time.

Loving: My weighted blanket. While I have the official Gravity Blanket, there are a ton of less expensive options out there (which I didn’t know when I asked for it for Christmas.  oops).  Whatever brand, my 20 lb weighted blanket makes me feel extra tucked in and cozy, and I absolutely love it. 

Hating: Tax season. It frustrates me so much I sometimes want to drop the blog and YouTube channel altogether, and I don’t even make all that much. Thankfully, you guys make the work worth doing.

Celebrating: That spring is oh so near!

Wishing for: Warmer weather.  I know it will come, but the cold is really starting to get old. 








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