Confessions of A Weight Watchers Lifetime Member: It’s STILL Tough

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A year ago on November 18th I went to my Weight Watchers center in Park Ridge, IL, weighed in, and much to my delight I hit my magic number, my goal weight that I had been striving for since I can’t remember when: 135!  There was a little celebration during the meeting where I was awarded my “goal” star charm to do with as I pleased (for a time I put it on a chain and wore it around my neck until it started to tarnish).  Now, I just had to maintain this weight within range (5 lbs under or 2 lbs above) for 6 weeks and then I would officially have accomplished my ultimate weight loss goal of becoming a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers.

6 weeks later, I did.

Now, with a year’s worth of weight maintenance experience under my belt, after working for Weight Watchers for almost a year, and after several whirlwind life changes I am hear to tell you this: It does NOT get any easier!

I’ve given a great deal of thought to if I should post something like this or not, but knowing that everyone has their own experiences with their weight loss journey, I am here simply to offer you mine.  My thought, opinions, and struggles.  If this doesn’t apply to you, then kudos to you and please tell me your secrets, but odds are, it will.

Now, where was I?  Oh, that whole “it doesn’t get better” thing.  Let me just say this.  There is a reason that Weight Watchers markets itself as a lifestyle and NOT a diet.  These terms are two different things.  A diet is a quick (..quick-ish?) fix for losing weight.  You abide by super strict rules, count calories, drink only juices or eat no carb, or no sweets, while having no fun enjoying any food (although I do get myself excited over a good cold pressed juice now and again).  These diets can be very successful, but once you have found your success and you’ve hit your goal, you stop the diet and BAM!  the weight comes back!  Why?  Because quick fixes can not be maintained.  Weight Watchers teaching me to account for everything I eat, but letting me eat whatever the heck I want turned weight loss into a maintainable lifestyle.  I wanted to be a lifetime member so I could have access to Weight Watchers for life, free of charge, because I know that is the lifestyle I want to keep up.  I can have my cake, eat it, and as long as I account for it, life is good.

However, after a year of being at goal and currently sitting 5 lbs over that goal (I know, not a big deal to some, but to me it is) I have learned the cold hard truth.  It doesn’t get easier once you stop losing.  In fact, I honestly think the weight maintenance phase (aka the rest of your life after hitting goal) is a lot more difficult than the losing itself. When I was losing, I had that goal in mind.  I longed to see the magic 135 show up on the scale for the first time in my life.  When it finally did (and hit Lifetime status), it was done, over and complete…and so was the motivating goal of something to strive for.

After that I found it really easy to be a little bit more relaxed in my tracking.  Some days I would “forget” to write in a snack, or not bother tracking if I was having only one little bite (several times in a day..), or some days (weeks..) not track at all.  For someone who lost all 57 lbs of her weight thanks to tracking, not tracking will cause all hell to break loose.  The result? Surprise surprise, the scale starts to move back up!!

Now, I know that Weight Watcher’s plan also allows for the Simply Filling Technique, which means I can eat as much as I want of all things considered power foods (listening to my hunger signals to tell me when to stop), and I use my 49 weeklies to track any non power food that I eat, however I am an overly indulgent personality.  If there is something in front of me and I am told I can eat as much as I want, odds are I will eat WAY more than necessary, causing simply filling to fail me.  I know it works great for so many people, I just know that I won’t be one of them.  I need numbers, portion sizes, and limits.  This goes for everything, as that over indulgent personality expands well beyond my love of food.

On maintenance you are supposed to add 6 Points Plus to your target once you’re at goal.  I work for the company and I say that’s a bunch of bologna unless you plan on getting an Active Link and burning off every single one of those Points.  Instead we have to learn through trial and error what value works for each person.  I have one life timer (we’re talking a long time) in my meeting who has bumped her 26 to 29, and that’s where she stays.  She also forgets to use her 49 weeklies.  I was amazed by this.  That’s the discipline I need.   I have discovered that the best way for my scale to cooperate is to keep myself at 26 Points Plus a day (the minimum you need for weight loss and the amount I’ve spent a good portion of my journey eating).  Apparently I need to keep the weight loss mentality when it comes to tracking.

I’ve discovered that  there is a severe lack of self discipline that I have allowed into my life making it very difficult to stay on track. I acknowledge that I’m having this issue and yet I STILL will not measure my bowl of ice cream, or pick the higher Point snack knowing I don’t have many left.  My favorite is when I get home from work late at night, and manage to throw away an entire day of good behavior.  WHY?!

In an effort to gather some opinions, I’ve been more chatty about this topic at Weight Watchers and I pretty much have heard the same thing from all Lifetimers.  I’m glad I’m not the only one that actually finds the process (the ongoing, never ending process) of maintenance to be so much harder than the process of losing.

Now, of course, the question is: how do I get myself back on track??  I really thought about this post for quite awhile before deciding to write it, and with that also came me thinking about solutions and observing my behavior.  I find that it is easiest for me to stay on track when everything else in life seems to be going smoothly.  The last time that happened for me was a period of about 3 days (last week) where everything seemed in sync: Spiritually in tune with God, energized and motivated, excited to hit the gym, feeling the in-love butterflies every time I looked at Erik.  When that happened I had the 3 most in control days that I’ve had in a long time.  Then things get rocky in paradise and BAM, the self control is GONE!  It is so incredibly frustrating, and yet I don’t know what to do about it.

This blog is actually one of my largest solutions.  If I want to be a health and fitness blogger (along with all of my other categories on here) then I have to practice what I preach.  It’s the same thing with working for Weight Watchers.  I’m not entirely sure how that hasn’t encouraged me more, but I’m trying.  The bottom line here is simple.  My dear readers who are on a diet: if you consider what you are doing a “diet” eventually it will fail.  What you need (what we all need) is a permanent lifestyle.  There is no quick fix for the issue of weight.  If you stop doing what got you to lose, even after you hit goal, the scale will go back up.  The only difference is increasing the Points or calorie intake just enough to stop the weight from coming off, but the line between just enough and putting the pounds back on is really thin.  Be careful.

This is in no way meant to be a downer post.  Quite the opposite actually.  I want to motivate you, inspire you, and enlighten you.  I want you to know that there is no such thing as a temporary diet that will make you skinny forever (if you’ve found one, let me know…).  I wanted to get it out there that I struggle every single day with food and weight maintenance, and I know that I have to be a Weight Watcher for life if I am going to keep my body at my goal.  It takes a lifetime of hard work, dedication and self-discipline.

Have any of you come to this realization? Or better yet, do any of you have words of advice for me?  I might work for the best selling weight loss program in America (it’s true, we are!), but I am by no means an expert.  I might have a lot of the know how, but until will power and self discipline doesn’t have to play this game anymore (which they always will, so it’s pointless to dream of that day) I will never have it all figured out.  I will always need motivation, encouragement and help.  Just because I’m a lifetime member doesn’t make me a superhero.  It just makes me woman on the next phase of her weight loss journey.  This journey will end only when my life does or when I choose to give up and go the other way.  Seeing how I’ve been there once and don’t plan on going back, a lifetime of this lifestyle it is!

Now if only I could get my will power and self- discipline levels to cooperate…

Be happy and be healthy, my friends.

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62 thoughts on “Confessions of A Weight Watchers Lifetime Member: It’s STILL Tough

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  3. Kate says:

    Thank you for this. I hit lifetime, comtinued to lose for a year and then over the last year gained it all (25lbs) back. Would love to lose 15# min but I am so depressed from the gain. I too can’t due simply filling as I am a meat and potatoes gal. It’s so frustrating being back where i was πŸ™

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I can relate to being a loser that gained. I’m definitely sitting a good 10lbs above my goal right now (15 from my original goal…). It’s hard to get back on track, especially when you have hit that magic number once before. I feel your pain. Best of luck gaining and keeping control over the holidays. Is there anything that you would be interested in having me write about on here to help you out?

      • Kate says:

        Thanks for the reply. Maintence is so tricky with all the point types – one week you gain but bext week do you cut back on weeklies, dailies, activity? Well get there! Its helpful knowing were not alone. If i think of any specific questions ill let you know πŸ™‚

      • Tim Murphy says:

        Yo, ww lifetime buddy, its tough, but hang in there! Look at the scale and the pants you’re wearing versus the scale then and the pants you wore to the first ww meeting!! You win!!!! I kept some pre ww clothes just so I could see where I was and where I am now. I like now a lot better!!! You are a winner!

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  5. Jim says:

    Thanks..I thought it was me..I made lifetime in October..122 lbs. I figured to try it on my own skip meetings. I got to the gym 6 days a week at least an hour of cardio and then weights. I’m bouncing around now few pounds on few pounds off. Still tracking, made th Holidays without a lot of damage. I found the same as you, I stayed within 28 pts max most of the year it took to lose the weight…never used the weekly. The 6 weeks to lifetime when I added points even to 33 which is still my lose range, never touched weekly I gained….I guess I should go back to meeting again..I think the weekly weight in was the key for in the first place

    • divaandthedivine says:

      It’s a lot tougher than people think it is, isn’t it? I find that the weekly weigh in’s in front of people really help keep me accountable. I can lie to myself, but not to the receptionist hitting the submit button.

      • Jim says:

        First meeting since I made Lifetime Nov 24th…I stayed within 0.8 lb of my goal weight. My scale i just got is only 0.6 lb off from the meeting scale.Much different atmosphere here, I like this leader. I met her about 10 months ago she filled in at our meeting for a couple of weeks. I liked her then. Meetings are fun, up lifting….found a home.
        Proud of myself to stay that close to my goal weight for that long and through the Holidays too..pat’s self on back..LOL

        • divaandthedivine says:

          That is AMAZING news! Congratulations! Not to mention you pulled that off during the holiday season! I know for a fact that I’m not doing as well at the moment. It is also great news that you finally found a leader who works for you. Meetings are meant to be exactly as you said, fun and uplifting!

          It’s sounds like you are right on track for your lifetime of success with Weight Watchers. Good for you! I’m excited for you.

          • Jim says:

            Yes I felt very good yesterday.I gave myself some extra points yesterday..LOL I think the key as it has always been is exercise along with need to do both.
            It really all comes down to a lifestyle change. It becomes a habit after awhile, at least for me it has. Is it easy? No way. But it’s worth it….

      • cheryljames3261113 says:

        I’m so glad that I found this. I have struggle with this too. I can’t use any more than 26 points. I often wonder if it is that healthy to have that few of points per day. I wonder if that is why over eating occurs after because we haven’t had enough. I’ve lost 70 pounds on WW. I’ve gained 10 and I’m struggling. I am not sure if I should go back. Any advice on motivation would help.

    • Jim says:

      It really is. Once I started losing the weight I don’t want to say it was easy, but it wasn’t that bad. I never weighted myself at home. If I went to the doctor I told the nurse not to tell me the weight. My weight is Monday at 4:00 PM:-) As of this week, I’m behaving much better. I’m keeping myself in the 27 pt range again. I still only weight in Monday afternoon too. I’m not doing bad really. Last Monday I was .6 lb below my goal, but I bounce around. I wonder sometimes, it it’s water? It was always my contention that it’s impossible to judge what your intake should be. Everybody is different. If I had used all the points, I’d still be trying to reach my goal.
      I wonder what happens now, I’ve missed my weight in’s probably have to start paying again??? No matter, it works:-)

      • divaandthedivine says:

        The weight fluctuation is totally normal. You aren’t going to stay exactly where your goal is 100% of the time. 1 takeout dinner at a Chinese place that uses too much salt can cause a 1 lb gain that’s all water and gone the next day. That’s why there is the 2 lb buffer for lifetime weigh ins. With time and dedication you’ll get used to living the maintenance lifestyle.

        • Jim says:

          Thanks for assurance. Were you a leader? I wonder what happens now I’ve missed too many meetings, maybe two. Still Lifetime? I wish our group leader was a little more inspiring. One week I gained 3 pounds. I’ve never gained either lost or maintained. They was no way I gained 3 lbs in a week, impossible. She never even bothered to talk to me about, help me with it. I found out myself it was a medication I was taking at the time. I think it was on Spark or Live Strong. Lost 5 pounds next week after i stopped the med.
          I’ve helped members myself and they’ve told me I inspired them more then she does. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a nice person..just kind of blah..

          • divaandthedivine says:

            Yes, I worked for WW for about two years, and my trip to Japan (happening now) and my future move back to Chicago is why I stopped. It really is sometimes a hit or miss with leaders. You sometimes have to jump around meetings until you find the leader with the right vibe for you personally. Everyone is different. Keep up the hard work, but make sure to enjoy life and don’t take it all TOO seriously πŸ™‚

          • Jim says:

            I was planning to do that..thanks. I’m going to try another meeting next Tuesday…Yes I do tend to get way TOO serious with this. I have managed to loosen up a little lately though. I would pout for a week, if I didn’t lose any weight….
            I’ll let you know how it goes…thanks

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  7. Donna says:

    I love your post! I reached my Weight Watchers goal on December 30, 2014 – not long ago. I have two more weeks in maintenance before I am a Lifetime member and I am finding it difficult. Your post helped me to confirm what I already knew – being on plan isn’t going away if I want to maintain my goal weight and I do! It took me 7 months to lose 31 pounds and I am thrilled to be 126lbs. I want to stay there and I see how easy it is to fall back into old patterns that put the pounds on in the first place. Thanks for your inspiration and confirming for me that I need to continue tracking, exercise, and choosing healthy food options to stay at goal.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      You are most welcome. I don’t know why I originally thought that once I hit goal I could relax my habits, but once I realized that I was on plan forever it was one of those ah-ha moments that really helped me set realistic expectations for my life long habits. I guess the term “lifetime member” is true. :-). I’m glad my post helped you out. Thank you for reading.

  8. allison carroll says:

    Thank you for the blog, I have been in maintenance for 3 weeks and am finding it very difficult. I weigh in on Saturdays and I contemplated not going to my morning meeting tomorrow because I am going out tonight with friends for drinks and dinner and I already know I am up a little from last week. After reading all the comments I will go out tonight and enjoy myself and WILL go to my meeting in the morning. I have accomplished so much, I dont know why I cant focus on that instead of feeling like I have let myself down. Anyway, glad to have found this site./AC

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I’m glad you like my post. Sometimes the trick is finding a weigh in day that works for you and your social schedule. My WI day is Fridays, so I start fresh with new weeklies before the weekend, and I have all week to work off whatever I might have done over the weekend. I also know some people who opt to have WI on Mondays, forcing them to not over do it on the weekends.

      It is important to enjoy yourself and not deprive yourself of what you really want. Everything in moderation is just fine. That’s what Weight Watchers is all about. Good luck!

  9. Jen says:

    Thank you for your blog/post. I actually followed weight watchers all on my own (with the help of my mom who has done it for years). I was able to loose 30lbs and drop from a size 12 pant to a size 4 in 7 months. I feel great, and I took it as a lifestyle change and not a diet. I am a little concerned as I dropped down to 126 to achieve my goal, and now that I added 3points to my day I am up to 130 now and I can’t go back down. I exercise 4-6 days a week, and play hockey on top of that 1-2 times a week. I am guessing I need to go back down to 26 points a day, but I find myself hungry more often? Maybe I am just at my ideal weight at 130lbs (at 5’7 small/medium frame). Any opinions?

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I would definitely say your body is trying to tell you that your ideal weight is a little higher. My goal weight was 135 (I’m 5’5″) and while I have a bone structure that requires a size 6 for my hips, I was almost too skinny in some places. As soon as a went on maintenance I popped back to 140. After a lot of frustration, I accepted that 140 was probably more of where I should be anyway.

      On Weight Watchers they suggest adding 6 ppv to your normal total for maintenance. I disagree. It’s definitely a game of finding what works for you. Every body is different. After one week of adding the 6, I gained 2 lbs rather than maintaining, I’ve decided that I am perpetually on 26 points. Currently, I’ve gained a bit too much between the holidays and being abroad for 3 months, so I need to be at 26 regardless, but even after the fact I plan on sticking with 26. It gives just a little more wiggle room.

  10. Amy says:

    I have been maintaining for almost a year now once it reaches June. I have done pretty well until I hit November last month. I am hovering in between 3-5 over my goal weight. I reached 145 for my goal weight, and I was going to try to lose 3-5 more pounds to give myself some wiggle room. However, I found myself gaining in between eating out, holidays and only going once a month to my meetings. There are three things I can blame this on: being more lax of what and how much I am eating, gaining muscle from going to to a personal trainer three times a week or my body has grown used to the routine. I normally eat a small breakfast, a lean cuisine meal or soup for lunch and have a bigger supper with snacks in between all of these. I really would like to start incorporating a larger breakfast and homemade lunches into my diet, but with how my weight is right now, I am a bit scared to try something new till I get my weight under control. What do you guys think I should do? At the moment, I am grasping at straws on controlling my weight. However, I do not want to be so rigirious with my eating that I will gain instantly when I let myself become lax.

    It’s nice to know that I am not the only one suffering. Personally, I think it’s really hard to stay within a two pound weight goal especially once your body adapts to your lifestyle you have adapted; that’s why I try to incorporate multiple different foods and dishes in my life just to switch things up. One thing that really hurts my points is eating a 5 point energy bar (usually a nut and fruit bar with little sugar) right before my workouts, because my normal meals just don’t supply me with the energy to make it through my workouts. I only get 26 but I find even when using just 26 points a day, I am still going over 10 points a day when I track. LOL

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I feel you, my friend! This whole maintaining things is very difficult. This post originally went up a year and a half ago and it is STILL my #1 post, and for a good reason. This is an important topic. They talk so much about weight loss, but maintenance is a beast all its own. I can honestly tell you, that a year and a half later, the struggle is STILL very real for me.

      My breakfasts tend to be 4-6 points, and are usually very high protein. This helps me stay fuller. I suggest you look at exactly what you’re eating and see how you might be able to lower the ppv a bit. Are your snacks points heavy, or are you eating fruits or veggies? Are you hydrating enough? Water not only surpasses hunger, but it helps the body regulate itself and work better. What are your bigger suppers comprised of? Do you find yourself without wiggle room for night time munchies? These are all things you might want to play around with and see if you find a better balance within your 26 points. Don’t forget, those 49 weeklies are there to be used too.

      Ultimately, it’s all about finding balance. You won’t stay 100% at goal all the time, but the goal is to find what keeps you around there. Enjoy your food, but make smart choices most of the time and you should be okay. Keep us posted!

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  12. cindiebloomie says:

    Awesome discussion! I have been in Lifetime status since January, and for the past couple of months have tried going once a month to weigh in…big mistake! lol I know I have regained enough to put me over my goal (I am one of those who set her goal about 5 pounds higher than my REAL goal, to allow for that wiggle room;) I know my issue is not tracking overindulgences: that lack of accountability has come back to bite me big time. I am going back this Saturday for my once-monthly weigh-in, and have already resigned myself to doing so weekly, from now on, forever and ever, amen! It is what kept me ‘honest’ during maintenance, and like so many of you, I believe that 26 is my forever number. I have adjusted it to 28, to remind myself I actually DO have some wiggle room, knowing full well I will likely never use those extra two points. I am also one who uses most of her weekly AND activity points over the weekend, so weighing in on Saturday morning is the wisest time for me. I also think I am going to take the suggestion of one of the receptionists, and join their team. That may do a world of good keeping me making wise choices through the week. Thanks for all of your posts!

    • divaandthedivine says:

      Thanks for joining the discussion! I agree with everything you’ve said. The not weighing in regularly definitely makes things more difficult. 26 is also my forever number, which a bummer, but my theory is I learned how to live on it while losing, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to just stay there. πŸ™‚ Good luck with everything.

  13. Angela says:

    I am a lifetime member with same struggle as you all. Going to face the scales and pay my dues tonight and get back in this WW way of life. I will feel better getting this 10 lbs back off. WW does work but we can’t stop. I am glad to find others in my same predicament. Need the moral support.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      There are a ton of us fighting the same battle. It’s great that you’re going back and facing the scale. Don’t fret about whatever it says. Just take one day at a time. πŸ™‚

  14. Deb says:

    I am Lifetime (for a very long time) and aside from tracking and exercise, you have to have a defiant attitude as well. Mine has always been, “I AM NOT GIVING UP.” I have hung on to this when loved ones passed away, jobs were lost, and even menopause when that needle wouldn’t budge for close to 5 years. i really feel if I had not been so adamant in my thinking I wouldn’t be sitting here today 4 lbs under my goal.I am saving up for the office Xmas party next week. Your body is nothing but a calculator and totals up every thing you put in it. I agree, don’t feel bad about what the scale says now. It is temporary. Just DON’T QUIT. Don’t give up, EVER. FIGHT. I truly believe it is one of the most worth while things you can do for yourself which will pay off for every decade of your life.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I love this! Thank you for being such an inspirational person. I 100% agree that this is one of the most worthwhile things we can do for ourselves is keep our body and mind as healthy as we can with what we can control. Thanks for your comment!

  15. Robby says:

    As a three-time loser, a Lifetime member who has reached goal three times in my journey but not able to maintain it for the long-haul, I am now on my fourth time having lost 51 pounds with 63 to go before hitting goal again. I never seemed to have much of a problem with losing the weight just with keeping it off. I have now determined this will be my final weight loss and am warily eyeing my goal weight on the horizon and plotting on doing it differently when I get there. I am determined to maintain this time for a lifetime and all the information here has given me some good ideas and inspiration as well.

    I won’t receive the new 2016 program ” Beyond the Scale” until later this week but I am curious if “Smartpoints” and “Fitpoints” will cause Lifetime status and maintenance to be handled any differently, perhaps more successfully, than in the past. Does anyone have any insight on this?

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I am in the same boat with the Beyond the Scale transition as I don’t get to access it until this Friday. I’m hoping that this new way of tracking will help me get back in the game and finally get back to where I want to be. I’ve heard good things from a few people that have tried it, but have no experience or info myself.

  16. Deb says:

    Even life timers can gain 5 to 10 pounds but you can catch it before it doubles.Sirens go off in my head. My goals for 2016 are to attend every WW weekly meeting for the year as a life timer. Last year I attended every week since July 1 to Dec 31 and it really made a difference. You go to different meetings, get perspectives from different leaders and different members. You can relate and get some good ideas. For the me time subject they talked about, I played hooky from work, had breakfast out and went to a movie, it was great. My other goal for 2016 is to attend yoga once a week at Lululemons. They offer a free class every week at most of the stores in Chicago and the suburbs. I already work out 3 times a week with weights and think yoga will be a good addition. I practiced it years ago but fell away from it. I keep a journal and will check off every meeting and class to see my progress over the year. It helps me to see it written down over time and makes me feel real good at the end of the year to have accomplished my goals no matter what they are. Happy New Year to every one – You Can do it!!!

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  18. Nancy Piper says:

    Back at meetings. Made lifetime in 2010. Quit meetings, gained back weight. Attending weekly since Jan 2016 down almost 10 with a few setbacks. It’s not easy.. tracking essential.

  19. blessedmama2 says:

    Love, love, LOVE this post. Just started maintenance this week. The last month or so I had hit a mental wall because I realized that in order to maintain, I will have to log my food every day. Forever. And I resented that. I have had to put on my big girl panties (3 sizes smaller than they used to be) and accept this fact. I really appreciate your honesty as that is what I have been searching for. Thank you!

  20. Sharon Wasson says:

    Hi Brianna, never give up. It’s just not worth it. I’ve found, at 67 years of age, there will always be challenges. The only thing, sometimes, that I can control is what I feed my body. I choose to feed it 30 smart points a day because I know it’s the healthiest thing I can do for myself so that I’ll be ABLE to do what’s required of me in other areas of my life. Never, NEVER, give up on your health, your weight, it’s the ONE thing we can and should always do for ourselves. Have a wonderful, healthy day AND life!😘

  21. Robby says:

    I guess I had forgotten that I commented on this post back in December of 2015 until I was reading the original post and all the comments looking for inspiration with my Maintenance journey and I saw my name on one of the comments! At that time, I had lost 51 pounds. Now, I have been at goal for nearly two months having lost 117 pounds. As I had feared in my previous comment, Maintenance is tough! That’s the part of the whole WW experience with which I have never been successful. I mean, I lost every single week for 52 weeks straight and hit my goal on the one year anniversary of my latest at bat; they call me the poster-boy for WW in my class. But I knew the truth all along, I can gain it and I can lose it but I just can’t seem to maintain it! I find myself now, just a pound or two above my goal, but unable to add back any points or the scale creeps up higher. I am, at times, resentful, that a “lifestyle” change is required for continued success; it’s just not fair! I know that’s not rational but I’m being honest. One thing I swore to change this time around was to continue going to meetings. I have stuck to that; this week will mark my 60th consecutive meeting! The WW meeting is a source of support, encouragement, camaraderie and accountability. I will continue to attend from now on. I have gotten a little sloppy with tracking too but not abandoned it and will redouble my efforts immediately. And if I also stay within my daily points allowance, I WILL maintain this loss for life. Thanks to you, Brianna, for making this post available and thanks to all the readers who have left encouraging comments; it was just the shot-in-the arm that I needed just now.

    Just a bit of trivia I wanted to share with your readers, WW started the same year I did, 1963. My late, great Mother joined the program in 1965 and lost 167 pounds to reach her goal. She received her lifetime pin, which I still have with its 16 diamond chips, from Jean Nidetch herself in Fort Worth, Texas! I was a chubby baby and child and have been associated with every version of WW since the beginning. No doubt, Beyond the Scale is the best. My Mother and Jean both have always been sources of inspiration and I think of them often as I sometimes struggle with this new phase of my journey. Though my mom gained her weight back a few times, the last years of her life were at goal. Jean maintained her loss for more than 50 years; it CAN be done and I WILL do it! Good luck to each of you in a similar boat. I can truly say the oft-repeated WW mantra; Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!

    • divaandthedivine says:

      Robby, I love everything about this! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post (again!) and more importantly, thank you for sharing your story for others who come across this page. I love that your mom got her pin from the Jean herself! Very cool.

  22. Marie Doyle says:

    I rejoined WW six years ago. I had been a member many times in the past. I always lost weight with the program but never was able to maintain my weight. My first meeting was inspirational and life changing. It seemed that the all the chairs in the room were filled with lifetimers . They all were recommitting themselves to the program. They had either regained some of all of their weight loss back. The leader had them all share their reasons for not successfully keeping their weight off. There were many excuses given by many people in the room.The leader asked the group if they were to reach goal again what would be different next time. The overwhelming answer was the meetings. They all said that had they continued to attend meetings and weigh in monthly .They would have kept the weight off. It was a red light moment in my journey that was just beginning. I promised myself that if I was strong enough to stay committed and reach goal. I would equally committed to maintaining my loss. It took 6 months to lose 25 lbs. I have now maintained it for 5.5 years. I continue go to meetings weekly and use my food scale daily. WW is not a diet but a life style .

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I LOVE this! Thanks so much for your comment. Accountability and a support system from others going through it are so very important.

  23. Connie says:

    This post is very timely for me. I reached Lifetime in June 2016 and 5 lbs have crept back on. I almost feel like I’ve been “dumped” by my meeting buddies. I go to meetings and gladly cheer everyone else on. Feel like there should be kudos for Lifetimers who stick to goal weight…This post and the comments are just what I needed today. And you’re right..the struggle is REAL and the struggle is for LIFE.

  24. Carri says:

    This post is awesome! I am a life time member who has always struggled with the two lb weight variable. I wish WW would start something for life timers so we can help each other out! I feel we are always encouraging others with their weight loss struggles but once we get to life time status we are kind of forgotten. They used to have a maintenance circle at some meetings but that is no longer being done. So thank you for putting this together I have really enjoyed reading all the suggestions and will visit again for sure!

  25. Jenni says:

    I know this is an old post but reading this is exactly the motivation I needed. I’ve been at Lifetime since December 2013 but have been struggling especially for the past 6 months to find my motivation. It’s a completely lifestyle change but maintaining so much harder for me as well. I like what you said about how when you’re losing you have a goal in mind. I think WW really lacks a support system for us Lifetimers. The connect sounds great but it would be nice to have something like that for us, too. Even in meetings, I feel like I get discredited because I’m “skinny” but I’m struggling just like those that are heavier and trying to lose weight. Thank you.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I agree 100% and I wish they had a stronger support system for lifetime. When I was a WW leader, I had some lifetimers that the rest of us actually turned to as seasoned pros, but there are so many (myself included) that just don’t have it figured out. I just did a quick search on Facebook and there appear to be a few Lifetime support groups on there, but I don’t know how active they are.

  26. Lincoln says:

    I actually found this site because I was tired of struggling and I was looking for the lifetime meeting that I heard was in Uptown, and I was willing to go there because yes, maintenance is definitely difficult. Three years but this year? I have been eating all month UNTIL the last week of the month when I am over and then I need to do extra special eating mode to make sure I will make goal.and every month I say to myself I am not going to do that! I agree, a lifetime meeting would be wonderful. the first time a receptionist said to me she too went through a period of using the last week of the month to get to goal and that others did too, I felt so not alone!! and I think we could help each other. so yes, a support system for us should be. people are putting it well when they say we’re forgotten and lacking specific support. maybe everyone could bring it up as an issue to their leader to take back to higher ups.

    • Lynn Allen says:

      I ‘so’ do this (“dieting” the last week for the next month weigh-in). And every month I say, “NO!” I’m going to be strict ALL month, not just the last week. This month i really feel I am going to keep my appetite under wraps and track track track. My sloppy eating is too close to blowing my goal. It’s a relief to know other people do this too!! I am just cheap enough to not want to have to pay that $14 meeting fee. The financial incentive is a big help to me to keep maintaining. It feels so good to be thin–it was such an elusive goal all my life.

  27. Deborah says:

    Hi, I am glad I found this site! I am struggling as a lifetime member, with 5 pounds above goal and am eating 28 points per day. I have never used my weeklies or fit points like I hear other members talk about. I pre-track my food, so I have gone back to measuring as well, hoping that part of this frustration is portion size “creep”, but its very discouraging. Does anyone know if eating below the 30 points daily is unhealthy and/or will hurt and not help getting these 5 pounds off? I long for the days of getting on the scale each week with a victory, but I am not giving up. It’s too important.

    • Lynn Allen says:

      Hi Deborah! I see its been almost 2 months since you posted. You are doing well, be encouraged! Just think –we used to all eat to GAIN weight. And now you are maintaining. That is a big step! Good for you that you went back to measuring. That is a necessary evil, but you will see results. Eating under 30 points is not unhealthy unless most of those points are cakes, cookies, and candy and deep fried foods πŸ™‚ I was given 26 points as my magic number to lose over nearly a year and it worked well getting 50 pounds off. And i felt much healthier than when i was overloading my system.

  28. Jill says:

    I hit lifetime in August. Even after adding in 6 more points I was still losing (don’t hate me!!!). I went up to 38 and that seemed to be the magic number for me. I was 7 pounds below my goal weight of 135 and then bam! The holidays hit. I’ve gained 5 pounds! If I gain over 4 more I’ll have to start paying again. My question is, if you are 2 pounds above goal for 1 week, do they average your weight for a month, or do you have to start paying again starting that first week? I’m scared of going over my goal weight. I’m really struggling right now. The holidays are soooooo hard!

    • Lynn Allen says:

      Hi Jill. Holidays can be hard if we get into those rich foods. I get addicted once I start eating them. If you remove them from your house (if possible) and get the fruits, veggies, eggs, and chicken breasts in your refrigerator, you can start again. Remember how good it felt to be in control and how good it is to feel thin. Also 2 pounds above goal is acceptable–for you that’s 137. Now 137.2–is not acceptable and that is when you have to pay again. You have to pay right then at that weigh-in. (That’s my understanding). I get upset about going over my goal weight too. I go crazy about it!! But I haven’t yet gone above 2 pounds over goal. The financial “penalty” for us is actually a great motivator. This sure beats that sneaky creep-on of 20-30 or more pounds that used to be my way.

  29. Zori Iordan says:

    Very inspiring! I hope you are doing well, i wanted to lose 26lbs and i am 7lbs to goal. But maitanace scares me too. Do they increase points on the new Freestyle program ones go on maitanace?

    • divaandthedivine says:

      Yes, you will gain a few more points on Freestyle. Sadly, I can’t say I’ve figured out maintenance yet because I’m still on my way back down, but I know it’s a whole new challenge.

  30. Linda Coffey says:

    I am in my 3rd week of maintenance. I was excited about getting to my goal weight but nervous about adding points each day. Last week I was down 1 lb and felt as though the person doing my weigh in was reprimanding me for losing 1 lb. I told her I still would like to lose a few more lbs & she said to add points and that I needed to eat more during maintenance. Then she said that once I was a lifetime member I could lose more.

    I almost feel as though WW doesn’t Want you to succeed. I added more points this week and may have gained back the lb I lost last week! Not happy about this and would rather continue losing a few more lbs & not being so close to my goal weight which is on the high end of the chart for my height.

    I’ll try what they say but I am not going to let myself go over my goal weight & when i real lifetime, I will start losing more. I would like to be 10 lbs below my goal weight. I do know I will be attending meetings & following the plan for the rest of my life!

    Thank you all fir your posts!

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