August 2020 Goals

Well hello there, blog. Give me a minute to pick you up and dust you off, why don’t you?

Today I’m here to discuss my goals for the month of August. As you probably know by now, I use the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets as my goal planner which helps me come up with monthly goals that are divided into 3 categories: monthly action items, weekly action items, and daily action items.

August always makes me think of back to school season and that fresh start feeling I always had with the new school year. While school looks very different for a lot of people this year, I’m trying to keep the momentum that I usually get from back to school flowing, even if I haven’t been in school since 2009. With that said, here are the goals I plan to schedule and achieve this month.

Monthly Action Items

• Use the Clean Mama Planner

I purchased the Clean Mamma Homekeeping planner at the end of last month because it was the perfect marriage of two of my favorite things: planners & homemaking. I am making it a goal to actively use it because it is very easy for me to set up planners and then not use them. Call it planner overwhelm or just my rebel-obliger tendency, but that’s how it is, so my goal is simply to use the thing. If you want to see a walkthrough of the planner, here’s the video I put out when I first got it.

• Complete Unit 1 of My Nutrition Course

Surprise! In case you missed the announcement, I’m in the beginning stages of getting a nutrition certification! The course is divided up into several units, and my goal is to complete the entire first book (unit 1) this month. I’m already 40% of the way done, so I’m optimistic.

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Making Lemonade🍋

Our world is very, very strange right now, and that’s putting it way too lightly. The world, not just our country, but literally the entire world is in a situation that hasn’t really been seen before. We’re all in lockdown, self-isolated, self-quarantined, forced quarantine, the works! It feels like breaking the law just to run to the grocery store to buy food, and that’s not even possible in some cased because grocery stores have been picked over and much is out of stock.  Restaurants are takeout only. Schools are shut down. Jobs are work from home or for many have disappeared, causing much financial stress about how families are going to survive in this time of uncertainty. All because of this virus that is so easy to catch and less easy to manage for at-risk individuals.  It’s scary.

I’ll be honest, I seriously debated whether to say anything in my content about COVID-19 at all, but there is no hiding from it. We all are experiencing this craziness together in real-time, so I feel I have to say something, but it’s not going to be negative. There’s too much negative in the world right now. Too much fear, panic, and quite frankly too much of people being horrible people.  Granted, there is also a ton of humanity being great to one another, which is an encouraging thing to see, so don’t think for a second that I’m not acknowledging that as well. 

In the spirit of trying to keep things positive, I want to just take a minute to encourage everyone, not in the “this too shall pass” sort of way, but in the “we all have a crap-ton of lemons, why not make some epic lemonade?” kind of way. 

The truth is, like it or not, employed or not, embracing self-isolation or panicking about it, most of us are stuck in a situation we’d rather not be in. Yes, I am fully aware that there is a gigantic financial impact on many, and I’m not trying to downplay that at all, but if reality isn’t going to change we might as well embrace the situation we’re in and do what we can with what we’re currently given, right?

So, let’s make lemonade!

How can we fully embrace the opportunity we’re being given to slow down a little bit? What ways can we spend our time that will leave us coming out on the other side of this not feeling like we wasted the (maybe) months we were isolated? How can we make the world’s best lemonade out of these crappy lemons?

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The Friday 5 | 2/21/20

Hello and happy Friday! Welcome to the first Friday 5 of the new decade. I have a long list of blog posts planned for the not too distant future (shocker, I know!), but I wanted to start with a Friday 5 because I can just chat for a minute about what’s going on in my mind and what’s I’ve been loving or doing lately.

It’s been a week of me trying desperately to get a grip on all the things, but since I’m holding on to so many things are slipping through my fingers. We all know what that feels like. I’m just unsure how to play catch up at this point in time. It was a rougher week in terms of wanting to eat ALL the things as well, and I’m working on figuring out how to manage the pitfalls of this new year. It’s a process, I know, but I’m optimistic that I’ll be turning the corner soon, which actually leads me to my 5 things.

1.Lent 2020

I made a video just today about my plan for Lent this year and how I will be bringing the community the opportunity to do a book club together that will help guide us through our issues with food and help us grow closer to God in the process. We’ll be looking at the book Made to Crave and doing the study in a private Facebook group. If you want more info on the whole thing, my video is below.

2. The Real Dry Lip Savior

Guys, as of late I have become a believer in the one and only true winter dry lip savior of this world: Aquafor. Yes, I have all of these amazing lip masks and treatments that I still love to pieces, but for whatever reason, they’re still not enough to keep me from having flakey, uncomfortable lips, so I finally caved and bought Aquafor and BAM! All of my lip woes went away. It isn’t fancy and I don’t think it makes any special “clean” or “all-natural” lists, but it works! At this point that is all that matters.

3. Next Steps Establishing Community

Guys, this is HUGE. I have an official audition for the worship team at the church we’ve been attending. I’ve already passed the “send in a video of you singing” test and now I get to sing for them in person on Sunday. If I make this team it means that we will finally officially have a church to call home and we will finally be able to work on establishing ourselves in the church community, which means FRIENDS!!

4. Winter Blues

Is it fair to say I have a pretty rough case of the winter blues even though the sun is currently shining brightly through my window? I will say, what I’ve been told about Minnesota winters being sunnier and cheerier than Chicago is very, very true. Despite the uncharacteristically gloomy January we had, we definitely get more sun here in MN, but that comes at a cost of extreme cold and my body simply can NOT handle it. I keep comparing myself to a fly. Have you ever encountered a fly when it gets cold? It slows way down and eventually can’t fly anymore. This is 100% how I’ve been feeling lately. It’s a CMT thing for sure, so that’s life, but it’s still something I’m learning to struggle with.

5. Love is Blind

New binge-worthy trash TV alert!! I started watching Love is Blind on Netflix while I was meal prepping early this week and it quickly became a show that I just binge-watched straight through. The concept is people meet, talk, fall in love, and get engaged without ever seeing the other person’s face. Then they meet and have to do life together for 4 weeks leading up to their wedding, where they ultimately decide whether or not to stay with the person. Crazy, dramatic, and an ideal trash tv show for me. Loving it!

That’s all for this week! Also, I’m well aware I’m hitting publish on Saturday. Don’t get me started…. 🙄

January’s Life Lesson

2020 is my year for making big goals happen and making big dreams reality, but instead of starting off with a super-productive bang, 2020 sort of did the opposite, and it’s ended up teaching me some pretty stellar lessons about balance. The kicker here is that feeling like I got knocked back a little bit is turning out to be the thing I feel is propelling me forward. Let me explain.

January 1st rolled around, and of course I wasn’t at home to hit the ground running with my 2020 goals and habits that I wanted to achieve simply because of travel. We didn’t get home until the 3rd, then our anniversary was the 4th, and Monday wasn’t until the 6th. Call them nothing more than excuses, that’s fine, but it took me nearly a week into the new year to even consider sitting down, messing with planners, habits, checklists, and all of the ambitious type-a planner girl things that make me me. 

Then, to kick a girl while she’s feeling down, the Minnesota winter hit me… hard! While I’ve lived in Midwestern winters my entire life, there’s something about this one that is proving to be particularly difficult on my body. I’m constantly cold, and my CMT nerves appear to be impacted by this more than normal. The way I’ve been explaining it to people is like a dial on a radio. If my normal, everyday best-self of feeling energized and awesome is usually the dial turned all the way up to 10, then things like lack of sleep, a bad CMT day, or whatever can impact my dial accordingly. This winter feels like it’s taken my dial and jammed it so the absolute max I can feel is a 6 rather than a 10, which is a major impact. THEN take the additional things that might turn the dial down a bit and add those to the equation and you definitely have me functioning at what feels like half of my best-self on any given day.  It was (and still is) terrible. 

Obviously, I had to figure out the solution to this problem, because this is no way to live during a Minnesota winter. I had to take a serious look at what I was actually doing versus all of the things I wanted to do and figure out what had to give because something had to. 

The first thing I decided to do to lighten my load was give myself permission to sleep if sleep was honestly what I felt I needed. This simply meant I didn’t have to get up at 5:30 am with my husband anymore. Instead, I moved my wakeup time back to 6:30, and if necessary I allow myself to sleep until 7:30. Whatever it takes to ensure I get adequate sleep. You see, I realized I had two options here:

1) Be sleep deprived on top of this winter energy drain, struggle to basically accomplish anything and spend literally half of the day sitting because I have zero energy and end up feeling bad about wasting hours in my day. 


2) Surrender an hour to 90 minutes of my morning sleeping in to ensure maximum energy and productivity.

There’s no competition! The obvious answer is to spend an extra 60-90 minutes resting rather than spending 10+ hours riding the struggle bus, feeling drained, and only accomplishing half of what I want to accomplish in a day. The mathematic answer is clear, and the second I gave myself permission to rest, everything started to change. 

I suddenly have the energy necessary to workout, to run the home, and to run my business. I also find that I have the willpower and discipline to stick to my diet better, and let’s be honest, when I eat better I feel better. It’s all one big cycle that can go very right or very, very wrong. 

A few other changes I made in January that I already feel a huge impact from:

1) I am focused more on my protein goal than my daily Points goal. This was another way I loosened the reigns a bit by giving myself permission to stray outside of my Points for the sake of protein. My goal is 100g protein every day, and while that often sets me over my Points goal (more on this later. There’s still a specific balance I’m following), I’m finding the scale is going down anyway.  I’ve traded a lot of sugary and carb-heavy things for things that will pack more protein into my diet, and not only is the scale going down, but I feel amazing!

2) I added an extra rest day into my week. This means 5 days of working out instead of 6, which feels amazing. My rest days are now Sundays and Wednesdays, and as long as I still reach my movement goal in some way (I’m currently using an under the desk elliptical to keep my legs moving as I type), I don’t have to get to the gym. Not only that, but I’ve also given myself permission to not workout if my body truly needs an extra day of rest. I’ve used this once already to skip a Bodypump workout on a day I was feeling truly terrible (thanks hormones) and let me tell you, it was the right choice. 

The bottom line here is that I’ve learned 2 major life lessons in January, and they’re both game-changers.

1. Rest is just as important as work. People who sacrifice themselves to the end of their ropes and pride themselves on busyness and hard work with zero rest are out of their minds. I mean, if it works for them then that’s great, but for me personally, I find that I am exponentially more productive when I integrate regular periods of rest into my days and into my life. If I don’t rest I will fail, but if I do make the choice to actively rest regularly, I can thrive everywhere else in my life that requires my time, focus, and energy. Rest is essential, and it is OKAY to take the time to rest. 

2. Giving yourself permission is incredibly powerful. Notice how I said several times in this post that I gave myself permission to essentially be less than perfect. I gave myself permission to eat over my points for the sake of eating more protein. I gave myself permission to rest for the sake of being able to do my jobs well. I gave myself permission to take an extra day off of the gym. I gave myself permission to be someone other than the picture-perfect superwoman I’ve always envisioned myself as in my head, and it is as if a giant weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, which coincidentally gives me the power to be the superwoman I wanted to be all along. Being a superwoman doesn’t mean being perfect, but it means being your best self. For me, being my best self is somebody who knows when to work, when to rest, and how to excel at both.

This huge lesson the beginning of 2020 has taught me guarantees that I will thrive for the rest of the year. Now that February is here I am feeling strong, motivated, energized, and ready to kick my goal-getting into high gear. I won’t be perfect, but I guarantee there will be progress. I won’t be killing myself for the sake of the job, but I will share with you how I have learned to rest and balance my life a little bit better. This will allow me to show up as a better content creator, a better wife to my husband, and a better advocate for myself. 

Get ready, world. I’m coming in hot and ready. But first, I’m going to take a 10-minute break 🙂

I’m a lot of things, but..

Clearly I am NOT a daily blogger…

That just is what it is I guess. I learned a while back that rather than try to change who I am, I need to learn to work with who I’m hardwired to be. This became apparent when I decided to retake Gretchen Rubin’s 4 tendencies quiz. The first time I took it I was designated as an Upholder, and in my mind as the perfectionist firstborn child, that is exactly what I am supposed to be.

We all know just because you feel you’re supposed to be some specific way or have some personality trait doesn’t necessarily mean you do. After spending way too much time in denial about which of the 4 tendencies I really was, I took the quiz again and rather than answering for the person I wanted to be, I answered for who I really was at that moment.

I am an Obliger.

This means that I am great at upholding my commitments made to other people, but when it comes to keeping promises to myself and reaching goals, I still need external accountability even if it’s a personal goal. I decided to accept that about myself and my life changed.

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That title is me literally convincing myself to write this post. It doesn’t matter what it is, Brianna. Just WRITE!

The mojo for getting back down to business has definitely not been here lately, I tell you what. Everyone thinks that working from home is super fun and easy, but guys I am here to tell you it is absolutely not. The fact is that because I work from home, it’s really easy to get distracted by everything else that needs to happen around the house.

As many of you know, we just moved. We’ve got a two-story house now and my office is upstairs, which in theory makes it a lot easier to separate work from life, since the kitchen, living room, main television, and bedroom are all on the first floor. Oh, how I wish that was the case. The problem is that we’re in that awkward stage of moving where all of the boxes are unpacked, but there is still clutter lying around and tasks that need to get done. Pair that with not having new routines in place and that is literally my recipe for “reasons Brianna can’t get any work done.” If I know the kitchen is a bit of a mess or my office still has things that need to be unpacked I am 100% completely unable to work. I can’t get inspired or motivated, and while I am all about doing things with discipline rather than motivation, it’s kind of hard to create any sort of content when words or ideas won’t come. Last week I literally spent 3 hours at the computer and could come up with nothing.

I know, I know, it’s all just one giant excuse and I should be able to have the self-control to not let that situation stop me, but be honest with me for a second. If you had laundry, clutter, a messy kitchen, and a home to-do list that’s a mile long, would you seriously be able to focus on content creation when you can see all of the things that need to get done?

I didn’t think so

Even now, as I write this in real-time, I have gotten distracted and done something else 4 times. FOUR! 🙄 Come on, Brianna. Get it together!

Basically, my goal for this post was to simply write something. Anything.

So you got a rant. If you made it this far, congratulations. That’s all I’ve got for now.

Don’t worry. Legit posts about action plans, goals, and how I’m adapting to life here in MN are coming, I promise. In the meantime, here’s a video about some things my community is working on.

A Weekend of Eating In Downtown Minneapolis

While I’m definitely not the live downtown type of gal, during the month that we are living in downtown Minneapolis before we move into our new suburban home, we are doing what we can to take advantage of the food scene that’s available to us, especially since we can walk to get to these places. The fact that we can walk and get a ton of steps definitely helps make up for all of the delicious treats we’ve been eating.

This past weekend we had our first visitor since we left the Chicagoland area. Having someone visit is the perfect excuse to go out instead of cook, so that’s exactly what we did. In one weekend we went to 3 amazing places and ended up with an exciting bonus stop simply because we were in the right place at the right time. Here’s how we ate our way through Minneapolis this weekend.

Kombucha on tap!!

Day Block Brewing Company

We started our adventure at Day Block Brewing. Hubby and I had stopped there for a drink the week before, and while we were there we read the menu. Their “snacks” section had a ton of different things on the menu that I wanted to try, so I knew I wanted to go back and order a bunch of them to share. That’s exactly what we did. Between the 3 of us, we ordered 6 different snacks off of the menu:

  • Garlic Knots
  • Pickle Flight
  • Bruchetta
  • Devils on Horseback
  • Grilled Asparagus
  • Pub Pretzels
Pub pretzels, garlic knots, pickle flight, and asparagas

What’s not to love about that list? 🤤 The garlic knots and the pretzels were pretty standard fare, but really good. The grilled asparagus was cooked in olive oil with shallots, garlic, and lemon, and topped off with flavorful balsamic glaze, which made eating a healthy vegetable taste oh so delicious. The pickle flight was different, as it’s not just pickles like we think of pickles. The flight changes daily and it’s 3 separate pickled veggies. On this particular day, we had dill pickles (which were more sour than I would have liked), pickled carrots in soy sauce and ginger, and kimchi, which I had never eaten before. Since we were there for happy hour, the flight was only $3 instead of the normal $6, which I am thankful for because it was okay to try for the reduced price, but not the full price.

The real showstoppers for me were the last two items. Devils on horseback were (get ready for this) bacon-wrapped, goat cheese stuffed dates with a maple syrup sriracha dipping sauce. If anything has goat cheese in the description, odds are I will order it. I’m obsessed with goat cheese. These little bites were absolutely delightful and if we go back I will order them again. I don’t love spicy food, but I put a few drops of the sauce on my bites and it took the flavor to a whole new level. The bruschetta was also a delicious and flavorful dish that left me wishing there was more than one piece for each of us.

The icing on the cake at Day Block is that they have kombucha on tap. Apparently, the owner or someone with status there loves brewing his own booch and recently started making it available to customers. In the two times I’ve been there I’ve had two different flavors (they change whenever his brew changes) and both have been absolutely delightful. Day Block’s atmosphere is casual, calm, and even on a Friday night, while it’s busy and bustling, you can still find a seat. This is apparently pretty normal in Minneapolis and something I am really coming to appreciate during our time living downtown. 10/10 would recommend a visit to Day Block Brewing.

Izzy’s Ice Cream

This ice cream shop is pure gold. With two locations (Minneapolis and St. Paul), Izzy’s Ice Cream shop changes homemade flavors so frequently that they have online flavor trackers that update every 3 minutes to tell you exactly what flavors are in each store. Some flavors are like magical unicorns that you don’t know if you’ll ever see again, like the flavor I got the first time we went. Izzy’s little signature is adding an Izzy sized scoop on top of most orders. The first time we went I got a salted caramel single scoop, and on a whim opted for the first chocolate flavor I saw (“chocoholic” was the name) as my Izzy scoop. Well, it turns out that I should have gotten that flavor exclusively because it was amazing. Every chocolate and cookie dough lover’s dream come true. I vowed to get it next time I was in.

Turns out, this past week there was no such flavor on the menu. Never fear though, because they actually have an app that will notify you when your desired flavor choices are back in store. How cool is that?! The joke is on me though, because it turns out that my beloved flavor isn’t an option on there either, which means it was a “mystery flavor” or a “test batch,” both of which are regularly on the menu, but you never know what they’ll be. Will I ever see my unicorn flavor again? I don’t know 😢

However, the ice cream scooper and I came up with a plan to sort of replicate my flavor with what was available. You can actually split your single scoop into two flavors. The result was a scoop of cookies and cream, a scoop of milk chocolate, and my Izzy of choice was a butter salted caramel which ended up being the best of the 3. Don’t get me wrong though, all of the flavors we all ordered ended up being delicious. Izzy’s is definitely worth a stop for any and all ice cream lovers.

The Bachelor Farmer Cafe

Saturday had us going out for breakfast. My husband has been coming home with plenty of recommendations from his new coworkers and this was one of them. The Bachelor Farmer is actually the restaurant, but attached to it is the Bachelor Farmer Cafe, which is where we went for coffee and brunch. To start, the coffee is delicious. I’ve become quite the coffee snob as of late, so my standards for a “good” cup of coffee have gotten higher. Their fresh coffee did not disappoint. There’s a very real possibility that I go back to the cafe and buy a bag of their beans once we move to the suburbs so I can enjoy a special coffee treat while unpacking in our new home. Delicious!

Now let’s talk about my breakfast sandwich. At 10 am on weekends only (which is a major bummer) they offer an amazing weekend brunch menu. I ordered the regular old breakfast sandwich, which seemed so simple, but it was the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever eaten in my life. Not joking. The eggs were magnificently cooked, the prairie breeze cheddar and thick-cut bacon were amazing, and don’t even get me started on the brown buttered maple sea salt biscuit. I am a sucker for a good biscuit and this thing was incredible. Such a simple-sounding sandwich, but absolutely delicious.

Hubby ordered the savory buckwheat waffles topped with roasted ham, gruyere, maple butter, mustard crème, and an over-easy egg. His dish was epic. The mustard flavor took it from simply delicious to next-level awesome. Our friend had the strawberry chocolate waffles, which I didn’t try so I can’t have an opinion on them, but she enjoyed them greatly. 10/10 would recommend! Try to come for weekend brunch if you can.

Milk Bar Popup Shop

The last place I went to was totally not planned but allowed me to check a bucket list item off of my list. Christina Tosi is a chef I got to “know” thanks to my obsession with Master Chef and Master Chef Junior, as she was regularly one of the judges for a while. When Netflix released volume 4 (pastry) of Chefs Table, the first episode was all about Christina and her store creation: Milkbar. That’s the only reason I had any idea what Milkbar was. While we were having brunch, my dining companions commented on a “milk stand” being set up across the street. I couldn’t see it, so I had no idea what they were talking about. Once we were done eating and walked outside I looked at the pop-up and immediately recognized the “Milk” logo. This wasn’t a milk stand. This was Milkbar!

After our friend left, hubby was playing video games, so I decided to walk back and wait in the silly line to try Milkbar goodies. After 90 minutes in line (am I crazy? Maybe), I bought one of every food item they had to offer, including Milkbar’s signature cereal milk soft serve. The cereal they use is corn flakes, and while I’ve never really been a huge fan of corn flakes, the flavor of this soft serve was unique and out of this world tasty. Also in my haul was 5 different giant cookies, two flavors of cake balls, and their signature gooey butter cake pie. Slowly but surely, the Mister and I will be trying out all of these goodies this week.

They also offered merch, including all 3 of Christina’s cookbooks. I was going to buy one if she was there to autograph it, but since she wasn’t, I looked to see if they were on Amazon and sure enough, not only were they on there, but they’re cheaper (surprise, surprise). I fully intend on adding them all to my collection, as I want to start cooking and baking more (non-diet recipes) in our new home. She has 3 books: Momofuku Milk, Milk Bar Life, and All About Cakes. I fully intend on getting all 3 added to my collection in the near future. In the meantime, we’ve tried the “crack pie” (outstanding!), the birthday cake truffles (yum!), and the confetti cookie. All were so good and I can’t wait to try the rest of the collection. What a happy accident of being in the right place at the right time to see this pop-up shop!

It was definitely a full weekend of eating, and I regret 0% of it. There’s such a great food scene here, which we’re trying to balance with cooking at home and eating healthy while living downtown. Everything was so delicious that I had to share it all with you in case you needed some Minneapolis food suggestions. Do you have any suggestions for other places we need to try?

Moving Madness | Minneapolis Update Week 1

I don’t know what you’ve been told, but I am here today to tell you that relocating is exhausting! All of last week was spent looking at houses, thinking about houses, driving downtown (one of my least favorite things to do, although Minneapolis traffic is nothing compared to downtown Chicago) to pick my husband up from work to drive to the suburbs, or getting things ready to visit Chicago for the weekend. Then, the weekend at home (although I can’t really call it home because Minnesota is our home now), while absolutely wonderful, was so busy that we barely had time to sit down.

The short update on housing is this: we are under contract with a place that checks all of our major boxes, but in terms of looks, leaves us feeling “uninspired” (as my husband has been saying, which surprises me because I was under the impression he didn’t really care what a place actually looked like in terms of decor). I spent the whole weekend telling people about and showing people photos of this home, so I’ve been imagining our lives there, and the more I did that, the more I was like “yes, this can be our home.” Then, the master-of-indecision that I married wanted to continue to look at a few places just to be sure that our current choice is actually the one we want. While part of me respects the fact that he’s thorough and most of his reasoning is to make sure that I’m happy with the choice since I’m the housewife (which I love about him. His goal is always to make me happy), it also infuriates me. I spent yesterday (Monday) staring at 2 other options and trying to find reasons why our place is clearly better and reasons our place is absolutely the wrong choice. Eventually, it got to a point where I just want the whole decision-making process to be over because I literally felt like I was going to explode. I just didn’t care anymore. The pressure of home buying had broken me.

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Moving to Minneapolis: A New Chapter

As I’m writing this, I am sitting at a table in the common area of our temporary housing arrangement in downtown Minneapolis. It’s currently Thursday afternoon and my husband is on day 4 of his new job here in the city. I’m not entirely sure that it has hit me yet that this place is not just a hotel stay. This city is not just someplace I’m visiting for a little while. This is our new home. We are leaving Chicago; leaving my family, my niece, my very regimented workout schedule at the YMCA, and our amazing church. I can’t decide which emotion I’m feeling more: major excitement at the idea of a fresh start or complete heartbreak about what I’m leaving behind.

When my husband started looking for a new job, he tried to find something that would satisfy him from a career standpoint, support us well financially, and keep us in the Chicagoland area. As you’ve probably guessed by now, that didn’t exactly go as planned. Long story short, here I am, sitting in temporary housing in downtown Minneapolis (which I am incredibly thankful for, don’t get me wrong) while the Mister is at work during the day and we’re house hunting with our realtor at night. It’s basically madness and I’m pretty much in denial that this is actually happening.

Here’s How It Will Go…

We are working with company relocation, which is apparently the best way to move because they take good care of you when you’re relocating for a new job. Never having truly gone through a permanent move before, this is a new world for us. Here’s the rundown: We are in temporary housing while we look for our new home purchase. In a perfect world, we are able to buy and close on a home before the 60 days of temp housing is over (which is completely paid for by relocation). That means that since being here on Monday, we have spent Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (we’re talking 4+ hours a day) with our realtor (who was also matched up with us via relocation, and he’s a perfect match too) exploring not only homes but the different areas to live in, and we’re headed out again tonight.

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The Friday 5 | April 26, 2019

Why hello there blog, my dear friend. I’m sorry I am not a good blogger and have been neglecting you so much for so long. I promise I am actually trying to rebuild our relationship. It’s not you, it’s me. It’s going to take some time, but I think we’ll get back to the place we once were and maybe even be stronger than before. I promise. 💗

1. A Brand New Computer

My husband is an amazing man. His personal computer has been failing him for a long time, and he kept talking about getting a new computer and this week he finally did…sort of. Since he really only uses his personal computer to do our finances and to maybe browse the internet, he actually decided that he would take my 5-year-old MacBook Pro and I would be the one to get the shiny new one. I mean, who actually does that?!

So here I am, listening to the keys click-clacking away as I type on my new MacBook Pro. Stronger memory, storage, and processor to make my job of creating video and blog content easier and faster. I’m not going to lie, the fact I really enjoy the feel of this different keyboard is one of the things that inspired me to sit down and start typing out a blog post this morning. Watch out world! I feel like this new computer will help inspire me to get things going even harder.

2. A Weird Struggle For a Child-Free Woman

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