Spotlight on Etsy- The Pretty Planner

Pretty Planner Title

It’s time to talk about how to make your planner pretty with the help of the Etsy shop The Pretty Planner.

I ended up drawn to The Pretty Planner for a few reasons:

  1. I was looking for stickers that might help me track my daily social media posts, and she had some stickers that looked like they had potential.
  2. The bright, but not too bright colors I saw on many stickers in the shop.
  3. All of her character stickers.

I found The Pretty Planner after searching specifically for social media stickers that could help me run Diva and the Divine’s accounts a bit better.  Not only did I find cute social media dot stickers (perfectly sized for talking up a small amount of space or creating a chart), but I found an entire rainbow dots themed section in her shop. Gym, errands, laundry, sales, everyday, and social media dots are a few options, but in total there is a page and a half of these cute, colorful, functional little dots to browse.

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Spotlight On Etsy- This Very Crafty Mama


Today we are going to be looking at a shop that is run by Jessica, who is a very crafty mama.  In fact, she’s so crafty that she named her shop “This Very Crafty Mama.”

Jessica’s shop is full of stickers.  I got in contact with her about a month and a half ago, and her shops contents has grown quite a bit since I was browsing to decide what I wanted to try.  I initially stumbled across her shop because I happened to see Keurig coffee maker stickers, which I thought would be the perfect addition to my collection.  I now mark in my calendar when I should clean or change the filter in my beloved coffee maker. Read more

Spotlight on Etsy- Starlets Doodles


With the release of the 2016 Erin Condren Life Planner, planner stickers have grown even more (as if that was possible).  I’ve gotten to know a few more Etsy sticker shops, and every single one of them has been a joy.  Today, I want to share another little Etsy shop that is definitely worth browsing.

Meet Starlets Doodles!

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Carrie Elle Meal Planners

CarrieElleTitleSpotlight on Etsy this week is all about meal planning.  I found the most adorable and incredibly functional meal planner on Etsy, and I wanted to share it with you.  Get ready for a meal planner that has thought of everything.

The Carrie Elle meal planner is a professional looking book that makes meal planning easy and pretty.  There is (usually, depending on stock) a reasonably wide variety of covers to choose from, and the insides of the book match the cover. That attention to detail is one of the many things that make the Carrie Elle meal planner great.

Each book comes with the following:

  • 12 blank monthly spreads
  • 60 weekly meal planning pages
  • 10 holiday/dinner party planning pages
  • 5 blank pages for notes

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Howe Cute 4 U | Spotlight on Etsy

Bokeh Vibrant Red Or Pink Background With Blurry Light

Get really for some ridiculously cute paperclips for you planner on this week’s “Spotlight on Etsy” post.

Howe Cute 4 U is an amazing little Etsy shop full of cute, well put together paperclips that are sure to make any planner addict smile.  I honestly wish I knew how these were made, because looking at mine I can see a ton of different layers of materials. The paperclips are lightweight and thin, but they have a 3 dimensional quality about them that gives them a little bit more “wow” factor.

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