New! Erin Condren Petite Planners For 2021

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Did I really say “2021?” Why yes, yes I did.

I got my hands on some of the latest and greatest from EC and just in time for me to start my #Last90Days challenge. I am a big fan of having a clean slate when a new challenge or start date for something happens, so this launch is perfect.

The Petite Planner folio system is a way for you to easily customize your own gorgeous folio with 4 books that best suit your needs. The three that I have to share are the meal planner, goals planner, and the 2021 daily planner set.

Before we dive into the books themselves, I just need to take a second to acknowledge just how stunning this icy blue folio is. The photo does NOT do it proper justice.

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August 2020 Goals

Well hello there, blog. Give me a minute to pick you up and dust you off, why don’t you?

Today I’m here to discuss my goals for the month of August. As you probably know by now, I use the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets as my goal planner which helps me come up with monthly goals that are divided into 3 categories: monthly action items, weekly action items, and daily action items.

August always makes me think of back to school season and that fresh start feeling I always had with the new school year. While school looks very different for a lot of people this year, I’m trying to keep the momentum that I usually get from back to school flowing, even if I haven’t been in school since 2009. With that said, here are the goals I plan to schedule and achieve this month.

Monthly Action Items

• Use the Clean Mama Planner

I purchased the Clean Mamma Homekeeping planner at the end of last month because it was the perfect marriage of two of my favorite things: planners & homemaking. I am making it a goal to actively use it because it is very easy for me to set up planners and then not use them. Call it planner overwhelm or just my rebel-obliger tendency, but that’s how it is, so my goal is simply to use the thing. If you want to see a walkthrough of the planner, here’s the video I put out when I first got it.

• Complete Unit 1 of My Nutrition Course

Surprise! In case you missed the announcement, I’m in the beginning stages of getting a nutrition certification! The course is divided up into several units, and my goal is to complete the entire first book (unit 1) this month. I’m already 40% of the way done, so I’m optimistic.

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May 2020 Goals

May is here and I am pretty pumped about it. This month the theme of my goals this month is “level up,” which means I really want to hit the ground running and make some serious progress towards my big picture goals. Last month’s theme of “refresh and renew was nice and necessary, but now it’s time to shake off this quarantine (even though we’re still in it) and really take big steps forward in achieving my goals.

Monthly Action Items

Single tasks that I need to accomplish only once this month.

Bust out of my current weight decade

I have been here for far too long, and it is time to see a new middle number in my weight. Now, I am well aware that this actual goal is centered around something I can’t control (the number on the scale) but the thing I am working on is my effort towards getting there. If I achieve nothing else this month but I see a new decade on that scale, the month will be deemed a success.

Get this blog up and running again

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve actually posted a few things on here as of late! My goal is to take the deep dive into resurrecting this poor little blog of mine.

Stick to my content schedule

I have a super fun content planner and in the said planner, I put up the blank slate for a rather ambitious content posting schedule this month. My goal is to stick to it. Plain and (not so) simple.

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April 2020 Goals

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I firmly believe that being in this weird season of uncertainty is not an excuse for us to let go of our goals, but instead, it is an opportunity for us to lean into this new normal and embrace the chance to accomplish our goals. This month, I curated my goals specifically through the lens of quarantine so I can take full advantage of this month of social distancing.

As you know by now, my goal planner is the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets. While the dated 2020 Powersheets are no longer available, a 6-month undated version is still on sale in the store.

The Powersheets have a tending list every month that help you curate action items that should help you work towards your big picture goals. There is a section for monthly, weekly, and daily action items. Monthly items are “one and done” tasks that you set out to do within the month, and they have a progress bar you can shade in as you make progress. Weekly items are tasks that you want to accomplish every week of the month. Daily tasks are items you want to check off every day.

Let’s dive into my goals for the month!

Monthy Action Items

  • Cultivate healthy and productive habits
    • Since I am home exclusively, this is the perfect time to put extra effort into focusing on how I use my time and refining my time management skills.
    • The plan: utilize timers and a set schedule for pretty much everything, including how many breaks I get and how long I can poke at my phone.
  • Office closet reorganization & declutter
    • The closet in my office is our home’s “Monica Closet.” It just happens to be where all of the stuff without a place ended up.
    • The plan: Purchase some drawer storage space and create homes for all of the random crap currently floating around in there.
  • Bathroom storage reorganization & declutter
    • My bathroom cabinets have become all cluttered up and unorganized. The plan is to clean them out, put things where they belong a get rid of random trash that has accumulated.
  • Kitchen cabinet reorganization & declutter
    • As you can see, reorganizing and decluttering certain areas of my home has become a priority, which is great because simplifying and organizing my environment is one of my big picture goals for 2020.
  • Purchase a jewelry armoire
    • This is for organizational purposes. I have so many accessories and my itty bitty jewelry box is not cutting it. Owning an armoire would allow for so much more organization of all my accessories.
    • This is the one I have my eyes on. 😍
  • Complete March finances
    • Obligatory to-do list item
  • Read 2 non-fiction books
    • Since I have more time and I’m working on prioritizing my time, I want to take my reading goals to the next level. Non-fiction during the day and fiction at night.
  • Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
    • Yes, Harry Potter. I am SO PUMPED!
  • Read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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Revisiting Your 2020 Goals in Quarantine

Okay, so obviously 2020 is not going how any of us imagined it would be going at this point. If you’re like me, you decided back in December that 2020 was going to be the best year of your life. Big changes were going to be made. Big goals were going to be achieved. You would enter 2021 your best self having lost a few pounds, become an amazing homemaker, and achieved a few major career goals to boot. (okay, so those might be my personal goals, but you get the point) Yes, everything was all planned out perfectly… then COVID-19 took the world by storm and all of our routines, goals, habits, and motivations seemed to get swept up in the storm right along with it. Suddenly, 2020 was not looking so bright and filled with possibilities. Instead, it is filled with fear, change, uncertainty, and more fear.  I know, I’m right there with you, my friend, but I’m here to let you in on a little secret.

We can STILL make 2020 the best year yet!

I know about 60% of you rolled your eyes just now. “Shut up don’t know what I’m dealing with here!”  No, I don’t, but what I do know is this: our perspective dictates our reality. If you decide that this situation is going to sabotage all of your goals and just leave you a lifeless shell of a miserable person, well then guess what? That is exactly what will happen.

However, if you are able to switch this narrative around and decide that while this is not an ideal situation, you can still use it to continue to have that best year ever you promised yourself, well then guess what will happen?  That’s right! You still can have that best year ever. 

2020 isn’t doomed. It’s just different. I foolishly had myself believing that my goals were tied to everything I was able to do outside of the house. Being a homemaker, we all know that is just a bald-faced lie. Almost everything I do takes place inside the walls of my home, save errand running and going to the gym. I knew this, but I still felt totally blindsided by this quarantine and wanted to use it as an excuse to throw in the towel and take a few months off of making any progress on any of my goals, just like everyone else. 

Then I looked at my goals for a second. I have a card with my goals written on them taped to the desk so I can see them every single time I look up. All 8 of them are right there in my face ALL the time. As I started to consider what my 2020 goals actually were, I realized that no matter how much I wanted to accuse this whole situation of preventing me from being able to achieve my goals, the reality is this: every single goal I have this year can be achieved exclusively at home, while in quarantine. There are zero exceptions.

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How To Achieve Any Goal

I’m one of those people that can end up feeling overwhelmed by a daunting task rather easily. While it’s true in many areas of my life, where this overwhelm most often expresses itself is in homemaking tasks, specifically cleaning and home organization.

When we were unpacking our boxes after moving into our new house, there were many times where I simply looked at the utter disaster of boxes around me and rather than feeling inspired to get everything unpacked, I wanted to curl up on the couch and do none of it. For whatever reason, this is how my mind works. Any sense of overwhelm automatically results in my wanting to shut down completely.

The other day I was finishing up the cleaning and organizing of my office, and my technique was to take everything that was still out and put it on my desk. The result was everything else looked great, but my desk was piled high with a bunch of random things that still needed a home. Cue the overwhelm! I found myself wondering how I was going to actually accomplish this task, but then I actually said outloud “Just do one item at a time. Just one!”

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Time For A Mid-Year Goals Refresh |June Goals

I can’t believe it’s already June! When this month is over, half of 2019 is gone! How are you doing on reaching the goals that you set for the year? I won’t lie, some of my goals are coming along just fine, while others are not. June is a great time for a goals refresh to set up for the second half of the year. Who wants to join me?

As you probably know by now, I use the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets to plan out my goals for the year and my action items every single month, and I absolutely love them! I love the way they help guide you to set meaningful goals for the year and well as the format of the monthly tending list to make sure you get all the things done. I will 100% be using this tool every year until further notice.

If you’re feeling a little bit of Powersheets FOMO right now, I’ve got great news for you. The 6-month undated Powersheets set is on sale for only $29, which means you can get your hands on this tool to help you set goals and intentions for the second half of 2019! How awesome is that? It’s something I highly recommend you try, especially if you’re struggling to find meaningful goals.

My June Goals

Every month the Powersheets has a tending sheet that helps you put together action items in 3 different categories: monthly action items, weekly action items, and daily action items. I love this structure because it helps give me a visual to all of the tasks I need to get done this month and how often I need to do it. Here is my breakdown of goals for this month

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5 Things I’m Doing To Go After My Goals

I’m currently sitting at my local Starbucks at 3:04pm determined to get this Friday 5 post up today, Friday. One of my goals for the month of March is to get out of the house to work at a cafe or something at least once a week. Winning! I also wasn’t sure what my “5” should be for todays Friday 5, so I sat and sipped my latte and started thinking about life lately, and I’ve been working my booty off on several things to get the metaphorical ball rolling down hill towards achieving some major goals in the hopefully not too distant future, so let’s talk about that. Here are 5 things I’m currently doing to truly go after my goals instead of just talking about going after them instead.

1. Embracing Who I Really Am

I recently re-read the book The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin, and this time around it was a game changer. When it comes to personality quizzes, I am one of those people that will sometimes try to answer based on who i want to be instead of what the most truthful answer actually is. After getting completely fed up with how frequently I let myself down when it comes to getting things done and achieving goals, I decided it was time to re-visit this subject and actually be honest about who I am. It turns out that I am an Obliger, aka the type of person that needs external accountability to achieve any goal or task. Once I really thought about it, this made perfect sense.

I’m good at making sure my home is clean, there are always groceries, and I often will get destracted from other work in order to do housewife tasks that I notice should get done. Why? Because I know it will please my hardworking husband to come home to these things being done. I am also very diligent about showing up to the gym whenever I have a Bodypump or pilates class to go to. Why? I feel some weird obligation to the instructors.

Days that I don’t have a class and can go to the gym on my own time are the days I will literally spend hours arguing with myself over if I should actually go or if I can talk myself out of it. I have no one else to keep me accountable, therefore I don’t do what I’m supposed to do. For two months I have had “Diva and the Divine finances” on my to do list. Did I do anything about it? No. Instead, I got them done only when my husband said he needed them becuase he scheduled an appointment with our tax guy. Once someone else needed me to do it, it got done in 2 days.

As frustrating as this trait is to me, I’m starting to embrace it rather than change it, and the results are already starting to show. Finally accepting who I am at my core instead of trying to change my core has helped me use my tendency to my advantage instead of having it be a negative thing. I mean, I’m all about self-acceptance, and I guess this is a part of it I’ve never thought about before. This will be life-changing. Stay tuned for more as I navigate my way through this.

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March 2019 Goals

Starting the month with a fresh set of goals is one of my favorite things. There’s something that I find incredibly empowering about new goals to check off a list every month, and while I don’t always get them all done, it’s still a great feeling to have ideas a plans laid out. For 2019 I am using the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets as my goal setting planner and I have been loving it! Not only do the Powersheets do an amazing job of helping me figure out what my goals should be to begin with, but they also have monthly goal tending sheets that are laid out to help you plan your goals in 3 ways: Monthly action items, weekly action items, and daily tasks.

This month I have two types of goals to tell you about. In this post we will talk about my tending sheet, but since the first day of the Christian season of Lent is right around the corner, I have some specific goals I’m setting for that 40 day period as well. Let’s dive in.

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My 2019 Goals


It’s time for the official goal setting post of 2019! I know, I know, these are totally cliche and overdone, but I am seriously psyched for my goals this year. I took a slightly different approach in my goal setting and the end result gave me 10 goals (yes 10!) that I am really excited about.  This year I used the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets to do my goal planning. I’ve used this product in the past, but never really fully committed to using them. This year I thoroughly and thoughtfully did the Powersheets prep work, and the goals I came up with are things that I feel will greatly improve my life and the way I can show up for others. 

Now, since this isn’t a Powersheets review I won’t get into exactly how they work, but ultimately what you need to know is this; there are different goals that you can plan for in this book. During your prep work, you are asked to find recurring themes that you might have written down and not realized you had an actual recurring theme. After all of my prepping and some thought about how I want to shape my year, these are the 10 goals I came up with. 

My 2019 Goals

A quick note: some of these goals are actually acting as more of a category and I can create smaller goals within that one goal. That being said, let’s dive in. 

Goal #1: Hit Goal Weight and Become My Strongest and Fittest Self

As usual, getting down to my goal weight is on here, but this year it’s a little different. I’m not entirely sure what goal weight is for me anymore because I am shifting my focus to being less Read more