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Ever since her first audition on American Idol I have been a huge Carrie Underwood fan.  Despite her amazing success, fame, and fortune, I feel like she is one of the most genuine, real, and kind hearted celebs on the planet. Not to mention she’s not afraid to sing her love of Jesus to the world at the top of her lungs!  She’s total woman crush material for me.  When I heard she was going to be putting out her own line of fitness clothing and accessories, I knew I was going to want to check it out.  Well, this week, I finally remembered to go to a Dick’s Sporting Goods store and see her new line in person.  While I didn’t buy any, I tried on a handful of items, and I fell in love with the entire Calia by Carrie line.

First of all, I saw a majority of these pieces as items that could be used in everyday wear, not just for working out.  Every piece is functional AND fashionable.  The lace back top (shown above) didn’t even look like I was wearing fitness gear. I would most definitely pair that with jeans or leggings and wear it for my day.  I loved this about every single piece.  You could easily go from gym to errands without looking shlubby or lazy.  In fact, I’d say that you’d look pretty well put together as you run your errands or pick up the kids.

Each article of clothing has what their site calls “Life-Improving Technologies”

  • Body Breeze- Rapid dry, moisture wicking technology so you still feel dry after working up a sweat.
  • Body Air- helps maintain a comfortable body temperature while working out by drawing heat away from the body
  • Body Cool- Xylitol technology instantly helps cool the skin when upon contact with moisture
  • Body Free- Antimicrobial technology that helps eliminate odors and bacteria so you can go from sweat to street without worry.

No matter what your taste in athletic clothes is (tight, loose and flowy, shorts, pants, tees, etc), Calia by Carrie Underwood has something out there for everyone.  It’s cute, flattering, and very functional.  After trying on the few pieces I did, I decided that everything was an instant wish list item.  The pieces are a bit pricy, but you can tell just by touching them that the quality is outstanding, so they’re worth the investment.  I think my reward to myself for getting back down to goal will be a few pieces from Carrie’s collection.  I’d like one of everything, please!

Have you gotten a chance to check out Calia by Carrie Underwood yet?  I want to know your thoughts.

*This is not a sponsored post. I just had to share my excitement about this stunning new fitness apparel line. All opinions are my own. Photos above taken from Calia website*

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