Bulu Box: July 2104

Bulu Box is a monthly subscription service that offers samples of health and wellness products delivered to your door every month.  You can subscribe to 3, 6, or 12 month plans or on a month to month basis for $10 a month.  They offer two types of boxes: A general health and wellness box or a weight loss box.  My subscription shows the content of the weight loss box.  Let’s see what July has in store for me.


July Bulu 1

IPS All Natural Egg White Chips

These are chips that are all natural and made out of egg whites (who knew?!) which means they pack a powerful punch of protein (7 g per serving).  I sampled the salt and black pepper flavor, and while I would have rather tried any other flavor option, these were surprisingly yummy (I don’t like pepper).  I am huge on protein content, so the fact that they carry a significant serving protein makes me feel totally not guilty  having chips with my lunch.  The bag was 3 Points Plus and definitely worth it.  I will be looking into other flavors of these for sure.  The only downside is the price tag.

Full Size: 24 (1 oz) bags @ $46.99

Sample Size: 1 bag

Sample Value: $1.96

July Bulu 3


This is a sleep aid containing the active ingredient Rutaecarpine, which is found in the Rvodia fruit.  This ingredient actually helps remove caffeine (which tends to linger long after consumption) from the body in order to help you sleep better.  Take this 2-4 hours before sleep and it will help rid the body of anything left over from your latte earlier to make falling asleep easier and the quality of your sleep better.  I’m intrigued.

Full Size: 30 capsules @ $22.99

Sample Size: 1 capsule

Sample Value: $0.77

July Bulu 6

Revolution Tea Southern Mint

This herbal tea is caffeine free, rich in antioxidants, and made from Egyptian mint leaves.  Mint is known for soothing upset stomachs and headaches.  Personally I think mint tea is very relaxing and a great thing to have while you’re curled up on the couch at night.  I actually drank this Monday night and it was a very soothing way to end the day.

Full Size: 32 bags 2 $13.98

Sample Size: 1 bag

Sample Value: $0.44

July Bulu 2

Natureade Vegan Smart Protein

This protein powder is a little bit more than just protein.  In addition to 20g of protein, this packet brings vitamins, digestive enzymes, probiotics and 6g of fiber to the mix, making it vegan powerhouse of nutrition.   It comes in chocolate, vanilla, and chai flavors and is 4 Points Plus per serving.

Full Size: 15 serving canister @ $35.99

Sample Size: 1 serving

Sample Value: $2.40

July Bulu 4


Natriquell is a digestive supplement that helps restore digestive balance and relieve discomfort.  The supplement comes in these little packets and can be used on an as needed basis or daily for regular upkeep of your digestive system.  Add it to 4-6 oz of water and drink up.  You can take one packet daily, or if you’re in need of some extra help 2-3 packets can be used to help calm digestive distress.

Full Size: 30 packets @ $19.95

Sample Size: 2 packets

Sample Value: $1.33

July Bulu 5

Soap Box Soaps Mandarin Liquid Handsoap

Dear Bulu Box- this product has NOTHING to do with weight loss… I know it’s a lifestyle bonus, but still..

Anyway, this soap has a nice citrus scent, is all natural, and contains shea butter, aloe, and jojoba oil to keep hands soft.  The nice thing about this brand is for every purchase of Soap Box Soaps, the company donates soap, fresh water, or vitamins to a child in need.  Let’s hear it for companies that do good for others!

Full Size: 2 pack of 8 oz bottles @ $14.00

Sample Size: a little pouch with no amount written on it.

Sample value: best guess, $0.10

Total Box Value: $7.00

While the value of the box definitely fell short this month, there are some new and interesting discoveries in this month’s box.  Interested in your own subscription?  Click below and check out Bulu Box for yourself.


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