Bulu Box: August 2014


It’s that time again.  August subscription boxes are here and it’s time to see what’s inside this month’s weight loss edition of Bulu Box.


Dream Water

I am someone who takes a sleep aid almost every night, soI’ve wanted to try Dream Water for a long time. It contains 3 active ingredients: GABA (Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid) helps promote relaxation by preventing the over firing of nerve cells, Melatonin helps control the body’s clock and aids in naturally tuning on “sleep mode,” and 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) stimulates melatonin production and improves the quality of your sleep.  This sounds like a dream come true for me.  They  come in single 2 oz bottles and you’re supposed to take one 20-30 minutes before bed.  Dream Water comes in 2 flavors: Snoozeberry and nigTEAnight.

Full Size: 12 Bottles for $38.99

Sample Size: 1 Bottle

Sample Value:$3.25


Forgiven Alcohol Metabolizer

I’ve never seen anything like this before. This shot supposedly helps you metabolize alcohol which will help get more of the drinks out of your system faster, which will help aid in hangover relief.  Supposedly it also lessens the long term affects of booze on the liver and brain.  While I’m not sure if the second part is true or not but something that can make the morning after a night out feel good would be worth trying.  Forgiven comes in 4 flavors: Orange, Berry, Grape, and Tropical Punch

Full Size: 6 shots @ $17.94

Sample Size: 1 Shot

Sample Value: $2.99


**Reader Warning: Adult Product** Zestra Essential Arousal Oil

So…I’m not sure what this is doing in a weight loss box, but I will admit I’m intrigued.  This little packet is a blend of botanical oils and extracts that apparently enhance women’s sexual arousal, desire and satisfaction.  It’s safe and natural, hormone-free and lasts up to 45 minutes.  Just apply around (not directly on?) your..area, and within a few minutes you should start feeling it working.  It comes in individual packets at the Bulu Box store, but the information sheet says it can be found in a pump as well. I’m not sure what to expect, and despite how weird and random is was to find in my Bulu Box, I’m not gonna lie..totally going to try this one out 😉

Full Size: 3 packets @ $9.99

Sample Size: 1 Packet

Sample Value: $3.33


DeNovo Labs Oxy THERM Pro

Another thermogenic to try.  This targets and blocks certain receptors that store fat, boosts metabolism, keeps appetite in check and helps boost energy and mental focus.  The directions make it a point to say to not use it for longer than an 8 week period, to take a 4 week break and that you should start by only taking one per day (you can go up to 2).  I appreciate the all capital warning printed on the label, since it’s easy to abuse thermogenics, and I’m sure many people do.

Full Size: 60 Capsules @ $42.99

Sample Size: 1 Capsule

Sample Value: $0.72


Bikini Ready Energy Gummies

Gummies are seriously all the rage right now.  Rather than being a complete multivitamin, Bikini Ready Gummies are formulated with just vitamin B12 and caffeine to help boost energy and metabolism.  These would be a great little mid day or pre-workout energizer.  45 calories for 5 gummies which packs 50 mcg of B12 and 50mg of caffeine.

Full Size: 50 Gummies @ $9.99

Sample Size: 4 Gummies

Sample Value: $0.80

Volo Vitamins Energy Stick Packs

Another energy booster!  A blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids mix with water to help you power through a workout or the afternoon slump. There’s no nuts, soy, or dairy and they are also sugar free and only 5 calories.

Full Size: 30 Packets @ $21.71

Sample Size: 2 Packets

Sample Value: $1.45

Total Box Value: $12.54

Bulu box is a monthly subscription box that delivers new health and wellness discoveries to your door.  There are two different types of subscription: General wellness and weight loss.  for $10 a month you can discover new products that work for you.


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