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Since reading is one of the major things on my list of things to do in 2015 I decided I would start “Brianna’s Bookshelf.”  Obviously, these will be posts related to books I’ve read. My first post on my self was a book review.  In addition to reviews of books I deem worthy of getting one, I’m going to do a quarterly round up of all of the books I’ve completed.  Not only will this help keep me accountable for my reading goal, but it might help someone find a new book to read.  Here’s the list of books I’ve read (or am in the middle of currently) for winter 2015

Lessons from Madame Chic

Lessons From Madame Chic” is the book I devoured at the beginning of 2015.  In this book, Jennifer L. Scott recounts the 20 life lessons she learned from studying abroad in Paris.  She touches on everything from diet and excersise to fashion, beauty, and living well.  I was so entranced by this book that I went out and bought the sequel right away.  I dive a bit deeper into the book in my full review of it.  Check it out here.  This is an amazing book for anyone looking to add a little sophistication, style, and luxury to their everyday life.


Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide

Going along with the theme of adding luxury to every day, thanks to my reading the other book, I discovered this one.  Shannon Ables is the blogger at The Simply Luxurious Life and she now has a book and a podcast as well.  In her book, Shannon touches on things that make everyday living more luxurious.  One of her big focuses in many areas (clothes, beauty, food, etc) is the concept of quality over quantity.  This book was an amazing read full of thoughts and advice that I can’t wait to apply to my own life.  A smart and fun read for modern women everywhere.


Size 12 and Ready to Rock

This book popped up on my Oyster app. I know Meg Cabot is a pretty big name in fiction for women, so I decided to open it and see what it was.  I was expecting some story about a size 12 woman overcoming the stigma behind her bigger (lets be honest ladies, in Hollywood, that’s what they’d consider it) size and still rocking at life.  Turns out what I got was a fun story that had drama, mystery, and crime solving all wrapped up in a light hearted book.  It was an impulse read that I ended up really enjoying.

The Bride Wore Size 12

What I failed to realize as I was working my way through “Size 12 and Ready to Rock” was that Meg Cabot wrote a whole series based on the Heather Wells character.  I managed to skip the first 2 books by not doing my research, but the plot had me inclined to move forward to the next book, “The Bride Wore Size 12.” After getting to know the characters I had to find out what happened to them.  This book was the same type of book and was an enjoyable, easy read.


Work’s in Progress

Wicked: I’ve started this book at least 3 times, but never finished it.  This time I’m determined to get through the whole thing.  After all, it is what inspired one of my all time favorite Broadway shows.

The Daniel Plan: A book that is being used along with a sermon series I am listening to from the church we have been attending while living in North Carolina.  Because everything is online, I can listen to the sermons while I’m in Japan.  Check out Pastor Benji in his latest sermon series “Choose to Lose” that integrates God with health and wellness.

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