Birchbox Breakdown- July 2015

BrichboxJuly2015I know my Birchbox posts have been on a hiatus ofr quite some time, but I feel compelled to bring them back.  This time around, I’ve decided that rather than just describing the products inside my box, I will try them out first and give a little first impressions type of review along with the breakdown of the box. Not only will this allow me to give better insight into what’s in my box, but it will also force me to use the products rather than just have them sit there and accumulate.  Imagine that..

So, without further adieu, here’s my July Birchbox.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer

Liz Earle is a skincare name that has been floating around Birchbox for quite some time now.  This toner is alcohol free and made with soothing botanicals to help refresh and comfort any complexion.  My experience: The floral scent is actually quite nice (I don’t normally like heavy florals), and spraying it on my skin feels really good.  I have been toning regularly with this and I notice it helps maintain balance on my skin between the drying anti-acne treatments and staying well hydrated.

Full Size: 6.7 fl oz @$25.00

Sample Size: 1 fl oz

Sample Value: $3.73

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray

Moisturizing ingredients found in this big name brand’s thickening hairspray plump and lift strands while giving light hold to make your hair style voluminous and touchable all day long.  My experience: I already have thick hair, so I can’t really tell a difference with this hairspray.  It’s nice to have a travel size for travel, though. It is a non-crunchy formula, which I do enjoy in a hairspray.

Full Size: 8 oz @ $29.00

Sample Size: 1 oz

Sample Value: $3.63

Coola SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray

It’s a sunscreen and a setting spray all at once.  This light weight, matte formula locks in moisture, provides sun protection, and keeps shine at bay, all while making sure your contoured face stays that way.  My experience: I love the concept, but I am not loving the execution.  For one, it really smells strong, which I just seem to have a hard time getting over.  I also can’t seem to get it to spray evenly, meaning that some parts of my face get clobbered with a stream of liquid while others don’t get any spray at all.  It could be user error, but either way, I think I’ll stick to my Urban Decay setting spray and get my sunscreen elsewhere.

Full Size: 1.7 oz @ $36.00

Sample Size: 0.34 oz

Sample Value: $7.20

Still Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

We’ll just dive right in to my experience with this one.  I love the idea and formula of this liquid lipstick.  It goes on smooth and creamy, and dries rather quickly with a matte finish.  It also really truly does stay put.  My husband even let me kiss him to test it out, and there was no rub off to speak of. I was really impressed.  Be warned though, you have to be quick and precise because once it dries, you’re stuck with it.  I had to use hardcore makeup remover to get rid of it.  What I was not impressed with was the color.  These colors are bold and opaque.  Birchbox sent me a color I didn’t ask for (this was our choice of the month, and I never got the chance to choose), and it doesn’t play so nice with my skin tone. I can’t give it a whole hearted positive review until I can try it out all day long, and I can’t do that until I have a color that’s right for me.  Perhaps this mini review will turn into a longer one later.

 Full Size: Mini trio set of 3 @ $20.00

Sample Size: 1 mini

Sample Value: $6.67

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid

Ceramides are lipids found in skin that hydrate and protect our skin, and we create less of them as we age.  This liquid is meant to help replace those ceramides and help keep the skin plump and hydrated.  My experience: While the instructions say use a nickel sized amount everywhere, I’ve just been using a few drops on areas that are prone to dryness, and it really helps. My skin doesn’t get flaky when using my drying acne products, but my skin doesn’t get shiny either.  I’m sure this product would be great in the winter.

Full Size: 5 oz @ $39.00

Sample Size: 0.3 oz

Sample Value: $2.60

Total Box Value: $22.83

That’s it for this month’s Birchbox!  This month’s box definitely was worth the $10 monthly price.  Some months are better than others, and while I haven’t added any of these to my must have list, I am really enjoying trying everything out, which is exactly what Birchbox is all about,

If you want to join the Birchbox game, head over to their site and sign up.  It’s a great way to discover new beauty products that you didn’t know you couldn’t like without 🙂

*This post is not sponsored, but it does contain referral link. I pay for my own Birchbox subscription. All opinions are my own.*

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