Birchbox: April 2014


Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel Exfoliant

Chemical exfoliants play an important part in a skincare routine.  This gel has Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Glycolic Acid in it to create a gentle, yet (according to many reviews) quite effective exfoliant for the face.  The best part about this gel is there’s no scrubbing and no rinsing.  After cleansing and toning, put a layer of this on then continue with your moisturizer and other serums, and that’s it!  Sounds easy enough, right?  I can’t wait to try this out on the dry patches I keep getting from trying to treat my acne.  Not only should it help with that, but it’s supposed to aid in getting rid of acne scarring and sun damage as well.  Super excited to give this a try!

Full Size: 3.3 oz @ $24.00

Sample Size: 1 oz

Sample Value: $7.27



Supergoop Daily Correct CC Cream

Supergoop is a name I’ve heard around a ton lately.  News flash: SPF is IN!  I am horrible about sunscreen, but it’s a lot easier for me to get some SPF without even trying because so many products for the face come with it built right in to the formula.  CC creams are also in.  This color corrector is the best of both worlds (or it hopefully is…haven’t tried it yet).  Supergoop’s CC cream also supposedly self adjusts to your custom shade to make it easy to blend.  I’m not entirely sure that works for me, but we’ll give it a go.

Full Size: 1.6 oz/47 ml @ $32.00

Sample Size: 3 ml

Sample Value: $2.04



Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel

This is a product I got back in the Sephora Superstars set last fall, so it’s nice to get another.  I have only recently discovered the power that brows have over the face, and I’ve been much more conscious of making sure they’re done.  Once I use a pencil or powder to fill in my pathetically sparse brows, one swipe of this stuff makes sure they stay in place all day.  It’s clear and doesn’t make the brows look fake.  Anastasia Beverly Hills has the reputation of having outstanding brow products, and of the two that I’ve tried, so far I agree.

Full Size: .28 oz @ $22.00

Sample Size: .085 oz

Sample Value: $6.67


Color Club Gala’s Gems Collection

Mint green!  Need I say more?  This collection of nail colors was made just for Birchbox by Spanish blogger Gala Gonzales and contains 4 shades perfect for spring.  Everyone got one, and lucky me, I got minty green, which happens to be one of my favorite colors to wear on my nails.  The name of the shade is “Breakfast at” because the shade is inspired by that special Tiffany blue box that most women dream about.

Full Size: 4 mini bottles @ $13.00

Sample Size: 1 bottle

Sample Value: $3.25


KIND Healthy Grains Bars

KIND is a brand I’m familiar with, but this was a new type of bar from them.  Made with whole grains, gluten free, and all natural, this bar is kind to the body in multiple ways.  The flavor I got to try was Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt and I really enjoyed it.  The little bit of salt was really pleasant, as I tend to enjoy the sweet/salty combo.  There was also a chocolate one that I wish I could try.  I won’t buy these from the Birchbox shop or anything, but if I need a snack while I’m out and I stumble across one of these bars I would most definitely pick it up.

Full Size: 15 bars @ $11.88

Sample Size: 1 bar

Sample Value: $0.79


Total Box Value: $20.02


Nice job this month, Birchbox.  Interested in getting your own subscription?   Click here and check them out for yourself!  There’s even a Birchbox for your man!


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