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Guys, tomorrow it’s September!  Can you even believe it??  This month I have a few favorites I’ve been dying to share with you.  

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palettes: I rediscovered both of my Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes and fell in love all over again.  The matte (and two subtle shimmers) shades in the palettes are great for everyday wear.  I found that when I didn’t really want to do my eyes, but want to have the no makeup look going on, creating an eye look with the shades in these palettes made my eyes look amazing without looking “done up.”  I’m very pleased that I decided to dig these out of my drawers and I know I’ll be getting a lot more use out of them.  The Naked Basics 2 is more cool toned than the original Naked Basics palette, but they’re both outstanding additions to any collection. 

Bare Minerals Pro Powder FoundationI wanted a new quick and easy foundation that (much like the eyeshadow) efficiently gave some coverage to flaws without making me look like I had a mask of face makeup on, and this new foundation by Bare Minerals did the trick. I did buy the brush that was released with this foundation. It’s a nice retractable brush that’s densely packed for better coverage.  Do you need it? No, but I like that it’s covered so I can easily throw it in my purse. 

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Products- I have a new lip obsession, and it’s the Bare Minerals Gen Nude Line.  They have 3 different formulas, and I’m obsessed with them all.  The product I’m loving least of this trio is the matte liquid lipstick, and it’s simply because I am not convinced that my lips  can use matte liquid lipsticks, period.  After trying quite a few formulas, this Gen Nude formula is light, smooth, and doesn’t feel the least bit drying. There is minimal transfer after it dries, and it’s comfortable to wear. Bonus: it smells amazing! Like a chocolate pudding pack I used to put in school lunches.  My only issue is that I feel like it settles into my lines and defines them more, but I’ve had that issue with every single liquid matte lip I’ve tried, and it’s not nearly as bad compared to others. 

The Gen Nude Radiant Lipsticks are absolutely divine.  They go on buttery smooth, feel amazing, and have great shade options(medium coverage), and a glossy finish.  I would reach for this product when I wanted to hydrate my lips, not just put on a dose of color.  I love love LOVE these lipsticks.

The Buttercream lipgloss is so hydrating and nourishing without being sticky. I’m obsessed with this formula. Some of the shades are pretty sheer, but there are some that have a solid medium coverage to them, so whatever look you’re going for with your gloss, it can be achieved with this lipgloss.  I bought one of these, and a week later was at Ulta and ended up buying two more.  They’re that good.

 In the grand scheme of luxe lippies, at $18 for the matte liquid lip and the lipgloss and $20 for the lipstick, these are actually really affordable.  I am a die hard lover of the nude lip, and I basically want the entire collection in my beauty drawer.  Obsessed!!

Yankee Candle Co Sun and Sand– This scent is my signature summer home scent.  It smells like the perfect summer day on the beach. I discovered it years ago and I haven’t looked back since.  It’s a little citrus with lemon and orange, some musk, and even lavender, and while I feel like these shouldn’t go together, they really do.  It’s a day at the beach, out in the sun, on vacation where you don’t have a care in the world.  I had a maintenance man come over while the candle was burning, and he commented on how nice it smelled not once, but twice, and even said “Okay, what is this candle? It smells amazing and I have to get it for my wife.”  He was dead serious.  

Premier Protein Shakes– Since I’m such a Quest lover, I haven’t really looked to pre-made shakes as an option for a protein fix.  A friend of mine shared a Starbucks trick (I’ll post on it soon, I promise) that involved these shakes, and once she told me I simply had to give it a try.  I hunted down the chocolate shake, gave it a try, and it turns out the shakes not only work perfectly with her little coffee recipe, but they’re amazing all on their own.  They are rich and creamy and feel like a treat rather than a diet food.  The macros make it even better: 30g protein, only 1g sugar! They’re only 2 Smart Points!! Seriously, it can’t be beat.  I’m looking forward to trying other flavors in the future, but for now chocolate reigns.  

Hamilton– Okay, so remember back in June how I was loving Waitress while everyone else was busy obsessing over Hamilton…. Well, I am now one of the Hamilton crazed people. I gave the soundtrack a few more listens, then all of the sudden it clicked, and it went form appreciation to obsession. I became enamored with the musicality and utterly amazed by the genius of Lin-Manuel’s lyrics.  While I can’t stand rap, and hip hop is definitely not my musical style, there is something about this telling of Alexander Hamilton where it just works.  It all makes sense, you relate to everyone, get a true sense of the story, and can’t help but singing.  The soundtrack makes me dance, sing, laugh, and tear up (every time!).  Whether you’re a Broadway fan or not, you really should give this soundtrack a listen.  It has changed Broadway.

LexLovesLos– This is Carlos and Alexa PenaVega’s YouTube channel, which I recently discovered and quickly became obsessed with.  They’ve been daily vlogging their baby moon cruise, and they really aren’t afraid to give us inside looks into their real lives.  Watching them talk to each other with such love, have such an amazing passion for God (I even showed my husband a vlog and he was instantly impressed with that), and live real life even though we all think of them as celebrities is such a joy.  I can not wait for them to create more content. This channel makes me think of them as friends rather than celebrities.  I would love to have dinner with them and discuss faith, marriage, and everyday life. 

That’s all I’ve got this month.  What are some of your favorites from the past month or so?  Let me know! 



*All products were bought by me and all opinions are my own.  Some links are affiliate/referral links.*

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