August 2020 Goals

Well hello there, blog. Give me a minute to pick you up and dust you off, why don’t you?

Today I’m here to discuss my goals for the month of August. As you probably know by now, I use the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets as my goal planner which helps me come up with monthly goals that are divided into 3 categories: monthly action items, weekly action items, and daily action items.

August always makes me think of back to school season and that fresh start feeling I always had with the new school year. While school looks very different for a lot of people this year, I’m trying to keep the momentum that I usually get from back to school flowing, even if I haven’t been in school since 2009. With that said, here are the goals I plan to schedule and achieve this month.

Monthly Action Items

• Use the Clean Mama Planner

I purchased the Clean Mamma Homekeeping planner at the end of last month because it was the perfect marriage of two of my favorite things: planners & homemaking. I am making it a goal to actively use it because it is very easy for me to set up planners and then not use them. Call it planner overwhelm or just my rebel-obliger tendency, but that’s how it is, so my goal is simply to use the thing. If you want to see a walkthrough of the planner, here’s the video I put out when I first got it.

• Complete Unit 1 of My Nutrition Course

Surprise! In case you missed the announcement, I’m in the beginning stages of getting a nutrition certification! The course is divided up into several units, and my goal is to complete the entire first book (unit 1) this month. I’m already 40% of the way done, so I’m optimistic.

• Set Up My Daily Greatness Planner

Another new (old) planner to reappear in my life is the Daily Greatness 12 week training journal. I complete Liift 4 today, which means I need to come up with my next workout plan. Currently, I am feeling really jazzed about fitness after seeing all of my muscle growth from Liift 4, so I want to take things to the next level and see just how much change can happen in 12 weeks. This planner will take me to the first week in November, which is perfect.

I also have a walkthrough video of the Daily Greatness Training Journal that I did years ago.

• Wash My Makeup Brushes

It needs to happen…it needed to happen 2 months ago….

• Fix the Printer

Self-explanatory, but I keep putting it off because I don’t’ want to end up on the phone with customer service. I hate calling people.

• Never Miss Twice!

This is my goal and philosophy for the month. “Never miss twice’ simply means that when it comes to workouts, calories, or any other habit I’m working on, if I miss one day I can NOT miss the next. Two-days in a row is a no-no. Never miss twice.

• Read Harry Potter 4 and The 5 Second Rule.

Easy peasy!

Weekly Tasks

• Complete at least 1 chapter of my nutrition course

• Strength Training 3x/week

With Liift 4 ending I want to make sure I keep up the awesome muscle building I’ve been doing.

• Publish 3 Videos and 1 Blog post per week

• Go For A Walk

Now that we have an elliptical downstairs, it is all too easy for me to avoid going outside and truly embracing summer. While cardio on the elliptical is nice, I need to make sure I’m getting out there and enjoying nature as much as I can while the weather is still nice.

• Read For 5 Hours

• Start Dabbling In Calorie Cycling

More on this later.

• Weekly Date Night


Daily Tasks

• Morning Pages/Journaling

• Dedicated Ab Workout

• 6:30* Alarm

*This has been amended since my video was published. 6:30 has been working well, so I’m not going to screw with it just for a check mark.

• No Spend

• Use What I have

Those last two sort of go hand in hand. I spent quite a bit on some educational things lately, so I just want to tighten the belt a little bit until I’ve made up for these exciting courses I’m taking. In the meantime, the goal is to focus on using up what I have in all areas: skincare, hair care, tea, candles, essential oils, protein powders. All of it.

There are my goals for the month. Stay tuned for more blog content coming your way soon, because I WILL be achieving my goals this month. Mark my words!

3 thoughts on “August 2020 Goals

  1. Collette Ezzell says:

    Excellent set of goals. To be honest its my first full week back at work and I am exhausted so goals just went by the wayside. Am using this weekend to get back on track and plan for success this next weekend and into September (my birthday month- that I celebrate all month long) clean slate and back on track

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