August 2016 Goals

August Goals

Hello, Happy Monday, and Happy August!  I can’t believe that 2016 is already in a rapid downward spiral into pumpkin spice everything season.  While I’m kind of ready for fall (I love pumpkin flavors and sweaters), I’m also not ready for summer to end at all. 

I know I haven’t done a goals post in a few months, but I wanted to start them up again to keep myself accountable for all of the things I want to get done.  With all of the chaos and disorder that’s been in my life the past few months, I am calling August the “All About Me” month.  With no major events on my calendar and nothing too crazy on the to do list, it is time for me to focus exclusively on myself and the things I want to get done. Don’t worry, my Mister will get my focus too, but he’s gone half of the time anyway.  That being said, here are my goals for August.

Break through my weight loss plateau

I decided to look back at my weight tracker to reflect a bit on what has been going on. That is when I realized that I have literally been on an up and down battle with the same 4 pounds for over a YEAR. Literally, my weight never moved out of that 4 lb range since April 2015… This made me realize several things:

  • I’ve clearly mastered the art of maintenance within a 5 lb range, which, while it’s not what I want to have happen right now, will be extremely useful in the future.
  • I desperately need to buckle down and work my butt off (literally) to try and break through this barrier that has me sitting in this plateau, and hopefully the rest of the weight will follow.

Even though I didn’t do a weigh in video last week, after Fitbloggin I really felt like I got my groove back, so I plan on using that momentum to see even more progress.  I also plan on spending more time at the gym, getting active, and shaking things up a bit by adding some more emphasis on weights and toning rather than mostly cardio.  This is my declaration that I will break this streak this month. 

Establish a better night time routine

Along with my post-Fitbloggin momentum I started going to bed a bit earlier and getting ready for bed earlier than that.  As a girly girl, my night time skincare routine takes awhile (my husband tells me to go get ready for bed at least 10 minutes before he even thinks he’ll head to the bedroom), and when I start to do it at 11:30, and then close up shop, try and read or poke at my phone, etc, I’m clearly not settling in to sleep until after midnight.  This girl needs her sleep, so I’m trying to get better about bedtime.  My goal is to start getting ready earlier, establishing a weeknight bedtime, and sticking to it. 

 Read (at least) 3 Books

I have been failing miserably at my reading goal this year, but with my new bedtime routine I also find myself picking up a book (like a real book, not an ebook on my iPad) to read until my eyes are heavy on nights my husband is gone, and I’m really enjoying it. 

With the release of the newest Harry Potter book (no, I’m not kidding.  It happened yesterday), I know there will be for sure one book I devour this week. I’ve also picked out the other two I will read, one of which I’ve already started, to hopefully inspire me to crack them open.  They are Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy and Secrets of A Former Fat Girl by Lisa Delaney. If I’m lucky, my ebook reading at the gym will have me completing closer to 5 books, but I like to dream reasonably. 

Start Blogging Daily

I don’t mean posting daily, but Monday-Friday I want to be creating content every single day.  The blog has been pushed to the back burner for months now, and it’s time to pull it out and really start to buckle down.  Look forward to a ton of new content on here and on my YouTube channel

That’s it. I’m keeping it simple, but also keeping it serious.  All of these goals are essentially routine and habit formation, and  I know if I can buckle down and reach the goals this month, I will be well on my way to establishing a lifestyle that will positively impact all areas of my life. 

What are your goals this month?

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