April 2020 Goals

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I firmly believe that being in this weird season of uncertainty is not an excuse for us to let go of our goals, but instead, it is an opportunity for us to lean into this new normal and embrace the chance to accomplish our goals. This month, I curated my goals specifically through the lens of quarantine so I can take full advantage of this month of social distancing.

As you know by now, my goal planner is the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets. While the dated 2020 Powersheets are no longer available, a 6-month undated version is still on sale in the store.

The Powersheets have a tending list every month that help you curate action items that should help you work towards your big picture goals. There is a section for monthly, weekly, and daily action items. Monthly items are “one and done” tasks that you set out to do within the month, and they have a progress bar you can shade in as you make progress. Weekly items are tasks that you want to accomplish every week of the month. Daily tasks are items you want to check off every day.

Let’s dive into my goals for the month!

Monthy Action Items

  • Cultivate healthy and productive habits
    • Since I am home exclusively, this is the perfect time to put extra effort into focusing on how I use my time and refining my time management skills.
    • The plan: utilize timers and a set schedule for pretty much everything, including how many breaks I get and how long I can poke at my phone.
  • Office closet reorganization & declutter
    • The closet in my office is our home’s “Monica Closet.” It just happens to be where all of the stuff without a place ended up.
    • The plan: Purchase some drawer storage space and create homes for all of the random crap currently floating around in there.
  • Bathroom storage reorganization & declutter
    • My bathroom cabinets have become all cluttered up and unorganized. The plan is to clean them out, put things where they belong a get rid of random trash that has accumulated.
  • Kitchen cabinet reorganization & declutter
    • As you can see, reorganizing and decluttering certain areas of my home has become a priority, which is great because simplifying and organizing my environment is one of my big picture goals for 2020.
  • Purchase a jewelry armoire
    • This is for organizational purposes. I have so many accessories and my itty bitty jewelry box is not cutting it. Owning an armoire would allow for so much more organization of all my accessories.
    • This is the one I have my eyes on. 😍
  • Complete March finances
    • Obligatory to-do list item
  • Read 2 non-fiction books
    • Since I have more time and I’m working on prioritizing my time, I want to take my reading goals to the next level. Non-fiction during the day and fiction at night.
  • Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
    • Yes, Harry Potter. I am SO PUMPED!
  • Read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Weekly Action Items

  • Virtual date with a friend
    • Someone tell me why it took a global pandemic for us to fully utilize the internet and all of its wonderful ways of closing the distance gap thanks to things like Skype, Zoom, and FacTime?? I want to sit down and have a virtual coffee date with someone at least once a week.
  • At-home spa rituals
    • Even when we’re stuck t home it seems hard to squeeze in this kind of self-care without scheduling it and making it a priority. I have a list of items I want to complete once a week just to keep myself feeling pretty and put together, even if I’m only wearing workout clothes. The list includes tackling each of these once a week:
      • Paint my nails
      • Facial
      • Microneedling
      • Shaving and exfoliation of my body (not just the quick swipe of the blade. I’m talking the experience that makes your shower twice as long as it should be.)
      • Deep condition hair
      • Eyebrow maintenance
  • 70,000 steps
    • I’m learning that getting my 10,000 steps in daily isn’t always the easiest thing when I don’t have errands to run or an elliptical to kill 45 minutes with. Still, I don’t want to abandon the 10k a day step goal, so I decided to go broader and make the goal an average of 10k steps per day. This means that if I have a day or two that falls short for whatever reason, as long as I make it up somewhere throughout the week it is no big deal. This helps me to keep the step goal up, but ease the anxiety of the daily expectation.
  • 2 hours at the piano
    • I really, really need to start spending more time playing the piano. I am going to use my timers and actually schedule times to sit and play.
  • 3 videos
    • Self-explanatory
  • 2 blog posts
    • Also self-explanatory, but based on my history it’s really ambitious.
  • Yoga 2x per week
    • I want to take some time and really focus on stretching and mobility, and yoga is a great way to do it.
  • Date night
    • Every month. In the house or out and about. No exceptions! (obviously this month they will all be @home dates.)

Daily Action Items/Habits

  • Workout
    • Every. Single. Day! It has to be at least 30 minutes of activity, but it could be yoga, cardio, weights, or even just going for a walk. As long as it is a deliberate time out dedicated to the movement of my body, it counts.
  • Tracking
    • Just keeping it real. Honest tracking of each and every bite
  • Read
    • because I’ve got reading goals…
  • Tea Time
    • I have SO MUCH TEA in my house that I decided it might be a fun little self-care ritual to take some tea time out of every day. I can sip while I read, have a snack, or even continue to do some work. I just have a lot of tea to use up and I’m so bad about doing so. Now is the time.
  • God Time
    • Now more than ever it is important to stay connected to God. Bible time, devotional time, and praying throughout the day are just a few ways I plan to do this daily.

I’m not going to lie, it’s only day 1 and I am already feeling so motivated by being able to check things off of this list that I am scheduling my day around my tending sheet. This is going to be a great month full of growth and productivity. Ultimately the goal here is to not let this whole Coronavirus situation bring me down, but instead to use it to build myself up and emerge from quarantine better than I was before.

What are your goals this month?

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  1. Julie Wilde says:

    Thanks for the blog post! I enjoy reading your goals for each month. It really helps motivate me to work on some of own.

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