April 2017 Goals

Oh my gosh, I feel like world’s most terrible blogger.  Lately, I’ve been lucky if I can get one post up every few weeks, and I have no one to blame but myself.  It’s not that I don’t have the time, it’s that I don’t make the time, and that’s on me and me alone.  This month is the start of the second quarter of 2017 (already??) and I feel like this year so far has been a bit of a bust, but it’s time for me to get things turned around and working in my favor, and that starts with some new goals. 

Start doing the Miracle Morning daily.  I’ve started to reread Hal Elrod’s best seller “The Miracle Morning,” and I am loving it.  I’ve read it once before, but I failed horribly at actually implementing all of the great things that this book has to offer.  This time around I’m in a little Facebook book club that will serve as an accountability group to ensure each of us is not only reading, but doing what the book tells us.  For fun, even though I’m only 1/3 of the way done with the book, I decided to try doing a “Miracle Morning” this morning, and it worked!  I feel great, I’ve been productive, gotten a workout in, read, journaled, prayed, ate a healthy breakfast, and even did some blog work, and it isn’t even 11 am yet!  My goal is to finish the book and to start doing this miracle morning routine every day, and my hope is I’ll get some very positive changes out of it.  You can check out the book on Amazon.  For only $15 it’s definitely worth picking up. 

Fall back in love with Diva and the Divine.  Like I said, I have been a pretty terrible blogger lately, and only an okay YouTuber to boot.  I love the idea of having a successful blog and channel, but I haven’t been able to light the fire that needs to be behind it to actually do the work to create my success.  I know that the potential for awesomeness is there, I just haven’t figured out how to find the drive to tap into it lately, and I’m tired of it.  I want to start posting regularly, creating quality content, and turn this blog and brand into what I’ve always wanted it to be. 

Get back on track. Shocker… I’ve been terrible about being on track in terms of weight loss lately.  This is yet another thing that I can’t seem to light the fire under, but it definitely needs to happen.  I switched to Simply Filling for the last week and a half, and while I love the idea of it, and I love the foods I can eat on it, I am really bad about tracking the non-SF foods and I’m still making some seriously poor choices.  With summer, weddings, vacations, and events right around the corner, this month I am committed to getting on track with my health and fitness.  Hopefully, this will help me drop a few lbs, gain some energy, and fuel me to get the rest of my goals going as well. 

Have two date nights with my husband.  With my husband traveling all the time and our weekends being swamped with to do lists and commitments, it’s often hard for us to actually take the time to go out on a for real date night.  We managed to a few weeks ago, and it was wonderful.  We went to the mall to do some shopping together, and we went out to Seasons 52 for a really nice, still pretty healthy, romantically lit dinner. It was great quality time spend together that wasn’t interrupted by the puppy (who was at my parent’s house) or the laundry or a tv show we were watching.  I want to make sure we spend more time like that.

I think those 4 goals are plenty for the month.  I really feel like the first 3 will feed off of one another, and that’s exactly the kind of spark I need to get everything back on track. What are your goals for the month?

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