April 2015 Goals


I love April.  Spring is finally here and the weather is warming up which means outdoor activities are a viable option for those of us who can’t stand the cold. I am finally done with all of my international travel and can try and settle in to some sort of routine..at least for a little while.

This month’s goals consist of both health and related goals as well as things I simply have on my to do list.  I want to start making goals not all about working hard, but enjoying myself a little more too.


  • 100 mile challenge– I plan on moving 100 miles this month.  Thanks to my FitBit it will be easy for me to keep track.  That’s basically 3 miles every day. Easy, but effective. Just last night I told a friend about it and she decided to hop on board with me!  If you plan on doing 100 miles this month, make sure you let me know.
  • Get a haircut– It has been at least 4 months since my last haircut.  I’m thinking a little shorter with some layers, which will help it scrunch a little better.  I love letting my hair air dry and curl naturally in the summer.
  • Stick to my blog schedule– I just started using this awesome program called CoSchedule, which is an amazing editorial calendar for blogs, and after using it for a week I can honestly say I feel like a more productive and effective blogger.  I highly suggest my blogger friends check it out.
  • Participate in The Reset Girl’s #ListersGottaList challenge– Cori over at The Reset Girl is a woman whose content on Instagram and YouTube make me wish I had an all access pass to Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and all other craft stores.  She takes her Midori and her planner and turns them into works of Planner Addict art.  I will be trying my hand at her Listers Gotta List challenge, and you should too.
  • Lose weight every week– My body has made it clear that it might not be as easy as I’d hoped to get these post-holiday/travel 20lbs off. My first weigh in back on plan showed me losing a whole 0.2lbs.  *sigh*  Baby steps are great, but that is SO frustrating.  Rather than picking a specific, probably overly ambitious number of pounds to lose this month, I’m taking a different, kinder approach. The goal is just to see the scale go down, even if it’s only a little bit.
  • Cook at least 2 dinners each week– When I cook, it’s usually a pretty healthy, Weight Watchers friendly meal.  Now that we’re living with friends for the rest of the school year and I’m at home all day, cooking is a way I can not only take care of myself, but also help make sure my husband and our friends get some healthy foods in as well.

That’s it!  I’m keeping it pretty simple this month in an effort to make sure I can meet all of my goals. When you achieve your goals, no matter how small, it brings a sense of accomplishment and motivation to achieve even more.  In the same way, “failing” to achieve a goal, no matter how small, has a way of knocking down your self confidence and motivation, making it harder to keep going.  Setting small, but effective goals, will help me head in the right direction.

What are some of your goals for this month?

3 thoughts on “April 2015 Goals

  1. Brooke: Not On A Diet says:

    Great goals for the month! I just set mine as well, but I love your 100 Miles challenge! I think I will do that one too, which will help with my 10,000 steps on 10 days this month goal.

    Also, I TOTALLY feel you on the losing weight after gaining it back. I have 15 pounds to go and I’m struggling with getting under 170 at the moment. I’m doing what I need to do, but it would be nice if the scale cooperated!

    Oh and Co-Schedule IS awesome! I did the free trial, but really should pay for it, it really helps keep me on track and I love that you can schedule your social media posts as well.

    Here’s to a fantastic April!

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I love the 100 mile challenge. I’m glad you want to do it too. I just feel like it’s such a significant number, but in reality it’s only 3 miles a day, which is totally doable. A great way to accomplish a fitness goal.

      The weight gain is killing me. I’m so disappointed in myself, as despite my situation, there is no one else to blame. I’m thrilled that the weather is getting nicer, as warmer weather usually helps me behave a bit better. We can bust through this!

      I already made hubby work a CoSchedule subscription into our budget, as I’m completely obsessed. It’s brilliant. The social media thing makes it even better.

      Thanks for commenting! Happy April, my friend 🙂

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