A Weekend With Me: Sunday

Ladies (and perhaps gentlemen too), ever have one of those days where your emotions are determined to make you feel like crap despite what positive things are actually going on around you?


Welcome to my day.. *sigh*


Because this was the case, I will keep it short.


We went to worship at the church down the street from our complex, which is the place we had been attending most frequently (after 6 or so weeks of church hopping to find something we could both tolerate).  Being a Lutheran for the entirety of my almost 27 years of life, any church service other than the ELCA church we went to the first Sunday here (which I knew perfectly and was actually asked to join the choir after worship..story of my musical life:-)  ) seems to just not fit me right.  Days like today, where my heart couldn’t seem to get into anything, made being at worship at a place that wasn’t “home” (aka Trinity back in IL) really tough.  The music selection, which tends to be a combination of hymns sung a cappella (where the choir director turns and actually directs all of us and the entire congregation sings in harmony; I loved that) and contemporary praise and worship songs, was full of songs I was well taught at home, but even as I sang along, I just couldn’t get into it, which of course results in even more frustration and then feeling bad.  Needless to say I think I am ready to go home next weekend and sing in Trinity’s choir on Sunday morning, even if it is after my bachelorette party on Saturday night.  I need a taste of my church home.


Because my emotions were down and having a case of the blahs, of course my body was right along with it.  When I got home I put gym clothes on, but somehow would find other tasks to do rather than leave the apartment.  It wasn’t until Erik gave me crap about it ( “I thought you were going to the gym…you changed a long time ago”) that I actually got motivated to leave, but that was just because of him, not because I actually wanted to.

My workout was lazily done (again, one of those things that end up making me feel bad, rather than thinking “well, I did something”.. I think I need some help in that area), but I returned to the apartment to find Katie (mommy of Jasper and Rosie the little terrorist kitten) talking to Erik and delivering me a bottle of champagne as a thank you for watching her babies.  What an awesome gesture.  If you’re reading this, Katie, thank you!  We’re saving it for when we have a reason to celebrate something.

Since the grocery shopping had to get done and Erik insisted he wouldn’t have time until late (as he was prepping for the first day of Mod 2 tomorrow), I decided that if it was going to get done, I’d have to do it.  He tossed me his debit card and I went to 4 different grocery stores.  At least it gave me a way to pass the time, get some additional activity in, and get food for a Weight Watchers friendly week. At least we have fresh fruit now, and (most importantly) the rainbow macaroons are back in stock at Trader Joe’s.  Thank goodness for that.

As per our usual Sunday routine, we watched Once Upon A Time (if you like fairy tales of any sort, watch this show.  Seriously) and I prepped berries on the commercial break.  Things were pretty okay, then something set off my unreasonably short emotional fuse (which I have NO idea why I have…I seriously break down at the bat of an eye some days.) which resulted in a random emotional breakdown.  Oh joy..  I give Erik mad props for putting up with my craziness sometimes.  He was very sweet and attentive and showed me just how much he loves me.  It’s a very comforting thing to be shown that, especially at my less attractive moments.

And now I’m here in my room, having given up on the rest of the night, leaving Erik to do what he really wanted, which was play his hockey video game, typing my blog post after an emotionally drained day.  Oh, and I forgot to take food pictures, but for the WW part of this post, I’ll type it out for you.


Meal time!

Breakfast: Half of the container (it’s 8oz, which is a but much for yogurt) of Trader Joe’s Non-fat Pumpkin Greek Yogurt.  5 Points Plus for the entire thing (I ate the rest as a snack later) and raspberries.

Lunch: my “famous” (because Erik likes them) lunchmeat tortillas.  Mission Carb Smart tortilla (only 1 Point!) put in the frying pan and topped with 1 point of turkey and mustard).  I cooked it using olive oil, which added a Point, but I learned yesterday that my fish oil pills don’t count for my daily oil intake.. lame.

Dinner: Lemon garlic tilapia, broccoli and quinoa.  TIP: Make your quinoa with Swanson’s Fat Free Chicken Broth instead of water.  It doesn’t add anything extra except a nicer flavor than plain, bland quinoa in water.  Definitely one of my favorite ways to get whole grains.

Treats today were in the from of Fat Free vanilla meringues  (1 Point for 2/3 Points for 4) and 2 macaroons (a point each).


So overall, not a very exciting day, but a very emotional one for no good reason whatsoever.  I wish I knew how to get the emotional side of myself under control.  I don’t remember being like this in high school and college.  *sigh*


Until next time.  I wish you all sweet dreams and a happy tomorrow!

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