A Twister of Changes

This morning I woke up and there was an audio note from Erik on my phone:

“Last day of living at home.  Last day of long distance relationship. Pretty good day for you, huh?”

Tomorrow my life changes like it never has changed before.  Erik and I have been dating long distance for a year and a half, so visiting every few months for a week or two at a time is normal for me.  Tomorrow evening when he comes and picks me up from the Ft Lauderdale airport it officially ends the “long distance” part of our relationship which we have been used to since we started communicating two years ago.  Once I get in that car I’m with him in Florida for a week, and then we are moving to our new homes in North Carolina.  We will be in the same city.  We will be in the same apartment complex!  We will be able to see each other almost every day without the help of a webcam!!  And in just over 7 months, we will be married and living under the same roof!!

For many couples I know, the progression to marriage comes without too many major changes in between, but for me my life as I know it has to change in every way it can.  It’s completely terrifying, incredibly exciting and something that needed to happen to me.  Since college I have been living with my parents, and all I’ve wanted to do since then was find a way out.  Not only does this twister of change that hits the ground tomorrow put me in the same state as my fiancé, it also marks my official move away from home.

I’m a hot mess of various emotions, and that’s okay.  I have faith that the Lord has brought me here, to this moment; knowing that in less than half an hour it will officially be “today” that my life picks up in this whirlwind of change.

It’s a new adventure.  There will be ups, downs, loop-the-loops and everything in between.  I’m buckled in, God on one side, the love of my life on the other, ready for this roller coaster ride!

One thought on “A Twister of Changes

  1. Sonja V Pearson says:

    Yes. You sort to have to say you are officially an adult. The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face to shine on you and give you peace.

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