A Monday in the Life

Welcome to my very first “a day in the life” post.  I wasn’t sure what exactly to write about today (it’s Monday), so I thought it might be fun to let you in on how my day usually goes. Here’s a little insight into what this week’s Monday looked like for me. 

5:40am: I get awakened by a kiss from my husband, as I do every week, before he leaves for the airport.  A kiss, an “I love you/have a good week” and I roll over to try and fall back asleep.  He’ll be gone before I’m up.

7:10am: I’m awakened by my alarm, but after the really crappy night’s sleep I got my body really didn’t want to get up, so I turned off the alarm and left it up to my body as to when I’d get out of bed.  A risk, yes, but on Mondays that sometimes happens. 

8:03 am: I’m awake!  That’s not so bad.  Feeling better than I did when my alarm went off, it’s time to get up.  Bathroom, make bed, open curtains to let the sunshine in, and head to the kitchen. 


8:16am: With my cup of fresh coffee in hand (is there anything better on a Monday morning?) I head to my office. Time to start this blog post (so I don’t lose track of my day) and get today’s post published.  

9:16 am.  After final edits, linking, social media, and several distractions, I finally hit publish on my new post, 20 Tips for Getting A Better Night’s Sleep. I’m obsessed with the image I made for it.  Now, it’s definitely time for some breakfast. 

9:18am: Just realized I forgot to take my morning pills.  Supplements, vitamins, and an allergy med down the hatch! Okay, now I can have breakfast.


9:37am: Breakfast of protein pancakes and berries is made and ready to be devoured.  4 Smart Points total. Yum!  Also, switched to high caff tea to help get me pumped for today’s workout. 

10:23a,: Realized my iPad (my elliptical buddy at the gym) is almost dead, so I popped it on the charger.  Doing misc tasks (Facebook, blog social media, cleaning the kitchen, etc) to pass the time. 

10:56am: Time to start my workout.  While my ipad is charging I’m using an app called Sworkit to get my sweating started while I wait for it to complete charging. Ab workout for the win.

11:55. 20 minute ab workout done.  Caught up on Snapchat and IG stories (because I am a master procrastinator), and downed an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Quest Bar for 4 Smart Points.  Now it’s time to head to the gym with a warmed up and fueled body and a charged iPad. 


3:15pm: Walked in the door after a great (long and hard) workout consisting of weights and cardio. After the gym I ran to Walmart to pick up a few essentials for the week (bread, fat free cheese, and bananas) and treated myself to a glorious dose of caffeine from Starbucks.

3:26pm: Made myself a quick open faced sandwich for a late lunch. Looked at Facebook while eating.

3:43pm: Time for a face mask and some stretching.  Mask Monday is something I do almost every week. Today’s choice is Kiehl’s clay mask. My skin has been such trouble lately. 

4:30: Showered, stretched, and ready to get to work.


6:10pm: I just spent the last hour and a half playing with a DSLR camera on loan from a friend trying to update some of my blog photographs.  I can’t decide if I was successful or not.  Note to self: take DSLR photography course if you’re serious about this blog photo thing. 

6:15pm: I suppose I should make dinner. 


7:03 pm: Sitting down with a delicious plate of Zoodles with chicken, homemade sauce, and fat free cheese for a whopping 4 Smart Points.  I was listening to the Pippin soundtrack (I want to learn it before I audition for the show in September) while I cooked, so I ate and surfed YouTube to see what Pippin related things I could find. 

7:35pm: Cleaning up my cooking disaster.  Why does cooking always make such a mess?

7:56pm: Sat down at the computer to update this post and order a few things from Amazon.  Printer ink and a new garbage disposal drain cover.. not so exciting.  Also ordered new tool for singing, which is much more exciting. 


9:04pm A sweet craving hits and my energy is starting to fall.  I make myself a protein doughnut for a dessert, grab my laptop and head to the couch to do some misc work (read other blogs, answer emails, etc) and watch the olympics. I also decide to chug some water, as maybe dehydration had something to do with this sugar craving. 

10:12pm: I have auditions and musical theater on my mind, so I sat down at the piano with a few song books to see if I could figure out an audition piece for an audition that’s a month away.  I think I found one!

10:28pm: Okay. Time to get ready for bed. 


11:07pm: Intense skincare routine done.  Before getting into bed a do a little light stretching to help get my body in relax mode.  Phone call from the Mister: check! Essential oils: check! Tonight’s reading: Check! Alarm set: Check! Time to get into bed and read my Women’s Health magazine.

11:42pm: Lights out!  Goodnight friends.



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