9 Weight Watchers Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


I love Instagram. I spend a lot more time on there than I really should on a daily basis. While there are plenty of Weight Watchers related blogs and Youtube channels out there, Instagram actually has it’s very own WW community filled with members that aren’t necessarily blogging or making YouTube videos. While I’m on IG to help grow my own following, I love following, engaging with, and becoming friends with fellow members of the Instagram community.  While there are a ton of great accounts out there, I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. If you’re not following them, you should be! 

9 Weight Watchers Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

@TheMuchoMama (Jane)

Jane’s account is a great place to go for the “this is real life on Weight Watchers” experience. She’s working hard at living her best life on Weight Watchers freestyle, and it shows. She’s also the one that will talk about whats on her mind. The good, bad, and ugly. I love her attitude and the vibe she brings to my feed. Her account has quotes, transformation photos, weekly weigh ins (losses and gains), and she has a smile that is contagious.  Visit @themuchomama and see for yourself.

@BalancedMissBailey (Bailey)

Bailey is a Weight Watchers ambassador from the Washington DC area. Her account is full of stunning food photography, and let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than some good food porn on IG, especially the Weight Watchers friendly kind! Bailey always breaks down the ingredients and Smart Point values of what she’s showing, which I find to be very helpful. Her Instastories are honest and real and will contain anything from grocery hauls and struggle stories to showing off some beauty finds and asking questions for her followers to answer.  See Bailey’s account here.

@BeautifullyBrokenJourney (Amy)

I love Amy’s account for more than just Weight Watchers. I always feel like I have a special connection with anyone who openly shares her faith in God, and Amy adds her faith onto her other inspiring content, which just makes my heart happy.  On her profile page you’ll see a walkthrough of her entire weight loss journey, during which she lost over 100 lbs. She talks about the struggles, which is clearly something I value, since most of the Instagrammers I’m mentioning talk struggles, but I firmly believe it is an essential part of being a weight loss influencer. It’s not an easy journey, and Amy’s screenname embodies that. While her beautifully broken journey is about more than just weight loss, I think we can all embrace the idea that each one of us has a beautifully broken journey as well, and that’s what makes it wonderful. She is also a WW ambassador.  Amy’s Instagram account can be found here, but she also has a blog under the same name

@WWPounddropper (Lindsay)

This woman right here is responsible for the Weight Watchers Freestyle friendly cheesecake that you’ve seen me post. While I added a few things to make it my own tasty mocha recipe (post coming soon, I promise.), the base recipe came from Lindsay’s account. The food on Lindsay’s account looks so tasty and is often accompanied by a recipe so you can recreate her food in your kitchen (or try to anyway). Lindsay is down over 90lbs, and it’s easy to see why when you see how she makes the Weight Watchers plan work for her.  Head over to her account for some amazing food inspiration, or visit her blog for a ton of WW Freestyle recipes. 

@WWSmartCookies (Kelly)

Kelly is a WW ambassador and has lost over 100lbs on the Weight Watchers plan. She has a ton of great recipes on her account, but the big winner with me was her 2sp banana bread. She single-handedly changed my opinion about spotty bananas (I’m a banana snob and only like to eat unblemished bananas) because they make amazing 2sp banana bread! She shares her many adventures and trips she goes on with her husband (who has also lost weight with WW) on Instastories. Kelly’s account is great for transformation inspiration and WW friendly recipes to help you through your own weight loss journey

@Christina_WW_Thing1 (Christina)

Christina is wonderful. She shares a lot about her life outside of Weight Watchers as well as plenty about her weight loss journey. Her account is a great blend of WW friendly food porn and inspirational quotes and transformation photos.  She does things like celebrating the day that she decided to go to Weight Watchers for the first time (a life-changing day), shares about personal issues, tells us how she makes Whole30 work with Weight Watchers, and is overall a kind, beautiful soul.  Christina is the first Weight Watchers Ambassador I followed, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her through her journey. Check her out here. 

@JenWeightWatcher (Jen)

Want to know a secret? The reason I initially started following Jen because I love the sound of her voice and she reminded me a bit of Kristin Chenoweth.  Her voice is just so sweet and calming, and we all could use a little more calm in our days, am I right? Jen is full of inspiration, motivation, and practical, every day WW tips and recipes.  She came up with a DIY pop tart recipe, those frozen peanut butter banana disks, egg cups, and so much more. She’s the type of person who has an attitude that is bound to put a smile on your face. I imagine she’s like that in person as well. Her food photos are beautiful and informative, and her attitude is amazing. Jen is a WW ambassador. Check out Jen’s account here

@GroceriesandGrace (Ivana)

Ivana is definitely the one on this list that I consider to be my friend, despite never meeting outside of the Instagram world. Funny how that works, isn’t it? That’s what is so great about this online community of Weight Watchers. We’re here to encourage and inspire others and we end up creating friendships in the process. Ivana is an adorable young woman who is at her goal weight and recently made Lifetime (as you can see in the photo above). She is definitely not afraid to share the hard stuff. The honest stuff. The type of sharing that makes you go “oh, so you mean it isn’t just me that feels like/does that?!” She’s real.  Ivana is also a great example of making the WW plan work for you. Like me, she’s a bit of a Weight Watchers Rebel in the way she tracks a few things, and that’s totally okay. How can you expect to stay on a plan for life if you don’t figure out how to make it work for your body in the process? When I open Instagram, she’s one of the accounts I’ll visit (as opposed to waiting for it to pop up in my feed) to make sure I’ve seen everything, and I love listening to her Instastories. Check out Ivana’s account here.


This guy!  This guy right here is the man who came up with the high protein, 3sp Big Ass Waffle, and about a billion other amazing Weight Watcher friendly recipes. With slogans like “eat wicked smart” and “eat like a fat kid and still lose weight,” I knew he would end up being one of my favorite accounts.  He takes his favorite comfort foods and finds ways to modify them so they fit in with his new, healthy lifestyle, and he’s kind enough to share his secrets with all of us. While his waffles are the reason I started to follow him, he has everything from donuts to bird balls.  One thing I know for sure is that the Mudhuster Instagram account is a must follow for every Weight Watcher out there. He also as a website that has many of his recipes laid out for you to enjoy. 

Bonus account #10: I like to think that my Instagram account is also a Weight Watchers related account that is worth following, so make sure to head over there and follow me too!

There you have it: some of my favorite Weight Watchers Instagrammers! Who are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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