8 Ways to Drink More Water


We all know that there are SO many reasons to drink more water, but sometimes that is much more easily said than done.  For one reason or another, we manage to let hours slip by without taking a sip of that cool, refreshing H2O because we are busy with diet sodas or our latest run to Starbucks.  While we all have our beverage preferences, it is super important to make sure we set them aside and get enough water in our bodies each and every day to keep them functioning properly.  Here are a few ways to get yourself to drink more water.

1. Make a deal with yourself.  If you’re like me, when you walk out of the bedroom in the morning, the first place you go is toward the coffee maker.  While you wait impatiently for your magical morning brew to fill your cup, it is a great time to get your first giant glass of water in for the day. I always make a bargain with myself that I can have my coffee if, and only if, I drink a tall glass of water first.  Since I NEED my coffee, the water is gone before the coffee cup is full. 🙂 The same works for soda drinkers.  Tell yourself you aren’t allowed any soda until you’ve polished off two full water bottles.

2. Track your water intake in a fun way.  I’m a total planner junkie, so I have 2 different planner stamps to track my water intake in my Filofax every day. This turns it into a bit of a game, as I get to fill in a glass each time I finish a water bottle (my goal is more than 8 cups). By the end of the day, I strive to have those stamps filled up. There are also several apps that will help you track water in some way if stickers and stamps aren’t your style.

3. Infuse your water. For some people, drinking water is difficult simply because they don’t like the taste (or lack of taste) that water has.  One solution is infusion. There are quite a few different pitchers and water bottles out there specifically for infusing water.  Adding some fresh lemon or cucumber to your water gives it a very spa-like feel.  Like berries? Why not infuse your water with some fresh strawberries or raspberries for a light touch of flavor? I’ve also done water with fresh mint leaves which feels very extravagant and refreshing.

4. Use a straw.  I have two different water bottles. One with a lid that you pour, but closes securely for when I’m on the move, and a tumbler with a straw for when I’m at home.  The straw makes drinking so easy and mindless that I find my cup empty when I feel like I’ve just filled it.  I don’t know what it is about a straw that makes water seem to disappear more quickly, but I won’t question something that works.

5. Keep a water bottle with you at all times.  Now, I’m a singer, so having water with me all the time has been a given since high school.  I literally feel naked without my water bottle within my line of vision.  When you have something near you, you’re more likely to use it.  Buy yourself a cute water bottle (I’m often motivated to use something if I think it’s pretty.. planners, home goods, anything) and make an effort to take it with you.  Maybe buy one for home and one to keep in your office.  The more the water is around, the more you’ll drink.

6. Eat fruit. Okay, this technically isn’t drinking the water, but so many fruits are full of water, so I say it counts.  Think about it: oranges, apples, WATERmelon.. all full of hydrating goodness.  Bonus: fruit will also give you a fiber boost.

7. Enjoy tea time.  I’m sure some would debate whether or not a cup of coffee or tea counts toward your daily water intake.  I suppose that is up to you to decide, but here’s my philosophy: Coffee doesn’t count, but tea does.  I especially love a good cup (or 2 or 3 depending on how cold I am) of tea in the evening. Enjoying a luxurious tasting cup of tea is the perfect way to wind down, relax, and get an extra glass of water in without it feeling like more water.  Some of my favorite teas are from Celestial Seasonings and Yogi Tea, readily available in most grocery stores. If you want to go super luxurious feeling, a trip to Teavana is always satisfying.

8. Race the clock.  You definitely want to aim for getting at least half of your water goal consumed before the afternoon.  If you’re playing catchup and chugging 32 oz of water right before bed, you can bet it’s pretty likely that your bladder will wake you up in the middle of the night.  Racing the clock is another way to make a game out of it.  Set a goal and see if you can stick to it.  Try drinking one water bottle every two hours or half of your water before noon. I have also seen people with a large bottle or a gallon container with lines and times written on it as a guide to emptying it throughout the day.  It’s just another way to turn this healthy lifestyle habit into a game.

Those are just a few of the suggestions I have for ways to drink more water every day. I’m sure there are some I’ve missed. I want to know: what are your techniques for drinking more water?

12 thoughts on “8 Ways to Drink More Water

  1. ursula says:

    Love your water tips…definitely doing more infused water and still drinking tea either the mornings or evenings esp. Peppermint, Green, and Orange tea!! Panera has a fruity punch tasting tea that is so good you don’t need any sweetners to it!!

  2. neversaydiebeauty says:

    Great tips! I have a real problem with drinking water. I don’t know why but I do. I am going to try the infused water and see if that makes it more appealing to me. And I need to devise a way to monitor how much I’m drinking, like your filofax method. The straw, however, I’ll skip – it encourages and reinforces wrinkles lol!

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