6 Free Apps I Use For Weight Loss (Other Than The Weight Watchers App)

We all know that I use the Weight Watchers app a billion times a day because I am a Weight Watchers member, but many of you have asked for suggestions of other apps that I use throughout my weight loss journey.  I tried to stick to free apps, but there are a few where the app is technically free, but you need a piece of technology to use it, which costs $, or there are optional in-app purchases. However, technically, all of these apps are free and they’re all on my phone, getting used almost every day.


The first (and most obvious) app I use every day is the Fitbit app. While the app is free, you obviously need to own a Fitbit device in order to use it.  I’m that person that not only uses her FitBit each and every day, but I have grown so used to it that if I forget to wear it or it dies, I feel like my steps don’t count.  Maybe that’s not exactly a healthy relationship to have with a little electronic wristband, but I love it.  My Fitbit helps me make sure I am getting the necessary activity I need every day, and it ads a gamification (*nerd alert*) element to activity.  I want to hit all of my daily goals and beat my friends! If there is any app that is as important to my weight loss as the Weight Watchers app, it’s this one.

Lose It

Lose it is a calorie/nutrition tracker. I started using Lose It when I wanted to compare how many Smart Points I was getting to how many calories that translates to. It’s a free app, but you can get a premium subscription for $29.99/year to access all of the cool features. I’ve also used this to track my macros (something I really wish the Weight Watchers app did for you), and occasionally to look up the nutrition information of something that isn’t in the WW app.

My Fitness Pal

MFP is what a lot of people who count calories and/or macros use to track their food.  Since I have been using Lose It for that feature, having MFP on my phone is basically another database for me to tap into for missing nutrition information.  I find this especially helpful when looking up restaurants that are not national chains, like Portillo’s and Lou Malnati’s.  

Plant Nanny

This is simply a super cute way to track your water intake throughout the day.  You get the adorable little plant to take care of, and as you drink water you track it by watering the plant.  Your plant grows up as you take care of it, and eventually goes into your garden and creates seeds for you, which is the app’s currency to buy new plants and upgrade your scenery.  Watch out though, because your plant will start to nag at you if you haven’t been watering it and if it gets neglected for too long, it will eventually die, which is sad.  This is just a cute way to track water.  Do you need it? No, but it’s more gamification. 

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an app that tracks your sleep.  It’s amazing and a little bit creepy (if I’m being totally honest), but the insight to my quality of sleep is absolutely invaluable. As you might know, getting quality sleep is an integral part of your weight loss journey.  If you aren’t sleeping well and have low energy, the probability of you reaching for energy spiking foods (like carbs, sugar, etc) will be a lot higher than on days you get a quality night’s sleep. It’s true, trust me. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve told about Sleep Cycle only to have them come back a few weeks later and tell me how much they love it.  


Yunmai is a free app, but like Fitbit, need a piece of tech in order to use it.  Yunmai is the brand of scale I use, and it’s wonderful.  My scale not only tells me my weight but since I got the one with the metal plates in it, there are a bunch of stats it will shoot out on the app if I weigh in with bare feet.  It gives me BMI, body fat percentage, muscle, water, protein, visceral fat, bone mass, BMR (basal metabolic rate), and body age.  Now, do I know just how accurate all of these numbers are? No, but it is fun to watch the numbers and stats change.  Each section also includes a little color-coded bar with green, yellow, and red areas along with a dot to tell you where you stand versus where you should be on each scale.  Since I’m a stats junkie, this is incredibly cool and 100% worth the price of the scale.  Did I mention the Yunmai scale is under $50??  There are lots of pricy scales out there, but this one is budget friendly for all of the features you get.  Of course, the scale would be nothing without the free app that you can use with it.  

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