5 Things I Do Every Single Morning

I have a morning routine, as most people do, and while it’s sometimes a bit more flexible on some days than others, there are a few things I do every single day, regardless of how much time I have, what’s going on, or what might get in the way of my normal routine. 

1. Make the bed

I can not stand knowing my bed isn’t made. There is something that feels refreshing about a made bed. I feel like no matter what other messes are in the bedroom, if the bed is made it feels a lot cleaner and more organized. In the same way, even on days where my bedroom is perfectly tidy, if I see the comforter all piled up in disarray (something that typically only happens when my husband is in the bed), it completely takes away from the tidiness of the room and all I see is the chaos. The bed gets made every single morning. This is important enough where I’ve even managed to get my husband to see this is important and he will make the bed too. Epic wife win!

2. Drink Coffee

I mean, I know this one is obvious, but this is something that happens every single day. It’s not even about drinking caffeine anymore. There is something calming and wonderful about having a hot cup of coffee to start the day. Even on days where it’s supposed to be 95 and sunny, I’ll start the day with hot coffee. It awakens my mind, body, and soul. After just a few sips I feel a lot more ready to start the day.

3. Sit in Silence

I love taking my coffee and sitting in my recliner by the balcony doors and just enjoying the silence. Sometimes I’ll pray, sometimes I just close my eyes and breathe in the coffee, and other times I poke at my phone for a few minutes, but it’s always in silence.  My phone remains on silent so I can scroll or poke at a game with no noise. If Gracie starts squeaking a toy first thing (when she squeaks, it’s with rapid-fire jaw speed, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before) it promptly gets swapped out for a toy with no squeaker, as I find that sound legitimately anxiety provoking first thing in the morning. Even if it’s only 5 minutes, enjoying some quiet helps me combat any anxious emotions and allows me to start the day calm and focused.

4. Eat Protein

It doesn’t matter if it’s an egg, Greek Yogurt, a protein bar, or even a protein doughnut, there will be protein entering my body in some form. Making sure I start my day with something other than straight carbohydrates helps me get and stay on track for the day. If I start with a healthy breakfast there is a higher likelihood of me staying on plan, however, if I start the day off track I find it’s significantly more difficult to get back on track for the day. Protein also keeps me fuller longer, which ultimately means less snacking in between meals.

5. Write Down Goals and Gratitude

I stole this practice straight from Rachel Hollis, who often talks about this as part of her daily routine. Every morning she and her husband write down 5 things they are grateful for and 10 goals they are working toward. The “special sauce” in this formula is the goals are written as if they’ve already happened, which will trigger the brain in a different way than writing them as if you want them to happen. A few examples: I am an exceptional wife. I fuel my body with clean, healthy foods. I have 25,000 Youtube subscribers. I am a marathon runner.  While Rachel is planning on releasing special journals in late October to help guide people in this practice, I decided I didn’t want to wait that long and started using one of my Erin Condren hardbound notebooks (the perfect size for this task) as my very own gratitude & goals journal, and it works great. Every day I write down these things and I honestly do feel the impact it makes on my motivation, inspiration, and focus on my goals throughout the day. 

Do you have any non-negotiable morning routines? What are they?

3 thoughts on “5 Things I Do Every Single Morning

  1. Ella Conner says:

    Kiss/hug my husband; Open the blinds, can’t stand to not have light coming in; Open a window, if even it’s just a small opening; and have a cup of coffee. I can go all day in silence and often do. I love silence and being with myself and thoughts.

  2. Beth Sher says:

    1. Pee. Brush teeth. Coffee.
    2. watch you tube WW videos while drinking first cup
    3. Agree on making bed!
    4. Pack up lunches for school (son) and work (me) – I meal prep in the beginning of the week which makes this a very easy task of just throwing things in a bag

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