31 Thoughts on Being 31

Happy Birthday to me!  Today I’m 31 years old, and quite frankly it feels no different from any other day or year.  As a blogger, I feel like there should be some post about my birthday, so I decided to do 31 thoughts on 31.  I actually meant to do a 30 on 30 last year but didn’t get around to it, so here we are.  31 thoughts, facts about me, and statements on life, the past year, and being 31 years old.

31 Thoughts On Being 31

  1. 31 seems like such an unimportant number, but at this stage in life, I am simply thankful to not be “pushing 40” just yet.
  2. We’ve been homeowners for almost a year, and it’s been glorious to be able to walk in the door every day and think “this place is mine!”
  3. Within the past year, we got Gracie, and she’s a joy and the perfect addition to our family. 
  4. Being an aunt to little Alice has also been one of my greatest joys of the last year.  Watching my little niece grow and learn makes my heart so happy.
  5. However, interaction with both Alice and Gracie on a regular basis has most definitely made Erik and I feel even more secure about our decision to not have children. No regrets here. 
  6. I truly do feel like 30 is the new 20.  You can do so much more in your 30s, as you typically have access to more adult things (a secure income, savings, home ownership, etc), but you also have youth on your side (if you’re taking care of yourself).  I firmly believe I am going to live more fully, make the most positive changes in my life, and have the biggest impact in the world in my 30s rather than in my 20’s.
  7. What kind of food you put in your body really does matter.  Healthier food will make you feel amazing.
  8. Losing weight most definitely gets harder as you age.  It is most certainly possible, but the sooner you get your act together and decide to do it, the better off you will be. 
  9. A morning without coffee is a morning I want to sleep straight through.
  10. While I’m a shopper at heart and always enjoy a good spree, my mentality has finally shifted to wanting less clutter, less excess, and less “stuff” and my desire is to replace volume with quality.  In all things. 
  11. I am very, very blessed to have grown up in the house I did with the support and love of the family I have.
  12. I am also very blessed to have married into the most wonderful, loving, and supportive family I could have ever asked for.  The stigma of the “inlaws” does not apply to me in the slightest.  
  13. I’ve learned that I carry both introverted and extroverted personality traits, and while I love and need alone time at home to recharge, I also get fired up and feeling good in the right social situation. 
  14. Vegetables actually taste good.
  15. Be yourself.  There will be people that leave, unsubscribe, and decide you’re not good enough, but who cares? There will also be plenty of people that love you for exactly who you are.
  16. Marriage is a lot of work, but the payoff you get from working at it is worth far more than anything else. 
  17. Sometimes humility is a tough thing for me, but I’m presented with lessons that keep my ego in check often, and while sometimes it hurts, it’s making me a better person, which is the ultimate goal. 
  18. Your relationship with God is the most important thing in life. If things are in check with Him, life just seems to be easier.  He’s not just there for you to pray to when times are hard.  Stop right now and say thank you for everything good in your life.
  19. I’d rather wake up early and have a leisurely morning than sleep in and have to rush to get ready.
  20. Giving generously feels amazing.  Do good for others.
  21. Eat when your body says your hungry and not based on what time it is. 
  22. No matter what is happening in our government and our world, make it your job to spread love and kindness each and every day. The world will never have too much.
  23. I’m at that age where the age I still call people “babies” and “kids” are in their early 20s and can hold mature adult conversations and be a lot of fun to hang out with.  This makes me feel old, but also reminds me that age is only a number.
  24. While tea is great and coffee is a daily requirement, too feel and function your best, water is 100% essential. #stopdropandchug right now!
  25. Diets DON’T WORK.  Healthy lifestyles do.
  26. Spend more money on making memories than on acquiring material items. 
  27. 30 is the year I got into essential oils.  They actually aren’t all hype and I’m obsessed.
  28. Blogging, Youtubing, and being a housewife (even without kids) is a lot more work than most people give me credit for.  Don’t assume that I’m not working my butt off just because I don’t go to work
  29. If you don’t stop and take some time for self-care and to do things you truly enjoy, life is going to get mundane and passionless really quickly.  Do one thing for you every day.
  30. You only get one body.  Do everything you can to keep it strong and healthy.  
  31. Approaching everything with a positive attitude makes a huge difference!


There we go. 31 life lessons, thoughts, and comments about life thus far.  I’m so looking forward to seeing what 31 brings, and as always, you guys will be coming along for the ride! 

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