2018 Goals and New Year’s Resolutions

Good morning and happy 2018!  It’s a new year (I say it every year, but how did that happen??), which means it’s time for reflection, refocusing, and refreshed goals, new goals, and an action plan to accomplish them.  Personally, I love learning about the goals that other people are working towards, and I’m hoping that since you’re here, you do too.

2017 wasn’t anything spectacular.  While we did get Gracie (a year ago on New Year’s day!), spend our first full year as homeowners, and did a bit of traveling, in terms of life-changing goal achievement, 2017 was more about learning about myself rather than achieving my goals.  This year will be different.  I’m stepping into 2018 with a fresh start, renewed motivation, and the knowledge that I will be reaching goals this year, using the things I learned about myself in 2017 to help me. 

First, I want to mention that I have some goals and resolutions for 2018 because while many will say that’s the same, I’m defining those words differently.  Goals are measurable, actionable things that I can check off when I’m done (goal weight, number of subscribers, completing something, etc), while resolutions are behavior changes that aren’t necessarily measurable, but something I want to work on anyway (practicing gratitude, spend less and appreciate more, etc)

That being said, here are my goals and resolutions for the new year:

Health Goals

Hit Goal Weight: This is my year! I can feel it.  My weight loss was slow last year, only ultimately losing about 10 lbs, but making that progress helped me learn what kind of things were working for me, tricks for keeping myself on track, and proved that I can, in fact, lose the weight this time around.  Between my 2017 learning experiences and the release of the new Weight Watchers Freestyle program, which I know is going to make a huge difference, I am positive that I will get to my goal this year. 

I currently don’t have an official number in mind, but as soon as I do you will be the first to know!

Fit into my goal jeans: I bought this pair of size 8 American Eagle jeans ages ago, and they were my official “if I fit into these, I’ve succeeded” jeans back when I hit goal in 2012. I wore the crap out of those jeans, and it was a major bummer when they no longer fit.  The real kicker is that most items that still fit me are still size 8, which goes to show you just how whacky and inconsistent the clothing system is. Nevertheless, I’d love to fit back into those jeans this year.

Diva and the Divine Goals

10,000 YouTube subscribers: This would be a huge milestone for me.  I was hoping to end the year at this milestone, but I still have 4k to go.  My YouTube community is such a great place to be.  I have a small but loyal following of like-minded people who actually have discussions down in the comment section on my videos.  I love getting to know my subscribers, and I hope to grow and expand my community in the coming year. You can help me out with this goal by heading to my channel and hitting that subscribe button.

10,000 Instagram followers: The Weight Watchers community is huge on Instagram, so if you’re not on that platform, you’re truly missing out.  As a personal brand, IG is the most important platform in growing Diva and the Divine, and at 10k followers, I unlock important features that would help me truly utilize Instagram a bit better.  If you want to help me out, head to my Instagram account and follow me on there.  I’m most active on IG, regularly posting what I’m up to on Instastories. 

1,000 daily hits on the blog: My poor blog has been so neglected thanks to my YouTube focus, and it shows in my numbers.  I want to make sure I’m putting the work in on here as well, and if I can get my average daily views up, I’ll know I’m making progress. 

Personal goals

Read 25 books: I set this goal last year and only got through 15.  It’s getting more important to me that I take some time to put the technology down and pick up a book instead.  Books can be full of knowledge, new ideas, and a temporary escape from the every day, and it’s important that I consume this content more regularly.  I already have big plans to reread the entire Harry Potter series (which is available on Kindle Unlimited!), and I got all 3 books I wanted for Christmas. 10 down, 15 to go.  What books should I add to my list?

Project 50 Pan: A project pan comes from the idea of hitting pan on makeup items, meaning you use them up.  Since one of my resolutions is to “buy less stuff” in general, I’ve decided I need to use up 50 beauty and skincare items before a single new thing comes into my home.  I have so much that it doesn’t make sense for me to keep acquiring just for the sake of getting new things.  Obviously, if I totally run out of something like shampoo, body wash, or foundation, I’ll get what I need to survive, but other than that, it’s a no buy for me.

Establish new routines: I can’t decide if this is a goal or resolution, but I need to get some solid routines going so I can start to make the most of my time.  I’m looking to create a good morning routine that has me up early, getting focused, and setting myself up for success before my day begins. I’m thinking it will likely be inspired by the Miracle Morning concept, which works great when you actually use it.  A good night time routine will be something that helps me wind down, tidy up, and create good evening habits that allow me to both relax and prepare for the next day.  A workday routine is also important because right now, while my dreams are big, my productivity is not, and it’s time for that to change.  All in all, I’ve got several routines to figure out, all of which will help me be more productive and allow me to get closer to the life I want and the woman I want to be.  

My New Year’s Resolutions

As I said, I have goals and resolutions to work on this year. Some of my resolutions play directly into my goals, but these are just general things I’m keeping in mind as things to work on throughout the year.

  • Practice gratitude: Gratitude for all of the amazing blessings in your life is so important, and while I do acknowledge all the gifts God has so kindly given me, I want to get better about practicing gratitude each and every day.  When you are grateful for all you do have, it’s easier to want less of what you don’t. Erin Condren just released this adorable gratitude journal which I plan on using daily to help me with this practice.
  • Buy less. I am a material girl living in a material world, and while I know I will always love to shop and acquire new and shiny things, there comes a point where you just need to take a chill pill.  While I have a husband who keeps me in check, I want to truly focus on using and appreciating what I do have, and while having a wishlist is great, it’s less about having to have what’s on there, and more about it would be nice, but it isn’t a necessity.  
  • KonMari my home.  While Marie Kondo (best selling author inspiring millions to tidy up their homes) might take getting rid of things to an extreme, the general principles behind her life-changing magic of tidying up are great concepts.  Erik and I both seem to be in a place of “out with the old, used up, and unnecessary,” so it’s a great time to go room by room and purge ourselves of the things we don’t need anymore and get more organized. 
  • Spend more time with God and in my Bible. 
  • Use my Leonie Dawson My Shining Life book as a guide, to do list, and inspiration for achieving all of my little goals this year.  

I think that about covers it.  I know that these goals take a lot of work and planning, but I think once I start to get in the groove, all of my goals will work in sync with each other to help me have my best, most productive and wonderful year yet!

What are your goals and resolutions for the new year? What steps are you going to take to reach them?

I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for all of us. Cheers to a new year of life, love, achievement, and happiness.  Happy 2018, my friends!

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  1. Sara Powell says:

    Sounds like a wonderful and thorough plan for 2018! I can relate to your goals and resolutions and your thoughts on them are very inspiring. Happy new year to you and your family! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š

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