2017 Goals

I know I’m a little behind, it being almost the end of January and all, but better late than never, right? As I’ve mentioned in vlogs over on my YouTube channel, 2016 was a year of me failing to reach my goals.  I just wasn’t motivated, and was easily distracted and discouraged so not much got done. This year, I have some goals (some old, some new) that I’m hoping to achieve. Along with the new goals comes a fresh new dose of motivation.  I’m hoping to buckle down and really make 2017 the best year yet.  

Health Goals

My number one goal is to get back down to my goal weight. The only thing is..I don’t know what my new goal weight is yet.  Last time I hit goal, I weighed 135lbs, but it turns out that was a little too thin for my body, and certain parts of me looked too bony. That being said, I clearly overcompensated with fixing that problem. This time around, I plan on starting the journey back down (because no change really happened in 2016), but I’ll lose at least 15 lbs and then I’ll play it by ear. 

I want to focus more on being healthy and fit rather than just losing weight, so who knows what my body will look like, but I do know I want to fit back into my goal jeans (aka my pair of clearance jeans from American Eagle I had as my goal jeans last time). I love those jeans.  We’ll just have to see what the final number ends up being, but I’m hoping to reach it in 2017. 

Blog Goals

10,000 YouTube Subscribers: This is something that’s a huge milestone for us smaller YouTubers.  I’m just over 200 shy of 3k as of writing this post, so reaching that milestone in a year would be amazing and open so many doors for Diva and the Divine as a brand. While to many this number would seem small, to me it would be huge.  If you want to help me reach this goal, head over to my YouTube channel and hit the magic subscribe button. 

Start a more regular and productive blogging routine: Let’s be honest, I’m really good at procrastinating, getting distracted, and not getting work done.  I need to set (and keep) a regular blogging schedule for writing, photographing, planning, filming, and all of the other things that go into making a blog and channel a success.  This is the year I grow! 

Personal/Housewife Goals

Train Gracie: If you haven’t already heard, we got a puppy on the first of the year.  Gracie is a precious little Yorkie pup who was born on November 2 (during the game where the Cubs won the World Series!!). Life has basically been chaos since. Why do you suppose it’s taken me this long to get my goals post out?  My primary goal is to get that little pup trained this year, both in terms of housebreaking as well as obedience training.  She’s a lot of work, but once she’s trained I know that hard work will pay off and I’ll have a smart little buddy for a long time.  

Make desired changes to the condo: Now that we own the place we can do what we want to it! While that’s exciting, it isn’t always easy or convenient.  Here are a few of the changes I/we are looking to make to our home this year:

  • Find a better storage solution for our small pantry space
  • Install a fan in the main living area
  • Get a bigger tv for the bedroom
  • Clean out/reorganize my closet (which will happen more towards the end of reaching my weight loss goal)
  • Get new office furniture/storage and get everything in there cleaned, purged, and reorganized. 
  • Get new carpet in the bedroom & office.  This one only happens if we can get Gracie potty trained really well this year. 

While that reads more like a to-do list, it’s still a list of changes and goals for the home, so I say it counts. 🙂

Use up 100 items in my beauty collection: I have so much stuff that it is time to buckle down and use it up. This applies to skincare, hair products (other than my regular shampoo and conditioner), and of course all of the makeup residing in my beauty drawers. 

Read 25 books: I pick 25 because it’s just over 2 books per month, which should be easy, however, I had this goal last year and didn’t come anywhere close.  This year I have a list of books I want to read, both digital and hard copies so I can read wherever I am, and I’m using an app called Bookling to help me track my reading progress.  I find when I have visual trackers I’m a lot more motivated. I’m also using the Scribd app, which gives me access to a ton of books and audio books. For $8.99 a month I get 3 books and 1 audiobook credit, which is awesome. If you want to try Scribd, use this link and you can get two months free (Not sponsored. Just trying to share the love of reading)

Get back into music: I bought this beautiful digital piano in 2016, and I feel like I hardly use it.  Music used to be so much of who I am, and with all of life’s busyness, it just seems to have fallen to the side for the last handful of years.  I’d love to just focus a bit more on spending some time at the piano not only singing, but getting better at piano playing as well. 

I think that about sums it up.  I also have a video where I chat a bit more about my goals for the year.  Tell me what some of your goals for 2017 are.  

Cheers to a happy 2017 filled with successes no matter what goals you’re trying to achieve!


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