2017 Erin Condren Life Planner & Accessories

The 2017 Erin Condren Life Planner Walkthrough and Review

The countdown is almost over and planner addicts everywhere are on the edge of their seats waiting for this moment.  The launch of the Erin Condren 2017 Life Planner is tomorrow!  I’m here to tell you a but about hat you can expect from the updates to the planner and some of the new accessories. 

As you probably know, one of the many joys of getting an ECLP is that you have options to choose from like what cover you want, how you want it personalized, and even what layout you want the insides to have.  This year, there are more ways to customize your ECLP than ever. 

Customization Options

Coil color:  You know how last year there was a special edition rose gold planner with a rose foiled cover and a beautiful rose gold coil?  Well, this year you aren’t going to need to order a limited edition planner to get that coil.  You will have different coil color options to choose from this year: rose gold, silver, gold, or a new black coil.  I really feel like the coil sets the tone for how the planner looks, so the fact we can now choose which coil we want is amazing.

Planner Layout: This isn’t new, but I wanted to include it anyway.  You will have 3 different layout options for the weekly spread in your planner.

  • Vertical: Days of the week are laid out vertically, with 3 boxes dividing up each day.
  • Horizontal: Days are stacked horizontally, giving you a large box and small box sitting side by side to work with.  
  • Hourly: Days are laid out vertically with timestamps running down the entire column.

Color Schemes: This is brand new and really exciting. You know how EC planners are covered in stunning colors? That is honestly one of the things that drew me to the brand several years ago.  While many love the colorful option, this year, if less color or simple design is your thing, they are offering a neutral color scheme that is equally as beautiful, but all the detail is in black and white.  Now there really is something for everyone.  Even in the neutral layout there are still tiny pops of color, but it’s mostly black and white. When customizing the planner your options are colorful or neutral.

Cover: As per usual, there are also many beautiful interchangeable covers to pick from and personalize.  Some covers are all new, and some are updated designs from the classic covers you know and love. I chose the rainbow mid-century circles as my cover because that pattern happens to be the theme throughout the new design of the planner. This year EC is also offering a beautiful luxe cover made of vegan leather, that you cant change or customize, but is so gorgeous it doesn’t matter.  I already pre-ordered a luxe cover horizontal layout to use as a daily journal.

Last thing: You can order just a 12 month 2017 planner, or for an extra few dollars you can also get the remaining months of 2016 in your planner too.  You could start using your planner as soon as July 1st!

Okay, so now that we know all of the options you have to keep in mind when you order your planner (coil color, page layout, color scheme, and cover), now lets take a look at what is inside. The planner I chose is the vertical, colorful layout.

Inside the 2017 Erin Condren Life Planner

EC Yearly calander

On the right you see the new layout for the yearly spread. I wanted to give you a side by side so you can see the slight differences in color and look.  One of the biggest differences in the color layout this year is the colors themselves.  They decided to switch it up and the monthly colors are different than in years past. While I really don’t mind this, that might be an issue for people with a hefty collection of planner stickers designed with the specific colors of the EC planners in mind. 

EC Monthly

The tabs are still beautifully colored (in the neutral layout tabs are black).  The monthly layout looks pretty much the same.  The change to note is the goals column on the right.  Not only are the decorative dots not there, but the font changed.  The column itself is the same size, but due to the font change, there are actually a few fewer lines to work with. 


Taking a look at the weekly layout you will notice one huge difference in design, and that’s in the water color embellishment at the top of the page.  While I am totally loving the water color detail being seen throughout the new design, I can understand how this, combined with the fact the colors are changing, can be bothersome to people with stickers that are themed with the colors from previous life planners.  There is no way to hide the new color in your sticker layout. For a complete look at all of the new colors in the 2017 ECLP, check out my walkthrough video. The dots in the “thoughtful thought” box in the upper lefthand corner have also been removed.


I will say this for the watercolor headings: look at how pretty it is when the months change.  Rather than a flat out switch to the new color, the watercolor detail offers a beautiful blended transition into the new month’s color.  A small detail, but definitely one I appreciate.


EC17 Keep It Together

The rest of the 2017 Life Planner has things like note pages (lined, grid, and blank) themed with the new look. There’s also a look ahead at 2018 (woah..) and a few lines under each month for you to make note of things in the upcoming year.

 The keep it together folder has been redesigned to be sturdier and better than ever.  In the neutral layout, the folder is also neutral.  


The stickers bound into the back of the planner got a facelift too.  They come in slightly different colors and 2 pages have the new flag-like design shown above.  There are 4 pages of stickers: two blank and two pre-printed
Plan for it pouch

The pouch located in the back of the ECLP also got some upgrades, and I’ll honestly admit I am so pumped about them.  First, the look of the pouch changed to match the mid-century circles theme throughout the planner.  Usually the pouch is bound right into the planner, but this year it isn’t! Instead, it’s a free standing pouch that has a large coil clip inside.  You have the option of using that clip on the pouch and then sticking it in the planner wherever you want!  or…not!  If you don’t want the pouch in your planner, it doesn’t have to be.  The contents of the pouch changed a bit too.  There is a mini sticker book with new and improved stickers, a few compliment cards, the coil clip, and two 20% off codes: one for you, and one to share with a friend.   Another change to the pouch that might be trivial to some, but I seriously appreciate is there is now a zip closure to the pouch.  I don’t know about you, but my poor CMT ridden fingers have one heck of a time with the ziplock style old pouch, so this zipper was a seriously big deal to me.  Way to go EC. 

There is also a separate perpetual calendar (with an updated look) that comes in the pocket, but it didn’t end up in my box, so I can’t show it to you. 


Now that we’ve worked our way through the planner, lets talk briefly about some of the new planner accessories that will be launched with the 2017 Erin Condren Life Planner.   

EC Bookmarks

The new snap in bookmarks are beautiful little pieces of pure genius. Made with the same technique and materials as the interchangeable covers, they are the perfect way to mark off separate sections in your planner.  They come in 3 different styles (in sets of 3): classic, watercolor, and metallic. If you don’t want to buy these don’t worry, the clip in ruler still comes with your planner.

There are also magnetic clips that can hold a few pages together for you. 


There is a brand new set of clip-in sticky notes have been redesigned to match the new watercolor theme of the 2017 planner.  This dashboard can get clipped right into the coil so you always have sticky notes on hand.

EC Markers

There is also a new clip in dashboard (that matches the mid-century circle theme). This year EC also has a set of 4 beautiful gem toned dry erase markers!  These are perfect for use with the dashboard (shown above) and with the new updates to the interchangeable covers.  The inside of both the front and back covers have a design that makes them perfect dry erase boards.  This is great for quotes, to do lists, reminders, or whatever else you want to write down. 

Let’s talk one more thing: Price.

The ECLP starts at $50 for the most basic version, but with each piece of personalization you add a bit more to the cost.  The silver coil comes at no extra cost, but to upgrade your coil to gold, rose gold, or black, it’s $10.  Then, when you pick your cover, if you choose one with metallic foil detailing it’s an additional $10. To get your cover personalized (which is one of my favorite things about them) is $5. So, for a Life Planner with a rose gold coil and rose gold metallic cover with my name on it, I’m looking at $75.

Choosing your layout and color scheme adds no extra $$, but if you want to add the remaining months of 2016 it’s an additional $5, which is nothing, since you’d be getting July-December.

There’s your first glance at the 2017 Erin Condren Life Planner.  For those of you that want to order from EC for the first time, I have a treat for you.  Use this link to sign up for your account and you will get an email with a $10 discount for your first purchase. There’s no better way to spend that than on a brand new, beautiful Life Planner.  Remember: the launch day is Wednesday June 1!

The layout for ordering is perfect.  You can see exactly what it is you’re choosing from, compare neutral vs color layouts and really make sure you’re getting what you want.  

If you’re looking for a more thorough look at this beautiful planner, make sure you check out my YouTube video (found here or just look below) to watch me flip through everything.

I want to know: are you planning on ordering a 2017 Erin Condren Life Planner tomorrow? What do you think your customization options are going to be?




*I was sent the 2017 Erin Condren Life Planner for review purposes. I am not being sponsored and all opinions are my own.  When you use my link to get the $10 discount, I do get $10 store credit after you order.  Thank you for supporting me and my love of the Erin Condren brand.*


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