Why Are Some Christians Fired Up About the Starbucks Red Cup?



The short answer: I have NO idea!

Let me start this post by saying, for those of you that don’t know, I am a Christian. Lutheran, to be more specific.  I was baptized into the church my mom grew up in, and it has been a huge part of my life since the day I was born.  I love God, I believe in Jesus, and I know I am saved by grace.

That being said, I can’t help but rant a little bit about one of the things I’ve been seeing online lately.  For those that don’t know, apparently there are Christians that are livid about the design for the 2015 Starbucks red cup. The red cup is what all hot beverages at Starbucks get served in for the months of November and December to add a little color to the holiday season’s coffee.

I have always loved the red cup.  My first red cup each season is a moment I savor as I sip my skinny peppermint mocha, which is a beverage I only allow myself during red cup season. The red cup is usually a deep shade of red and printed with adorable white holiday designs; snowflakes, sleighs, ornaments, etc.  This year, however, it is this really plain ombre red cup that starts as a deeper red at the bottom (the color I prefer) and fades into an obnoxiously bright red at the top.  Now, I was very disappointed in this cup, as were many others. I didn’t feel like it was nearly as festive as in years past…but that did not send my Christian heart into a wild haze of espresso flavored fury.

Apparently this blank cup made Christians accuse Starbucks of taking away the meaning of Christmas. Removing all of the symbols (I repeat, of snow, sleighs, wintery animals, ornaments, etc) I guess also removed the hope of Jesus’ birth. The pastor that started all of this Starbucks angst even said ” Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus.”


You, my dear pastor friend, are the reasons that being a Christian is starting to get a bad reputation rather than a good one.  All of this extremist, “lets get angry and offended about anything, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with us directly” attitude is not what Jesus wants.  It’s not what he would do! How do you expect to be able to spread the Gospel and share God’s love when you are too busy ranting about a cup from a SECULAR company??  There has never been a nativity scene, a cross, or a baby Jesus on the Starbucks cup, so really, this has nothing to do with Christianity or Starbucks hating Jesus. For the love of God (literally), stop making us look bad!

If your Christmas spirit and celebration of the birth of Jesus is solely dependent on secular winter images appearing on your Starbucks cup, maybe you don’t know the true meaning of Christmas..

Starbucks’ claim as to why they designed the cup this way is because people have started doodling on their cups and turning them into works of art. This design allows people to tell their own holiday stories, rather than have the stories Starbucks chooses to tell on the cup.  That’s all fine and dandy; Boring, and less fun and festive, but fine.

My First 2015 Red Cup

My first Red Cup of 2015 being enjoyed while shopping at Target

If you, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, want to spend your holiday ranting and raving about a coffee cup, trying to turn people against this coffee chain and making Christians look bad (or crazy..), that’s you choice.  Me? I will be focused on spreading the joy and love of the holiday season, just like Jesus would want…all the while enjoying my skinny peppermint mocha or a gingerbread latte out of a brightly colored Starbucks Red Cup and thanking the good Lord for creating the coffee bean.

13 thoughts on “Why Are Some Christians Fired Up About the Starbucks Red Cup?

  1. tessgalen says:

    I think it’s absolutely hilarious people are mad about this. I didn’t even notice the cup didn’t have a design on it when I first got a coffee! If people need Starbucks to give them their Christmas cheer, they must be crazy.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      Agreed. I get holiday tradition fulfillment out of my red cup, but at the end of the day, I come to Starbucks for coffee, not to feel closer to Jesus.

  2. Tia says:

    ” All of this extremist, “lets get angry and offended about anything, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with us directly” attitude is not what Jesus wants.” AMEN!

  3. Ursula Ball says:

    THANK YOU for this post!! Even my fellow pastor is “confused” about this “personal, not Christ-centered” rant by fellow Christians which continues the bad views of Christians that non-Christians have of us! I don’t doodle but I folks that do! I find this no less Christmas nor “Attack on Christmas”!!

    What is really an attack on Christmas if you are Christian? Baring old grudges instead of forgiveness, being either generous or thifty of your finances versus getting into credit card/overspending esp to buy people’s love or attention, not checking on people that the world deems “unlovable” but Christ went to these same people and offered compassion instead, and so much more!! This is what true Christ-Centered Christian should be caring about the Fruits of the Spirit instead of the superficial or personal beliefs this Christmas season!



  4. yummomummo says:

    There has been so much talk of this this week! Thanks for giving your perspective as a christian, it was great to hear. One more thing, with everything going on in America with gun control, I didn’t like in the video how he pulled out his gun and laughed about carrying it in starbucks. http://www.yummomummo.com

    • divaandthedivine says:

      I agree. I think the way he did things was wrong and the way people are reacting is ridiculous. We aren’t all crazy, I swear. Lol. Thanks for reading.

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