2015 Goals

2015 goals

2014 was a weird year for me.  This past year I experienced one of the happiest life milestones one can: getting married.  Along with that comes a whole new level of stressors and challenges; learning how to live as a family unit, balancing “us time” with the now harder to find “me time” or “not us time,” figuring out fair expectations of one another, surviving challenges like late hours at grad school and 10 week out of town internships… Marriage is not as easy as they make it look in the movies.

In addition to that (or perhaps because of that) I seem to have lost a bit of myself this past year.  I don’t seem to live with as much spark as I used to.  Work and chores had me feeling jaded and life has weighed me down.  I know this, and now it’s time to change it.

I always feel like the new year brings a fresh start to anyone who wants to take it.  This year my 2015 goals are focused on mending the parts of me that I feel are a bit broken, as well as helping me grow as a person. Watch out 2015: I’m hoping to take you by storm!


  • Hydration!
    • 80 oz (4 water bottles) of water daily.
    • I’ve been slacking majorly in this arena, which is odd because I used to be such a guzzler.  I just lose track of time and before I know it, the day is half gone and I’ve only had a fraction of what I should.  Everything works better when properly hydrated.
  • Fitness 5x per week
    • While it’s going to be a tough start to 2015 with no access to the gym, a tiny apartment, and cold weather in Japan, I have to find a way to make some sort of workout happen.  Once I’m back from Japan, trips to the gym and other fitness activities are a must.
  • Start practicing Yoga
    • I’ve noticed my muscles getting tighter and with CMT, that’s a bad, bad thing.  I’ve been wanting to try yoga for quite some time now, and 2015 is as good a time to start as any. It will be a major learning process, as many of the moves I’ll have to modify, but I’m determined to start doing yoga, both for my body and mind.  Any suggestions on where/how to start would be appreciated.
  • Focus on Strength
    • It’s time to take my focus from weight loss to something more: my strength.  I want to work on toning up and strengthening my whole body.  There are muscles that need to be reigned back in (*cough* abs *cough*), and some that need to be made stronger to help me with the CMT and every day life (triceps, ankles, core, etc).  My goal is to focus on getting stronger.  The extra few pounds I’ve put on should come right off if I’m being successful in this endeavor.
  • Make Healthy Choices
    • In some circumstances it’s hard to make the best choice for one reason or another.  In Japan I’m noticing that I might be stuck with a much higher carb diet (hello rice and noodles with everything) than my body would like.  Sometimes I just can’t control it.  Other times, I can.  Living by the 80/20 rule and making an attempt to make the right choices will be what I need to get back on track.  Emphasis on less sugar and eating fresh when possible.


  • Minimize
    • This is the year of less.  It actually will be quite easy to accomplish because we threw out and donated quite a bit when we packed up for our move, we’re living out of what 3 suitcases can hold for the first 3 months, and we won’t have a home until over half way through the year.  We will be learning to live with a lot less, and it won’t be easy to acquire too much more since we don’t have a permanent home for it. When we unpack our Pod I’m sure we will realize there is even more that we can do without.
  • Housewifing 101
    • Now that I no longer have an official paying job (outside of working on my blog) it is time to become a full time housewife.  That could be considered a more difficult job than getting one in the field.  This goal means different things at different points during the year (again, as I technically won’t have a house to “wife” in for a long time), but in general its coming up with home schedules (cleaning, social, etc), keeping things tidy, and learning how to run a home.  Japan is kind of a test run, but when we move and the Mister officially starts his job, I get to start mine, and I’m starting it off with a plan in mind!
  • Focusing on my with Hubby
    • It is important that the Mister and I get in plenty of quality time and growth as a couple, especially since when he starts work, I’m without him Monday-Thursday every week.  It’s going to be a major balancing act, but we might a well get a head start continuing with the effort to have one on one time to talk, grow as a couple, and enjoy each other.  My marriage is a #1 priority


  • Dive in to Diva and the Divine
    • Now that my full time jobs are housewife and blogger it’s time for me to dive head first into Diva and the Divine and take it to the next level.  Time to grow, network, and see what my little piece of the internet can become.  What would you like to see on here?
  • Finish Blog School
    • I signed up for blog school last year, and while I put in a bit of effort, I never really had the time to fully go for it and put in the work it required.  Thankfully the modules are always available once you sign up, so I can take it at my own pace.  This year I’m working through the whole thing.
  • Expand Knowledge
    • In order to grow my blog well I feel I need to learn more in the arena of photo/video editing, programming, and more of the tech side of being a blogger.  I’m not sure where to start here, but I do want to learn so much more so I can create better content for my readers and viewers.


  • De-stress
    • My stress levels have been through the roof for quite some time now, and it has seriously taken it’s toll.  Many of my other goals are geared toward helping me with this, but I need to make a constant, conscious effort to work on keeping my stress levels down and letting the joy flow back in.
  • Rekindle the passion.
    • For music.  I’m dying to get that love of music back that I had in high school and college.  Since music became solely my work and I had no personal outlet for it, it’s kind of lost it’s meaning.  Time to get that fire re-lit.
    • For life.  This past year felt a lot like going through the motions and doing what’s supposed to be done rather than actually feeling passionate and genuinely happy with life.  It’s like I’ve been in a never ending rut.  What do you guys do to help when you feel like this?
  • Read more
    • My goal is 25 books this year.  Fiction, self help, any genre. It’s good for the mind and, in many cases, good for the soul too. It’s only mid-January and I’m already 2 books in!
  • Stay Connected
    • With friends and family.  There’s something so nice about a note from a friend far away, or regularly scheduled social events.  Its easy for me to stay disconnected from a lot of the world, but that’s no way to treat the relationships that mean the most to me.  I’m going to try to be better at spending time communicating (or once I’m back in Chicago, hanging out with) my friends.
  • Sometimes, it’s all about ME (time).
    • You know that safety talk on airplanes about how you need to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help others?  Sometimes, I am really bad at that.  I’ll prioritize tasks that will keep the mister happy, or work, or the blog, or fitness (which lately stresses me out and feels more like work than “me time”), and run out of bandwidth until I’m on the verge of a breakdown..welcome to my 2014.. This year I’m going to be a little bit nicer to myself and prioritize “me time.”  I enjoy reading, listening to music, I used to enjoy working out (are we seeing a connection with my other goals yet?), crafting, learning, and so much more.  Time to make a little more time for me so I have less times where I feel run into the ground.


There are my goals for the year, out there for the world to see.  2015 is definitely a year that is going to be focused on growth and personal development.  There are so many changes happening this year.  Starting of 2015 by hauling ourselves to a foreign country for 2.5 months is definitely not how a year focused on reducing stress should start for this girl, but challenges and setbacks are always going to be a part of life.  Here’s to hoping 2015 is full of calm, joy, passion, and a restored sense of self.

What are some of your goals/resolutions for the new year?  Do you have any words of advice to help me with mine?  Let me know in the comments below.

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