2014 Favorites

2014 beauty faves



Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder Foundation– Tarte Cosmetics has been one of my all time favorite brands for several years now.  I find their lip products to be divine and their face makeup to work amazingly with my overly troublesome skin.  This powder foundation offers outstanding, buildable coverage while having a natural, flawless finish.  Some of the “skinvigorating” ingredients include Amazonian clay, tourmaline, pearl powder, and camellia left extract. It’s formulated without paragons, mineral oil, and all that jazz, AND it doesn’t break me out.  I made sure I had an extra to take with me to Japan.  I loved the liquid Amazonian clay foundation, and the powder has me just as much in love.  

Bare Minerals Well Rested Powder- This under eye brightener and corrector has been repurchased by me at least 3 times.  I’m pretty sure there is no makeup product out there than I have gone back to that many times over.  This powder has a yellow base to instantly brighten up the look of my pesky dark circles.  I use it on it’s own when I need a lift, or over heavier under eye concealer to set it in place and give me a little extra boost.  I can’t say enough about this lovely little eye saver.  

NARS Orgasm BlushI’m sure you’ve heard of this cult favorite, but it gets a mention anyway.  There is just something about this perfectly peach toned blush that flatters the heck out of my skin and give me a sexy flush with just the tiniest bit of shimmer.  The price tag pains me ($30), but it really is one of the best and will be repurchased so it’s always in my collection.  It’s seriously stunning.  

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette– There are two brands that I adore for eye shadows, and Urban Decay is one of them.  The Naked 2 Palette is an amazing blend of natural looking shades that offer a ton of looks ranging from basic every day looks to glam night out.  A few of my favorite shadows in the bunch are Verve (I’m almost out and have to ration it), Tease (a great, matte, everyday crease color), and Suspect (my Verve replacement).  It’s a strong collection to have and it can be worn daily.  Definitely worth the money.  

Too Faced Country Palette– Too Faced is my other go-to eyeshadow brand.  This is the brand that started my addiction to makeup (Thanks, Too Faced!) and I’ve been a brand loyal ever since.  The Country Palette is a great collection of what I’m calling “natural glam” shades.  They’re great for many every day looks, but with the amount of shimmer and several not so natural shades, it adds a definite glam effect to my looks.  I love shadows with a bit of shimmer because I feel they brighten up my otherwise dark and sallow looking eye area.  I love the shades, the durability and softness of the shadows, the packaging, and the brand.

Tarte Lip Surgence Gloss in Blusing Bride– Tarte is the only brand to make my list twice this year. I’ve loved the Lip Surgence line for quite some time, so when I saw the glosses I knew I had to give them a try.  I picked out Blushing Bride, a mauve pink that happened to be my perfect natural shade, and instantly fell in love.  The applicator has an indent in it that allows it to shape to my lips for perfect application.  It has an amazing vanilla smell to it, glides on smooth and feels as great as it looks.  The hydration of the gloss is long lasting, making it a pretty alternative to a constant chap stick application. I’m obsessed.  

Anastasia Brow Wiz Eyebrow Pencil– 2014 was the year of the eyebrows for me.  I don’t have awesome brows or anything, but this year I actually decided to give the time of day and put an effort into them.  This pencil made that very easy.  The dual ended pencil has the easy to apply color on one end and a brush to shape and blend on the other.  If I over do it on the pencil it is very easy to make sure gets blended in.  Brow Wiz makes it easy to have bold brows or natural everyday brows.  There’s no sharpening required.  Ask someone at the store to color match you so the shade is perfect.

 Biore Charcoal Cleanser– Because I have the skin of an unlucky teenager, I still am messing around with finding the right combo of products to unclog my pores and rid me of breakouts.  Biore’s Charcoal Facial Cleanser is one that I keep coming back to.  Charcoal is the not-so-secret ingredient that helps draw gunk out of pores better than ever, leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean.  After straying to a few others, I keep coming back to this drugstore cleanser that’s around $7 a bottle.  I love when drugstore brands are my favorite.  Bonus: it’s oil free! There are new products that have been added to the Charcoal line that I can’t wait to try when I get back to the USA in March.  

First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream– This is a 3 time repurchase in my collection this year.  First Aid Beauty’s  great, oil-free, moisturizer that won’t clog pores has become a staple in my collection.  Even troublesome skin needs moisture, so finding a formula that wouldn’t break me out was essential to my collection.  I have had no problem with this light weight moisturizer making my skin freak out anymore than it normally does.  There’s no over-drying so my skin is soft, hydrated, and working toward clarity.

Clear Shampoo and ConditionerThis drugstore brand is one of my all time favorites.  Whenever I use this shampoo and conditioner my hair looks and feels amazing. They focus on the importance of caring specifically for the scalp in addition to the actual hair. I bounce between the Total Care shampoo and the anti-dandruff shampoo and usually stick to the Total Care conditioner.  I have also given the dry scalp line a try and loved that as well.  If you’re looking to kick up your hair routine without breaking the bank, Clear hair care is the way to do it.  

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub I love to rub a hydrating and exfoliating scrub on my body before I shave to help make the shave itself closer, smoother, and less irritating to the skin.  The Tree Hut scrub is an amazing blend of sugar and oils (shea butter, avocado oil, and safflower seed oil) that feels completely luxe for only about $8.  Fabulous! I find them at Ulta, and if you pay attention to the sales papers, you can find them for buy one, get one 50% off.  One container lasts a long time.  This has become a stock up item in my beauty pantry.  



Erin Condren Life Planner By now you all know that I was completely obsessed with my Erin Condren Life Planner for my 2014 planning needs.  My gold edition planner was my baby, and I treated her as such.  She came with me many places, holding all of my plans and to do lists while being colorfully decorated.  I joined Facebook groups and fell more in love with the brand throughout the year.  My full review of my 2014 Life Planner goes into more detail, but basically, she was well loved and well used.  There are entire sticker and planner shops that function solely on their compatibility with the Erin Condren planners.  If you use my link to sign up for an account, you’ll get $10 off of your first purchase.  You won’t regret it.  

Oyster Books– This subscription has turned into one of my favorites.  I have the 2015 goal of reading more and Oyster gives me access to thousands of books for only $9.95 a month.  I loved it in 2014, and plan to make even better use of it in 2015.  If expanding your mind and becoming a better reader is on your to do list, I highly recommend checking out Oyster.  If you use this link to sign up, you’ll even get $15 in credit!  That’s a month and a half of reading 🙂

Quest Chips– You all have seen my posts and videos about how obsessed with these chips I’ve become. For only 3 Points Plus I can satisfy my potato chip craving in a healthy and satisfying way while giving my body 21g of protein.  This is a major win-win.  Clean eating has never felt so satisfying 🙂

Victoria’s Secret Yoga Pants Yoga pants are my favorite way to lounge around the house.  I used to have 2 pairs from VS Pink that have been loved so much they both got holes worn in them.  When I decided it was time to replace them I went looking in the regular Victoria’s Secret brand rather than Pink due to my lack of desire to have a waistband covered in rhinestones or shimmery text saying PINK on my behind.  The regular ones are just as good as the Pink ones, and I got them on sale which makes it even better.  They’re thick, so they hold things in and make my lower half look nice, and they’re comfy and easy to move in.  I challenge you to find me reasonably priced (though some would argue that VS isn’t) yoga pants that I like better.  


There you have it friends.  My 2014 favorites!  I can’t believe we have already been in 2015 for nearly 2 weeks.  I look forward to an amazing 2015 filled with growth, goal achievements, happiness, and new favorites to fall in love with.

What were some of your must haves for 2014?  Let me know in the comments below.
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