14 Ways To Be Your Own Valentine

This year my husband and I decided we are moving our Valentine’s day celebration to the summertime. Both of our birthdays, Christmas, and our wedding anniversary all fall within 7 weeks of one another. That’s a lot of celebrating and gift giving for one period of time. Who says we can’t move the romantic celebration to a different day. Did you know that in Japan (and other Asain countries. Thanks Google!) Valentine’s Day is a day for the women to spoil their men romantically, while the women get their own day called White Day exactly a month later on March 14. That’s when the men return the favor. If the Japanese can shake it up, so can we.

Just because my husband and I aren’t doing anything special as a couple doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on my own. I actually think that we are so wrapped up in making sure we have a Valentine to love on that we forget that it is possible to be our own Valentine and show ourselves the love whether we actually have a date or not. My husband will likely be out late at the office working as he is every other day. I did suggest I do a little something like buying us a little cake as a special treat, which he agreed to with the understanding that the odds of us actually being able to enjoy it together being slim. “Fine by me,” I told him, “I’ll just treat myself and be my own Valentine.” To which he kissed my forehead and responded: “go for it!”

Happy Day! Now, what to do? As I sat and brainstormed all of the different options one has for treating yourself on Valentine’s Day, I decided to come up with 14 ways (get it? Valentine’s Day is 2/14?? 😂) to show yourself the love on Valentine’s Day. No date necessary.

1. Get a Galentine

Okay, so this one does in fact involve another person, but not a romantic date. Hang out with one of your best girlfriends, or maybe even a group of them. Go out to dinner, have wine, and catch up. Recently I have been realizing just how important and fulfilling it is to have solid female relationships that you regularly engage in. Why not turn Valentine’s Day into a day for the ladies?

2. Buy Yourself A Sweet Treat

Yeah, it’s the day where you’re supposed to get showered in chocolates, but who says someone else has to do the showering. I’m a big fan of going out to get myself a special treat to celebrate a special day (or a Tuesday). My treats are usually in the form of some kind of cake, because in my mind there is no better sweet treat than delicious cake covered in amazing frosting. I am a huge fan of Nothing Bundt Cakes, as you can buy single serving mini bundtlets and they are to die for delicious (and somewhere between 10-13 Points Plus, so it won’t ruin my day. Just today I treated myself to a mini cupcake set from Baked by Melissa. They were pricy, especially since I had to get them shipped, but I’m very intrigued by this brand. They make gourmet mini cupcakes that clock in at 1 or 2 Points Plus each, so I’ll be able to enjoy a few for only a couple of Points. I’d rather have 3 or 4 epically yummy bites of cake than something trying to be a dessert substitute any day. What are your favorite sweet treats to spoil yourself with?

3. Mani/Pedi

This is something I’ll likely be doing on Valentine’s Day. A pedicure feels a little luxurious and you walk out with something that will last you several weeks. Don’t feel like making an appointment or shelling out the cash? You could also give yourself a manicure or pedicure at home. Below are a few of my favorite shade options.

Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie / Sugar Daddy / All Your Dreams in Vending Machines / #EssieLove / Princesses Rule!

4. Spa Day At Home

This is a great way to give yourself the loving experience of luxury while still being able to chill at home and not break the bank. I love a good at home facial, and while I do masks often (several times a week if I’m behaving and not slacking), every once and awhile I go all out: deep exfoliation, extractions, multiple masks for different purposes. The WORKS. I really enjoy treating myself to this because it’s at home, so I can wear whatever I want, chill and watch TV, and there are no time limits and it’s also not that expensive, because while I do own some pretty high end masks, it’s still cheaper than going to the spa. Exfoliate your body head to toe, use a luxurious moisturizer, exfoliate your face, and use a mask for deep cleaning followed by one for moisture. Light a candle, turn on Netflix and make an evening out of it. Your skin will thank you.

5. New Pajamas

Slipping into brand new, soft and cozy PJs is such a wonderful experience, at least in my opinion. Now, if I were buying new Valentine’s Day sleepwear with romance in mind, the purchase would look very different from one where I’m buying for my own comfort. Think soft long pants and a cozy sweatshirt or long sleeve top. Eventually, we all need some new PJs, so use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to splurge on some nice ones.

6. Order Your Favorite Takeout

Whether your favorite takeout meal to indulge in is a pizza or juicy burger or a super healthy meal from some upscale place you don’t frequent simply because of the price, treat yourself to a meal that will make you feel special and satisfied.

7. Buy Yourself Jewelry

Who says new bling has to come from someone else? Treat yourself to some extra sparkle that you’ve been eyeballing. Whether you want to go for a cool statement piece or stick with some basics, you can wear your new jewelry knowing that this was something special that you bought yourself. Personally, I’d look into a basic piece like white gold hoops or stud earrings, but the goal is to get something you’ll wear and love.

8. Buy Fresh Flowers

So simple, but so glorious. Buying yourself fresh flowers is a great way to liven up a room. You can spend as little as $10 on some beautiful bouquets at Trader Joe’s, or you can spoil yourself rotten with plenty of other floral options. Having fresh flowers in a room is something that brings me a lot of joy, and it’s something that can be enjoyed for a week or two.

9. Take a Fitness Class

This is a great time to try out that fitness class you’ve been wanting to try but unwilling to commit to. Whether you’re into barre, Orange Theory, or want to find something on Class Pass, taking advantage of a “free trial class” or just putting up the cash for a one time class, do something special for your fitness routine. This is a gift that will not only make you feel loved, but will keep you on track and maybe even help you find your new fitness obsession.

10. Hit Up A Makeup Counter For A Makeover

Whether you have a hot date or you just want to try a new look for yourself, you can go to a makeup counter and have your makeup done by a pro. Some counters are free, others require a minimum purchase, but if you’re anything like me, if you like what you see when the makeover is done, you’ll likely be tempted to take a piece of it home anyway. This means you can go have someone else make you up and you can get yourself a beauty or skincare treat as your Valentine to yourself.

11. Go To Bed Early

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give your body is the gift of rest. Why not take the evening and enjoy a nice, relaxing evening routine and end the night by going to bed early? It costs you absolutely nothing but promises a big payout when you wake up the next day feeling rested and ready to go.

12. Hire a 1 Time House Cleaner

An amazing to give yourself is the gift of not having to do housework. Even if you can’t afford to have a house cleaner on the regular, you could splurge and hire somebody to do a single time cleaning to get all of the deep cleaning done for you. This might be a little bit more expensive, but since you’re trying to love on yourself a little extra today, hiring someone else means they do all the work while you get to put your feet up, read a book, or do some other pressing job that needed to also get done. Oh and my house is clean I feel much more relaxed, calm, energized, and plain old happier! What a great thing to give yourself.

13. A Food Subscription Service

Been seeing all of those Home Chef and Hello Fresh commercials around and wondering what it would be like to try them? Well, this would be a great time to splurge and give one a try. As a gift to yourself, buy 1 week of your desired meal kit delivery service. It will save you some grocery shopping, food prepping, let you try new recipes, and ultimately help you decide whether or not these kits are something you actually want in your life or not.


The last suggestion I have for something to give yourself this Valentine’s Day cost you no money and could be one of the greatest things you do for yourself. Clear your schedule, and give yourself permission to do nothing. Let go of any obligations you have to other people or any “to do” list, and instead bask in the gloriousness of not having to do a darn thing. Now, I’m not saying sit there and literally don’t move from the couch, but use the freedom of zero obligations to do whatever the heck you want. If that’s watch Netflix for five hours, so be it. If it means that you go to the grocery store and buy yourself some fancy food to cook for dinner, take yourself shopping or go to a movie, that’s great too! The point is do whatever it is you want, allow your brain and body to relax and recharge, and I know that sometimes doing nothing is a great, great gift.

Those are my 14 ideas for how to be your own valentine this Valentine’s Day. Do you have anything that you would add to the list? Let me know in the comments below. I want to give all of your readers a quick shout out for being so wonderful and supportive to me and my Brand. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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