My Top 10 Weight Watchers Friendly Items @ Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s ranks pretty high up there on most people’s list of favorite grocery stores, and I’m no different. I often say that Trader Joe’s is my happy place. There are so many food offerings at decent prices for the outstanding quality you get. Often times they also have unique food options, which makes going to Trader Joe’s more fun than just heading to the Walmart down the road.

While Trader Joe’s had amazing food selections across the board, what I am most pleased with is how many items I find on Trader Joe’s shelves that are Weight Watchers friendly. I have an entire list of favorite things that I am sure to purchase pretty much every time I’m in that store. Since the rollout of WW Freestyle, a handful of my favorite items have decreased in Smart Points value, making it even more amazing than before.

Here are my top 10 Weight Watchers friendly items from Trader Joe’s.

Everything but the Bagel Seasoning:
If you shop at Trader Joe’s odds are you have tried this miracle spice given to us by the TJ’s gods. This magic creation adds everything bagel flavor to anything you put it on. Since I’m someone who has never eaten (more wanted to) an everything bagel in her life, I was skeptical as to if I’d like it, but since it was all the rage, I figured I’d give it a try. I am HOOKED. This blend of sesame and poppy seeds, garlic, onion, and sea salt adds an incredible flavor to pretty much anything. I use it in my eggs, my mac n cheese, on top of roasted squash, and anything that needs some extra flare. It takes things to a whole new level and I’m utterly obsessed. For 0 smart points and at only $1.99, I restock several bottles at a time because this is something my pantry will never be without.

Frozen Seafood Blend: While on the pricer end of things I buy at TJ’s, there’s something to be said for this little bag of seafood based protein. The frozen seafood blend is a mixture of bay scallops, shrimp, and calamari all in one little package. I love cooking this up and adding it to my mac n cheese or simply sprinkle some seasoning on it for a high protein treat. On WW Freestyle it’s 0sp, which is awesome considering I’d have to count it before.

Frozen Crab meat: This one is also pricey because it’s more frozen seafood, but if you want delicious protein in a convenient little package, this is it. There are 2 packets in one $8.99 box, so it’s definitely a splurge, but technically each packet is 2 servings. Again, on Freestyle, this crab is 0sp and makes great spicy crab or another addition to my mac n cheese.

Reduced Guilt Mac N Cheese: I’m sure you saw this coming. While it isn’t the best thing for you, the reduced guilt mac n cheese is one of my favorite things in the store and I pick up a few every time I go. At $1.99 the price beats any other frozen meal out there, and I never just eat it plain. I add in extra protein sources and typically extra cheese because I am a firm believer in elevating what I eat, no matter how simple. At 8sp, this is a great dish for someone who needs something fast or needs to satisfy a pasta craving.

Reduced Guilt Chicken Salad: This is a recent discovery of mine, and it’s already one of my favorite things. Since this is made with white meat chicken, Freestyle knocked the Smart Points value of this already WW friendly food even lower. Ready for this? 1/2 C is only 1sp. 1/2 of the container is only 2, and the entire container clocks in at only 5 sp!! To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. The only downside is it’s $4.49 for a container I could easily eat in one sitting. That is quite possibly the only reason I try to stretch it out for 2 or 3 lunches. It’s great on a 1sp Joseph’s pita bread.

Creamy Tomato Soup: This soup is the perfect meal for a day you need some warming comfort food. It’s rich and creamy with a flavor that rivals Panera’s tomato soup at 1/2 points. 1 cup of the TJ’s soup is only 4sp (Panera’s is 8) and trust me when I say it’s worth each and every bite. $2.69 for a container and its shelf life is amazing (until you open it, of course). This is another pantry staple, as you never know when the urge for delicious, creamy soup will strike.

Prepped veggies: The produce section at TJs is great, but not just because of the freshness of their stock, but their unique prepped veggie options are spot on! I love picking up the fresh riced cauliflower or riced broccoli to use as a side dish (add some soy sauce and you’ve got a great stir fry starter) or as a way to bulk up my food. The zig-zag butternut squash is super easy to toss in the air fryer and get some 0 sp “fries” as a side dish, and the frozen section has spiralized zucchini and spiralized carrots which make an amazing pasta substitute. All are 0 sp and definitely worth picking up.

Shaved Brussels Sprouts: These are technically a prepped veggie but I feel like they deserve their own section because they are the thing that single-handedly made me like Brussels Sprouts. I saw people raving about them, so I decided to try them. I added 1sp of bacon bits and 1sp of basaltic to the pan as they were cooking, and the result was a side dish so delicious I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it sooner! I now am a huge fan of Brussels Sprouts, all thanks to TJs. Bonus, anytime I can lessen my veggie prep, it’s a good thing, and the shaved sprouts require zero cutting.

Lite Mozzarella Cheese: Odds are if you’re on WW, you have heard of this joyous cheese. Let’s be honest here, diet cheese is definitely not nearly as awesome as its full-fat counterpart. With the TJs lite mozzarella, you can barely tell the difference. This lightened up cheese is only 1 smart point per serving and it actually tastes like real cheese! Imagine that. Want to know a secret? It’s 1sp per oz, which is 28 g, but you can actually get 35g for 1sp. That’s an extra 1/4 of an ounce!!

TJ’s specialty cheeses: I’ve got 2 other kinds of cheese that are definitely worth a mention. First up are the fat-free feta crumbles. As a fat-free cheese, it’s 0sp for 1oz. This is the perfect topping for salads and it’s amazing in my scrambled eggs, which is how I use it regularly. It adds an extra depth of flavor that other fat free cheeses simply can’t accomplish. The other cheese worth mentioning is the fresh grated parmesan. 4 tsp is only 1 sp, but you can get away with 1 tsp for 0. Having grown up with Kraft grated parmesan in the house, I never realized just how amazing grated parm could taste. The Trader Joe’s parm is amazing. It’s flavorful and oh so delicious. After trying this you’ll never buy Kraft again, I promise.

There are my top 10 Weight Watchers friendly items from Trader Joe’s.  If you want to see the items or hear me chat about them a little more, check out my video below.  Do you have any TJ’s favorites? Let me know!

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  1. christina johnson says:

    Thank you for the great list of your TJ favorites ! I am a WW Lifetime person, a regular TJ shopper, and believe it or not, have not tried many of these…..can’t wait to go shopping at Trader Joe’s!

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