Thinking Out Loud #14


I haven’t done a “Thinking Out Loud” post in quite some time, so I figured, why not?


  1. Fall is in full swing here in the Chicagoland area.  While I am loving the sunny days full of changing leaves (the above photo was taken on my walk yesterday), and am still okay with the current temperatures (because I love sweater weather), I know that this glorious fall weather is going to come with freezing temperatures all too soon. I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.12142032_717154631749206_1578221757_n
  2. Along with fall comes pumpkin everything! As per usual, I’m enjoying trying many pumpkin and seasonal flavored things. I’m actually finding some that I loved last year I’m not so fond of this year.  One new and notably exciting pumpkin food item is the new pumpkin pie Quest Bar.  You all know how much I love my Quest Bars (I rave about them in my Quest Bar Smack Down), and the fact they released a pumpkin one just got me so excited!  Full disclosure: I don’t think it really tastes much like pumpkin, but the fall flavoring and crispy/creamy coating still make it a great flash flavored treat.12070828_1649402731998695_386996211_n
  3. October is turning into a crazy month full of various events and opportunities for socializing. The other day Mister and I went downtown to meet a friend for dinner (photo taken on the river that night). It might have been a cool night, but I can’t tell you how much I love city lights.  A few other events I get to be a part of this month: A masquerade dinner at a swanky country club, a signature chef’s night near Millennium Park, and a planner addicts’ meetup where I get to spend an afternoon with a bunch of planner girls just like me!12132790_453290041542679_1896337544_n
  4. One of the events I already attended this month was a gala at the Chicago Field Museum.  The company had the entire place rented out, so we were able to check out some exhibits while we were there.  I so desperately wanted all of the animal exhibits to come to life like they did in the Night at the Museum movies.  Even Sue, the T-rex (pictured above).
  5. Despite all of the crazy cool things I’m getting the chance to do, I have been feeling majorly “blah” and in a stagnant rut lately. It’s one of those things where I’m always feeling overwhelmed by the things I “have” to do, there aren’t enough hours in the day, blah blah blah… Yesterday on her blog, my friends Brooke talked a little bit about feeling sort of the way I do, and a few things she did to try and snap herself out of it.  I am definitely going to follow her example and journal “what would the woman I want to be do” type of list and see if that inspires me.  What do you do when you’re in a life rut? Any suggestions for how to get out of it?12106246_565445756944835_1503325983_n
  6. Despite my “best efforts,” which (if I’m totally honest) are no where near my best efforts at all, my weight hasn’t budged on the scale.  I’m doing an amazing job of not letting the scale go up (thank God!), but knowing that I’ve got weight to re-lose, that really disappoints me.  This week I’ve actually been doing a much better job with food, and I’m hoping my weigh ins will start to show that soon.  Yesterday I finally made myself eggs, which I used to do all the time, and haven’t since we moved back to Illinois.  It definitely started my day off on the right foot, and I behaved the rest of the day.  I don’t know why I’m finding it so difficult to treat this weight loss like the time before.  I had stellar habits that led to much success, but I can’t seem to get myself to adapt the same habits this time around.
  7. IMG_0398I did something that’s a little bit crazy, but the shopper, luxury lover, and girly girl in me is so thrilled.  I managed to score one of the 2015 Popsugar Neiman Marcus holiday boxes.  $250 spent and I have no idea what’s inside.  Slightly terrifying, right?  I love the Popsugar Must Have boxes (I’m not a regular subscriber (yet!), but I got myself a little 3 month subscription for the fall/Christmas boxes.) that I see people unboxing, and I know the last 2 years of the Neiman Marcus box have been amazing, so I have complete faith that it will be worth it.
  8. MeetingDeForceSomething less crazy, but totally awesome that happened to me this week: I met Fleur De Force.  Yes, THAT Fleur De Force, the YouTube beauty guru sensation.  She started her US book tour for The Glam Guide in Chicago and had a book signing at Old Orchard mall, which is not far from me at all.  Since Mister was traveling for work, I had no reason to not go.  Bottom line: it was awesome! I did a full post on my experience.  Spoiler alert: Fleur and Mike are every bit as amazing as they come across on video.11950565_956469391058399_1244312692_n
  9. In an effort to get myself ready to take my blog and channel a step further, I ordered new business cards. I designed them with the exact same elements as my blog.  Are we friends on social media? I post on Instagram and Facebook pretty regularly.  I’m also DivaandDivine on Snapchat, but thats a social media thing I’m still trying to figure out.  Feel free to add me for random snaps, mostly of the cutest cats in the world.11849963_1036568836356279_540656052_n
  10. Speaking of the cutest cats in the world, here’s one of them.  His name is Tommy.  He’s blind, goofy, and so cute I just want to cuddle him all the time..which he doesn’t like at all. The friends we’re currently living with have 4 cats, and they’re all awesome. I’m a dog person, but thanks to living with these 4 furballs, I’m becoming a cat person too.

That’s it for this Thursday!

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