5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without A Man

Valentine's Day Without A Man

Valentine’s day might be the holiday where we all celebrate love, but who says you need a significant other to enjoy it? I won’t lie, I’m excited to be spending Valentine’s day with my Mister, but the only reason I get to do that this year is because it happens to fall on a weekend, otherwise he’d be off and away somewhere out of state working like he is every week.  If my husband wasn’t around, I would definitely still make the day great and choose to celebrate love without my man.  Crazy? Not at all!

Here are a few ways that we can show ourselves the self love we deserve, whether you’re single, taken and can’t celenrate with you love, or maybe you’re in a relationship but you simply hate Valentine’s Day.  Whatever the reason you’re not out on a date, make a date with yourself and spoil yourself just a little bit.  Self love is something we all need to work on. Read more

Song of the Week: Valentine’s Day 2014



Happy Valentine’s day!  In honor of the day of love (or singles awareness day, or another Hallmark holiday…however you choose to look at it), I decided it would be fun for a bit of a throwback to one of my favorite love songs when I was in jr high school.


This week’s song of the week is “This I Promise You” by N*SYNC


I loved this song so much when I was younger, and I’ll be honest, it still makes me happy inside when I play it (which is very rarely nowadays)

Want to check it out and have a flashback of your own?  Check it out on iTunes by clicking the link below

This I Promise You – No Strings Attached

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day weekend 🙂