An Aweome 2015 Goal Setting Tool – 2015 Workbook


I know that 2015 is still a month and a half away..but really guys, it’s only a month and a half away!  A new year means that it’s already time to start putting together a new set of goals and a game plan for the upcoming year.  Madness, I know, but it’s true.

Why am I talking about this already?  Well, basically because I have one goal setting tool in particular that I am so excited about and the 2015 version has just been released. Around this time last year I stumbled upon a website where one woman basically made it her life’s work to create an academy to help women find their “inner goddess” (she is, self admittedly, a bit of a hippie) and create the best life and business for them.  Her name is Leonie Dawson.

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