Dagne Dover Classic Tote: Is It Worth It?


Dagne Dover first popped onto my radar when I started to see Facebook ads for them. Because Facebook is clever and very scary, it knew that I was a prime target to be converted into a Dagne Dover customer. Not only has my handbag obsession been around for years, but I also deal with the struggle of having too much stuff floating around in my bag, and at the same time not having nearly enough room for everything I wanted to put in there.  After being convinced that this bag was perfect for me, I decided to boldly reach out to the company and tell them why I was the perfect person to write a review for them. Amazingly, they responded and agreed to send me their classic tote.  While I was sent the bag, the following opinions are 100% honest.  Remember, I reached out to them…and let’s be real here, if they didn’t agree to send me one to review, pure curiosity would have caused me to drop the money on it anyway because I already decided I had to have it.  I just want to be fully transparent here.  Ok, now we can get started. 

While 95% of the time I’m working it’s in the comfort of my own office (and sometimes my couch), there have been plenty of occasions where I have wanted to take my blog’s HQ to a different location.  Okay, usually that location is Starbucks and occasionally a meeting, but still, it requires me to pack up my things and go somewhere else.  When this happens, it’s pretty typical that I’m carrying my big purse as well as a laptop bag and a water bottle.  I’m clunky, clumsy, and take up far too much space.  If only there was a way to solve my traveling dilemma.

Enter: The Dagne Dover Classic Tote

When I first laid eyes on that targeted Facebook Ad I was instantly smitten with this tote bag. It had all of the features of any bag I could possibly want, and even a few features I didn’t know I needed.  Here’s some info on the features of this bag (we’ll get more in-depth in a second):

  • Drop Zipper Opening
  • L 13” x H 8” x W ¾” Padded Laptop Sleeve with Hidden Magnetic Closure
  • L 10 ½” x H 7 ½” Padded Tablet / Notebook Sleeve
  • Phone Pocket with ID / MetroCard Compartment
  • 3 Pen / Lipgloss Loops
  • Large Interior Zipper Pocket
  • 2 Slip Pockets (L 5 ½” x H 6”)
  • Additional Side Slip Pocket (L 4” x H 4 ½”)
  • 4” Diameter Neoprene Bottle Holder
  • Detachable Leather Key Leash with 2 interior D-Rings
  • 2 External Aesthetic D-Rings
  • Pyramid Hardware Feet


The Classic Tote fits everything you could possibly need to get you through a work day all the and take you all way to a night out with friends.  The coated canvas looks super chic but is also water-resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth, making it ideal for the woman on the go. 

The major sell for me was all of the built in organizational features.  Not only is there a padded laptop sleeve which fits my 13 in Macbook Pro perfectly (If you have a 15 in laptop you can get the Legend Tote), but there’s a separate slot to keep my iPad safe as well, and that section has a nice magnetic closure.  There’s a separate pocket for my phone, and in front of that, there’s a pocket for any cards that need to be within easy reach.  3 separate pen/lip gloss loops give this planner addict plenty of writing implements to choose from (because you know my Erin Condren Life Planner is likely in there too) but be warned, some lip glosses might be a little difficult to get back out of that pen loop.  I learned that one the hard way. 

There are a large zipper pocket and two slip pockets attached to the other side of the tote, as well as a side pocket perfect for an umbrella or sunglasses.  A cool feature I didn’t know I needed was the detachable key leash.  It has never been so easy for me to find my keys in a giant bag, and the leash is long enough that it isn’t a challenge to use them either. However, I’m pretty sure my favorite feature has to be the built-in neoprene water bottle holder.  I always have a water bottle with me. Literally, always.  Ask anyone I know personally.  This holder actually snaps into the side of the tote to help prevent it from falling when housing my water bottle.  Not only is that part genius, but it also keeps any condensation on the bottle off of the rest of my stuff.  I cannot stress enough how important and awesome this feature is to me.  I’m obsessed. 

With plenty of space outside of the organizational holders, this tote has room for more than I could possibly carry at once. This bag is likely to get too heavy for me before it ends up too full.  For someone with “normal” arm muscles, this won’t be quite as big of a deal, but for me, the heavier a bag gets vs the difficulty I have with it increases exponentially.  This is nothing against the Dagne Dover bag, but it’s simply something I need to be aware of.  That being said, let me show you everything I can fit comfortably in my Dagne Dover Classic Tote:

  • My 13 in Macbook Pro
  • My iPad mini
  • my iPhone 7
  • Computer charger
  • My Erin Condren Life Planner
  • 3 pens
  • a makeup bag filled with my essentials
  • my phone cord and portable charger
  • A Quest bar and other snacks
  • water bottle
  • EC hardbound notebook
  • Wallet
  • keys
  • my travel pharmacy (because I never know when I’ll need ibuprofen or Sudafed)

See? Everything that I could possibly need to survive an entire day.

After packing things up, I was very surprised to see that while the bag was indeed heavy, I found the straps did a great job of actually staying on my shoulders. This is something I have always struggled with in shirts, bra straps, and handbags. I’m guessing it’s from CMT related lack of muscle.  I was able to swing this on my shoulders and it stayed put while I walked around with it.  My biggest complaint is that there isn’t a crossbody strap option.  I mean, I sort of understand why there isn’t one (too thin and all of the weight will dig into your shoulder/neck; too thick and it looks really stupid), but there should have at least been an option. 

The Dagne Dover Classic Tote retails for $245.  While this sounds steep, it’s actually a pretty great deal for what you get.  I searched canvas totes at Nordstrom just for comparison’s sake, and it turns out that the Dagne Dover tote is less expensive and a lot more classy looking than many of the options there.  The classic tote is available in 5 colors:

  • Onyx- black
  • Dagne Blue – A deep, true blue
  • Bleecker Blush- A greyish taupe.  This is the color of my tote.
  • Prism- very pale pink
  • Jasmine- A chic pastel blue

At the end of the day, after giving this bag a try I would have definitely gone out and bought it for myself.  Not only that, but I now want everything on the Dagne Dover site.  My next mission is to get my hands on the Petite Tote (which does come with a crossbody strap!) for adventures around town where I don’t want to carry a massive tote around. All of Dagne Dover’s products look classic, chic, and perfect for the business woman, woman about town, or even the woman who mostly stays home (..me). Check them out and see for yourself. 

**Thank you to Dagne Dover for kindly providing their classic tote for my review.  I am not at all paid for this review and all opinions are my own.  However, if you make a purchase using my link, I do get $25 in store credit to go towards my next bag purchase.  Thanks for your support.**






Nude Patent Tieks

I’m here today with a super exciting announcement!  My Tieks family has grown! *insert happy feet dance here*

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Even after my second pair, my love for Tieks hasn't changed.

I am now the proud owner of my second pair of Tieks by Gavrieli.  For those of you that don’t know, Tieks are an amazing, comfortable, beautiful, and functional ballet flat.  Made from Italian leather (except for their vegan options), these shoes have a design that makes them the most comfortable pair of ballet flats ever.  That was the cliffs notes version. 🙂 Here’s a more thorough description.

Along with comfort, these shoes also come with a pretty hefty price tag.  While I find this sad, mainly because I want a pair in every single color they offer, the price tag definitely reflects the quality of the product.  Tieks are 110% worth every penny! I will continue to stand by that statement.

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May 2015 Watch/Wish List



Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation | ECCO Sandal | L’Occitane Ultra Matte Fluid  | MUF Artist Shadow Palette | Cane & Austin Pads | Sigma HD Brush | AG Skinny Jeans | Apt 9 Embellished Tee


1. Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation ($65)- This is an oil free moisturizer that over time exfoliates and fades dark spots as well as calms and clears skin.  I’ve used minis of this and love it.  Don’t freak out about the price because this is for a 3 oz large tub.  Great value that will last quite some time.

2. ECCO “Damera” Leather Sandal ($119)- I bought a pair of ECCO sandals last summer and I love them.  My feet are high maintenance with CMT, so I need supportive footwear, and those to a stellar job.  The Damera sandals look like they’ll have the same comfort and support as my current pair, but with a bit more dressy feel with the silver shimmer.

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