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Weight Watchers friendly snacks for the new Smart Points plan.

If you’ve started following the new Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale program that uses Smart Points instead of points plus, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a lot harder to enjoy some snacks and sweet treats while staying on plan. When Weight Watchers was using Points Plus, I had my snacking down to a science, especially when it came to on-the-go products. It’s taken me a little bit of time, but I finally found a few go to treats that satisfy my sweet tooth without breaking my Smart Points budget for the day. Since I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggled with this low sugar transition, I’ve decided to share a few of my favorites with you.  Many of these options work well with the high-protein, low sugar lifestyle that the beyond the scale plan is encouraging us to live on a daily basis.

Enlightened Crisps

My first treat is a recent discovery. The Enlightened brand is commonly known for their ice cream bars, which can be found at Whole Foods. Recently they released a completely different type of treat: crisps. These crisps are actually roasted broad beans so they are high in protein, fiber, and low in calories.  Clocking in at only 2 Smart Points per serving, I find that these are a great substitute to cure the potato chip craving as well as an addition to other types of food. I enjoy putting them on top of my chili to add a little something more.  There are five different flavors available (Sriracha, wasabi, garlic and onion, mesquite barbecue, and sea salt), and they can be purchased in larger bags, or in pre-portioned servings. I find the individual bags are excellent for throwing in my purse or keeping in my car in case a snack attack strikes.  These crisps can be found at GNC or on the Enlightened website.

Enlightened Ice Cream

OK, so these ice cream bars aren’t exactly travel friendly, but they deserved to mention anyway. Once the smart points plan came around some of my favorite ice cream treats were no longer as point friendly as I need them to be. I searched high and low to find something that was well and smart points but still delicious, and accidentally found these. The enlightened ice cream bars are only two or three smart points for each bar, and unlike some diet ice cream is I’ve tasted, these are absolutely delicious. The only flavor I’ve tried is the cinnamon swirl one (supposedly limited edition, but I’ve seen them around for months now), but I have faith that the other flavors are just as good as this one. I’m looking forward to heading to whole foods and getting my hands on a few other flavors. I know that these are more expensive than regular ice cream bars, but given this my points value I think they’re completely worth it. Enlightened also recently released their ice cream in pints rather than bars. I have yet to see or try these, but I’m keeping my eyes open for them.

Think Jerky

A commonly consumed higher protein snack is beef jerky. Well, I’ve found a beef and turkey jerky that is lighter and completely delicious. Think Jerky is a local Chicago based brand that I had the pleasure of meeting at a blogging holiday party downtown. The founder of this company wanted to create a jerky that significantly lowered the sugar content typically found in regular jerky.  Think Jerky has no added hormones or antibiotics, is non-GMO, Paleo friendly, and gluten-free. While they already sound like a pretty fabulous brand, the flavors are what really sold me. Think Jerky is available in four flavors, and each flavor is curated by a Michelin star rated chef. Your flavor options are Ginger Orange, Sriracha Honey, Sweet Chipotle, and my personal favorite, Thanksgiving. The jerky comes in individual servings and only cost three smart points for the entire bag. Currently, you can order Think Jerky from their website or they can be found locally at Mariano’s locations.

RAP Strawberry gummies

You guys might think I’m crazy simply for finding something as unique as a high-protein gummy product, but alas, here it is. These are the Rapid Action Protein (RAP) strawberry gummies, and they are one of the products that actually went down in Smart Points value when I recalculated all of my favorite treats. With 20 g of protein in every bag, I can get a strawberry candy fix for only 5 Points. Be warned: if you are expecting a sweet sugary red gummy bear flavor, odds are you’re going to be disappointed.  The first time I tried one of these gummies, I’ll admit I was a little put off by the flavor, but by the third gummy (still in my first bag) I got over it and started to really enjoy them.  While they don’t taste as delicious as our little bear shaped friends, these high-protein gummies definitely satisfy the craving for a candy treat. 

Quest Bars

My love for the Quest Nutrition brand is far from a secret. Quest bars are something I discovered several years ago when I went on the hunt for Weight Watchers friendly protein bar. With most protein bars, I found them to be high in protein, but also high in fat and calories. My life changed once I found the Quest brand. Many Quest bars also went down in Point value (or at the very least, stayed the same) when we switched over to smart points. Most of the bars range between four and five points, which is low enough to use them as a sweet treat or snack rather than a meal.  These bars are not only high in protein and low in fat, but they also pack a really hefty fiber punch as well, making the macronutrient balance ideal for many. A few of my favorite flavor options are S’mores, mint chocolate, and cookie dough, all of which make me feel like I’m getting a legitimate dessert and I don’t feel guilty at all if I decide to eat them for breakfast. 

I also have to give a shout out to Quest chips, which make an awesome potato chip replacement. The Smart Points value of the chips is only 2 Points per bag, and they pack over 20 g of protein into that reasonably sized bag.   Quest Nutrition also has several other types of products, including protein powder (which I’m also in love with), but since this post is about on the go products, I’ll save that for a different day. All quest products can be found on their website, and many of them can be found in health food stores like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe.

Grocery Store options

While several of my favorite products went up in points plus value, I felt a few were worth a mention anyway, as they are quite tasty. One of my all-time favorite treats has been the fiber one brownie bars. Oddly enough, the brownie flavor is one of my least favorite, but with flavors like lemon bar, cinnamon coffee cake, mint chocolate, and their limited edition pumpkin bar (available in the fall), these were a perfect three or 4 bite treat that satisfied my sweet tooth midday. They packed a decent amount of fiber into these little bars, so I at least felt like I was getting something out of them nutritionally. On the Points Plus plan these bars were 2 Points each, however wit Smart Points the bars have spiked up to 4.  In the grand scheme of sweet treats, 4 Smart Points is still not a ton, so occasionally I will purchase these for myself as a treat.

A recent grocery discovery of mine are the new Special K brownies. The downside of these is they are teeny tiny, two bite treats.  The upside is they are absolutely delicious. They’re a mini chocolatey piece of decadence wrapped up in a convenient little package. These brownies are only 3 Smart Points a piece, which for some is still a lot given their size, but if you just need a little something sweet, these can scratch that itch.

Down below you will see my YouTube video where I go into a little bit more detail about each of these products. I’ve been on the hunt for new and exciting things that don’t cost too many Smart Points, so if you know of any that I haven’t mentioned, please comment below and let me know what your favorite treats are. While the Beyond the Scale plan focuses on having us eat high-protein, low sugar, whole foods, sometimes you just need a sweet treat or snack you can take on the go. Keep some of these in the car, in your purse, or in the drawer of your desk at work for when the midday snack attack strikes, and you will be one step closer to being able to keep yourself on plan all day long.



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    Thanks so much they have been pushing enlightened bar at my meeting and I cant wait to try them,I need something to take the place of chick fil a dreamcone.

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