Slimmed Down Betty Crocker: Part 2


As you may remember awhile back I posted about how I slimmed down the Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie/Cookie Bars by replacing the butter and eggs in the recipe with unsweetened applesauce (for butter) and Egg Beaters (for eggs).  The result was good, but it was a bit dense and not as fabulous as I would have liked.  I know that with cutting out a bunch of the oil and fat in things will result in some sacrifices in the gooey-ness department, but I was convinced there still had to be a better way.   As you all know by now, I’m slightly obsessed with canned pure pumpkin.  One of my favorite uses is to put it in cake mix and voila, a moist and delicious cake.  That’s when the lightbulb went on:

If I already use pumpkin with cake mix and the result is amazing, why don’t I try using the pumpkin as my butter replacement instead of the unsweetened applesauce?!

Off to the grocery store I went, anxious for take 2 of the Supreme Bar adventure.  I did the exact same thing as before: Follow the directions on the box, but use my substitutions.  THis time I used pumpkin instead of butter and an egg white rather than egg or egg substitute.  The result was fantastic!


First, you can see how much less runny the cookie dough ended up.  With the applesauce, it practically could be poured on top of the brownies.  With the pumpkin the dough actually came out the consistency of cookie dough. Right off the bat I knew I had to be on to something with this.  It baked well and came out looking like it had more moisture than the old one


Can you see the amazing difference?  These were taken in same spot on the stove.  The one on the right is my old way with the applesauce, and the left is with the pumpkin.  Clearly the one on the left looks more decadent (and it was).  As you can see, Erik couldn’t wait to give this a try, and all of the sudden I hear “Baby, this is much better than the first time.”


So the bottom line here is that in baking, canned pure pumpkin is an amazing 0 Point substitute for butter.  Added bonus, you know you’re getting a vegetable in while having your guilt free treat!  4 Points per serving.  Enjoy my friends.

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