NEW Recollections Planner Inserts at Michaels

Recollection Inserts

By now there’s a chance you have heard that Michael’s stores have brand new planners and planner inserts by Recollections showing up in store.  I happened to see a fellow YouTuber’s video when she saw them in store, and I knew I had to hunt them down.  I managed to find the Recollections planner display in a store not too far away (they seem to be rolling out now, but aren’t available everywhere yet) and while I looked through all of the insert options, I decided to only purchase a few that were the most relevant to me at this moment: Goals, Inspiration, and To Do’s. I didn’t get any of the planners because I currently use my Erin Condren Life Planner and I have a personal sized Filofax Malden, so I didn’t need one.  Although, since the planners are only $19.99 and it’s easy to get a 40% off Michaels coupon, I’m sure I’ll own one at some point. 

Today, we’re just talking about the Recollections inserts for the books that I have.  All of the inserts come hole punched and fit perfectly inside my personal size Filofax.  The inserts are bright and colorful without being overdone, and they’re incredibly functional.  While there are no perforations, I found that I can easily remove the pages from the books without it, and now the inserts are living happily in my Filofax.  I found if I left them in their bound books, they wouldn’t all three fit in my Filofax. Removed from the binding, they fit just fine. Now lets get into what you see in each book.

Recollections Inspiration


Inspiration was a book I knew I had to have because that’s exactly what I have been struggling with lately. Essentially, this book let you lay out a bunch of different thoughts and hopefully thinking about these things will inspire you in someway. The book starts with a monthly insights page for you to brain dump whatever you need.  Next you list out a challenge, something to improve on, and 10 things you want to do this month. On the next page list 10 things you’re grateful for. After a page for reflections, my favorite pages show up. You have to list five reasons to be: creative, happy, healthy, thoughtful, excited, energized, imaginative, and compassionate.  I don’t mean 5 total; I mean 5 for each one. 40 items total!  I know some of you probably think that silly, but I really love that doing an activity like that automatically puts you in a positive state of mind which can help inspiration flow more freely. In the back of the book you find checklist pages for “ideas” and “dreams.”  If you take this book seriously, I can definitely see how it can spark inspiration. 

Recollections Goals


The goals book starts off right away with a “Top 10 Goals” list. Once those are established it is easier to use the rest of the book.  After monthly and weekly goal planning pages, we are back to more inspirational type pages asking why you want to be, go, or do something.  Finally, in the back of the book are pages full of blank checklists for you to use however you deem necessary. 

Recollections To Do

To Do

The To Do list takes the standard checklist and elevates it to a new level of functionality.  Instead of simply having pages of checklists labeled “To Do,” these pages actually separate the different types of to do’s you might have.  Errands, emails, phone calls, to buy, housekeeping, appointments, and misc are all categories that are found on these pages.   I love this because it allows me to compartmentalize and focus on one type of to do, rather than just an overwhelmingly long list.  In the back you’ll find pages for monthly goal planning (I’m sensing a theme here), and really cute list pages titled “My Ultimate __________ List” for you to fill in.  The possibilities of this list are endless.  I’ve already started an “Ultimate Wishlist” with some big ticket items that I want to save for.  It’s fun and a bit motivating.  

All in all, I’d say these inserts are fabulous, especially since they retail for only $4.99. Of course, when you’re shopping at Michaels, there’s always a way to get some percentage off of one item (or occasionally your entire purchase) which makes them even less expensive.  There are many other planner insert books available from the new collection.  I can’t remember all of them, as they’re not available online yet (hence no links to the products), but here’s what I do remember.

  • Academic calendar
  • Calendar
  • Wedding Planner
  • Fitness
  • Blank lined journal
  • Sketch book
  • Baby planner (I might be making that one up)
  • Meal planner
  • Goals
  • Inspiration
  • To Do’s
  • “Get Creative”- a blank book of all black paper

I’m sure there are several that I’m missing, but that gives you the basic idea.  I’m really excited to start using my new pages, which have been moved into my Filofax. 

Did you buy any of the new planners and inserts from the Recollections collection?  What do you think?


10 thoughts on “NEW Recollections Planner Inserts at Michaels

  1. Rebecca says:

    They look incredibly amazing… too bad i live in the Netherlands and there are no Michaels around here.
    I’m wonderering if they ship things to Europe

  2. Gayla says:

    I just saw them yesterday at my Michael’s and I like them better than my expensive Anna Griffin planner! I am going back before Saturday to purchase it and the extra cute inserts!

  3. Cynthia says:

    These are so cute! I must take a trip to Michael’s soon. I would love the To Do and the Meal Planner. Hope they fit my Franklin Covey Compact Planner!!!

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