Planner Girl Gift Guide 2017


Goal Planner

If you have a planner girl, odds are she would enjoy planners other than her day to day agenda. One of my favorite things to plan (other than my day) is my goals and how to achieve them.  There are a ton of goal planners around, which means there is something for everyone.  A few of my favorites are the Shining Life Planner by Leonie Dawson (which I’ve had for 4 years running now), Daily Greatness journals, and this year I found the Kikki.k goal planner. Each planner has a different style of planning, but they are all excellent and would be a really fun gift, as your planner girl could spend the last week of 2017 planning her 2018.  

Planner Stickers

Planner stickers are all the rage right now.  Etsy shops with gorgeous stickers are more than plentiful, and major planner brands have finally joined the party as well.  Some of my favorites are the stickers available from Erin Condren.  They’ve had really cute sticker books for a few years now, but they’ve branched out even further and basically have a sticker page that makes me want everything I see.  They have cute themed sets, including some that are meant to accompany their adorable and awesome new themed petite planners, and transparent dot stickers, which is something I’ve been wanting for a long time to track things on my year at a glance calendars.  Whether your choice is Etsy, Erin Condren, or the amazing planner area at your local Michaels, planner stickers are a fun and function gift for planner girls everywhere. 

Washi Tape

For the planner girl, washi tape is pretty much a given. Whether you’re a total washi fiend or just a planner minimalist, washi tape can be a simple and fun way to jazz up your planner pages.  There are washis with themes (I have cupcakes, bread, books, and more), tons of colors, foils and glitters, and everything in between. The best part is washi is found in craft stores all over, so you no longer have to take to the internet to find sun washi tape.  Head over to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and you’re sure to find plenty. It makes an amazing stocking stuffer. 

Erasable Pens

My planner forever changed when I got my hands on these erasable pens.  I wanted to write in color, but was always afraid of things changing and then having to cross it out and make my planner look less pretty.  Maybe that’s crazy, but it’s the truth.  Erasable pens allowed me to color code and write pretty things in my planner, but erase it clean if something needed to change. For this planner girl, it was a dream come true.  Bonus: there are also erasable markers on the market!! I have them, and yes, they work!

Kate Spade Pencil Cup

In all honesty, I threw the Kate Spade pencil cup in here simply because I think it’s pretty. Planner girls tend to have a lot of writing implements, so why not jazz up your desk by storing them in style?

Erin Condren Hardbound Planner

I’m sure your planner girl is already well into her 2018 planner, but I suggest this one for a different reason.  I believe that the horizontal layout of the EC hardbound planner offers an easy way to do some daily journaling.  Whether you want to jot down some things you’re grateful for every morning, your day’s most important tasks, or journal a few sentences about what happened that day, an EC hardbound horizontal planner is a great place to do it and would be a more portable companion to your everyday Life Planner.

Photo printer

While this is more of a scrapbooker’s type of gift, there’s nothing wrong with popping a photo into your planner to mark a birthday, anniversary, or other events.  I have never had an Instax camera, but it’s basically a modern-day Polaroid camera, where your photos are printed right away.  If you like to use your phone as your camera (as most of us do), the Polaroid Zip is a nifty little device.  It connects wirelessly to your phone and you can print off little photos from your camera roll.  The photo paper has adhesive on the other side, so it’s perfect for putting in your planner. I’ve used my Zip to mark birthdays as well as placing the posters of shows I’m seeing on the day I have tickets.  It’s a lot of fun.  

There’s my list of gift ideas for the planner girl in your life.  What else would you add to my Planner Girl gift guide?  

This will conclude my 2017 holiday gift guide series.  Just in case you missed it, I also have a Fit Girl gift guide as well as a Cozy Home gift guide for this year’s holiday season.  


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