5 Things I’m Doing To Go After My Goals

I’m currently sitting at my local Starbucks at 3:04pm determined to get this Friday 5 post up today, Friday. One of my goals for the month of March is to get out of the house to work at a cafe or something at least once a week. Winning! I also wasn’t sure what my “5” should be for todays Friday 5, so I sat and sipped my latte and started thinking about life lately, and I’ve been working my booty off on several things to get the metaphorical ball rolling down hill towards achieving some major goals in the hopefully not too distant future, so let’s talk about that. Here are 5 things I’m currently doing to truly go after my goals instead of just talking about going after them instead.

1. Embracing Who I Really Am

I recently re-read the book The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin, and this time around it was a game changer. When it comes to personality quizzes, I am one of those people that will sometimes try to answer based on who i want to be instead of what the most truthful answer actually is. After getting completely fed up with how frequently I let myself down when it comes to getting things done and achieving goals, I decided it was time to re-visit this subject and actually be honest about who I am. It turns out that I am an Obliger, aka the type of person that needs external accountability to achieve any goal or task. Once I really thought about it, this made perfect sense.

I’m good at making sure my home is clean, there are always groceries, and I often will get destracted from other work in order to do housewife tasks that I notice should get done. Why? Because I know it will please my hardworking husband to come home to these things being done. I am also very diligent about showing up to the gym whenever I have a Bodypump or pilates class to go to. Why? I feel some weird obligation to the instructors.

Days that I don’t have a class and can go to the gym on my own time are the days I will literally spend hours arguing with myself over if I should actually go or if I can talk myself out of it. I have no one else to keep me accountable, therefore I don’t do what I’m supposed to do. For two months I have had “Diva and the Divine finances” on my to do list. Did I do anything about it? No. Instead, I got them done only when my husband said he needed them becuase he scheduled an appointment with our tax guy. Once someone else needed me to do it, it got done in 2 days.

As frustrating as this trait is to me, I’m starting to embrace it rather than change it, and the results are already starting to show. Finally accepting who I am at my core instead of trying to change my core has helped me use my tendency to my advantage instead of having it be a negative thing. I mean, I’m all about self-acceptance, and I guess this is a part of it I’ve never thought about before. This will be life-changing. Stay tuned for more as I navigate my way through this.

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March 2019 Goals

Starting the month with a fresh set of goals is one of my favorite things. There’s something that I find incredibly empowering about new goals to check off a list every month, and while I don’t always get them all done, it’s still a great feeling to have ideas a plans laid out. For 2019 I am using the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets as my goal setting planner and I have been loving it! Not only do the Powersheets do an amazing job of helping me figure out what my goals should be to begin with, but they also have monthly goal tending sheets that are laid out to help you plan your goals in 3 ways: Monthly action items, weekly action items, and daily tasks.

This month I have two types of goals to tell you about. In this post we will talk about my tending sheet, but since the first day of the Christian season of Lent is right around the corner, I have some specific goals I’m setting for that 40 day period as well. Let’s dive in.

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5 Things I’m Excited About Right Now | The Friday 5 | 2/22/19

1. My New Space Heater

It took me all winter long (and 3 years of living here…), but I finally purchased a space heater for my home office, and it’s been amazing. Just yesterday I figured out the true trick to keeping my office warm: space heater on and the door closed. I only do this when I’m home, of course. I love having my desk by a big window so I can get natural light in my office, but what I didn’t realize when picking out where my furniture would go was that the giant window basically acts like a vacuum for all heat, which means that anything below freezing basically promises that my hands will be frozen within 5 minutes of sitting at that desk ( one of the joys of having a nerve disease). Anyway, this little heater has been well worth the $35 I paid for it

2. Chocolate Covered Strawberry!?

Built Bars released a new flavor for Valentine’s Day: Strawberry!! For those of you that don’t know, Built Bars are the latest protein bar to hit the WW Instagram trend, and for a good reason: they’re awesome. Truthfully, some people can’t stand them, but I think they’re an amazing tasting bar. They coated in real chocolate which means they feel like a dessert substitute while packing 15 g protein into a bar that is only 3 points, both on Points Plus and on Freestyle.

These bars sort of have the chewy texture of a chocolate covered marshmallow when they’re at room temperature. I prefer to keep mine in the fridge so the get a little chewier. They’re perfect for me at that temperature and I love them. Strawberry is my favorite flavor of pretty much anything, so I can’t wait to get my hands on these.

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The Friday 5 | 2/15/19

Good morning and happy Friday! We made it through yet another week of bi-polar weather. This week contained the holiday of love that people love or love to hate, Valentine’s Day! Who is hitting the stores for the deep discounts on all the chocolate?? Anyway, on to today’s 5!

1. My Valentine’s Day

My husband and I had zero plans to celebrate this day of romance together for 2 reasons:

  1. He’s been working like a mad man. Even though he’s working locally (which isn’t the norm), most days this week he has gotten home after I’ve gone to bed and been up before me in the morning. There was no way we’d cross paths on Valentine’s Day
  2. We have so many celebrations in quick succession that we opted to move Valentine’s day to the middle of summer so we can make some random day extra special.

This means that the day of love was going to be all about me loving myself. I did do some work, including publishing yesterday’s blog post: 14 Ways To Be Your Own Valentine (Just because the day is over doesn’t mean these things don’t still apply). I treated myself to a much needed pedicure early in the afternoon, and then came back home to do other things (aka more work) until it was time to go to the gym for my usual Thursday evening Bodypump class. Our instructor (my friend, Nichole) made comments about how we (the class) are each other’s Valentines. The ranking goes: ourselves, our fellow pumpers, then our spouses. Based on the amount of time I’d be spending with my spouse, she wasn’t wrong. 😂While I was at the gym I was informed by FedEx that the special treat I ordered for myself to arrive that day, Baked by Melissa cupcakes, were delayed and they would not be there in time for me to enjoy them. This infuriated me, so plan B ended up being Portillo’s chocolate cake, so I stopped there after my workout to grab my favorite salad and some cake before heading home.

While in transit, my husband informed me he was on his way home, which was a huge surprise. I knew it wasn’t to see me though. He was exhausted and had hit his limit. After I ate dinner, took a shower, and got my cozy PJs on, I cuddled with hubby for a whopping 10 minutes before he fell asleep at 9:30pm. Poor guy. The romance was real, let me tell you. 😂 Luckily, I don’t need a special day to encourage the love in my marriage. We regularly do special things for each other and I know I’m loved each and every day. So, after hubby fell asleep, Gracie and I hung out and cuddled while I enjoyed Portillo’s chocolate cake and edited today’s video. Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

Incase you’re wondering, Baked By Melissa gave me a full refund on my order because it didn’t show up when it was guaranteed to. Amazing customer service and if I enjoy the product, I will definitely use them again.

2. Winter Scalp Like WOAH

Does anyone else have killer winter scalp issues this year? All of these sub 0 temperatures and the crazy bi-polar weather has my scalp itching and flaking like crazy. I know this isn’t a glamorous topic, but it’s real life, my friends. If you suffer from the same issues, what do you do to help? Outside of dandruff shampoo, I’ve tried several things, including purchasing this highly rated scalp serum, which helped a little, but not as much as I was hoping. As we speak I upped my game and have a homemade coconut oil + essential oils scalp treatment on, which seems to have helped a bit. It means I’ll be going to the gym with greasy hair, but whatever. I also read that you can make a DIY scalp scrub with epsom salts and coconut oil, both of which is sitting in my house as we speak. That’s a lot cheaper than one of the big deal scrubs, and I can make it at home?? Sign me up! I’m open to all other suggestions. Let me know!

3. Who are you and what did you do with MY Gracie??

For the last two days, Gracie hasn’t been shy about laying on my lap. This is a HUGE deal. My dog doesn’t cuddle. My dog doesn’t even want to obey the command “come” or have anything to do with me unless she is in the mood to play. Yesterday she actually fought her way onto my lap while my computer was there, so she had to sit awkwardly because I was working. Anyone with a small dog? If yours didn’t like to cuddle when they were small, how old were they before they became cuddlers? I’m loving this new change, but I fear it’s a fluke. I got Gracie to be a mommy’s girl and a snuggler, and instead I got a daddy’s girl who hates cuddling..until now??

4. Made For More

You all know my obsession with Rachel & Dave Hollis. Guess what! The Hollis Co’s documentary of the Rise conference is available on Amazon Prime! It’s an incredible documentary that will leave you feeling inspired and fired up about life, and I highly recommend you check it out. I might rewatch it tonight while my husband is at his guys night out at our church.

5. Let It Go

I’m just going to leave this here. Are we excited about this?? I can’t decide, but I think I’m excited. What are your thoughts?

14 Ways To Be Your Own Valentine

This year my husband and I decided we are moving our Valentine’s day celebration to the summertime. Both of our birthdays, Christmas, and our wedding anniversary all fall within 7 weeks of one another. That’s a lot of celebrating and gift giving for one period of time. Who says we can’t move the romantic celebration to a different day. Did you know that in Japan (and other Asain countries. Thanks Google!) Valentine’s Day is a day for the women to spoil their men romantically, while the women get their own day called White Day exactly a month later on March 14. That’s when the men return the favor. If the Japanese can shake it up, so can we.

Just because my husband and I aren’t doing anything special as a couple doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on my own. I actually think that we are so wrapped up in making sure we have a Valentine to love on that we forget that it is possible to be our own Valentine and show ourselves the love whether we actually have a date or not. My husband will likely be out late at the office working as he is every other day. I did suggest I do a little something like buying us a little cake as a special treat, which he agreed to with the understanding that the odds of us actually being able to enjoy it together being slim. “Fine by me,” I told him, “I’ll just treat myself and be my own Valentine.” To which he kissed my forehead and responded: “go for it!”

Happy Day! Now, what to do? As I sat and brainstormed all of the different options one has for treating yourself on Valentine’s Day, I decided to come up with 14 ways (get it? Valentine’s Day is 2/14?? 😂) to show yourself the love on Valentine’s Day. No date necessary.

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Sick Husband and No Sunshine | The Friday 5 2/8/19

Last week there was no Friday 5 because I procrastinated and then couldn’t come up with anything. At least I’m honest here, friends. It’s been quite a week in the Diva and the Divine household, and I’m hoping that something resembling normalcy returns soon. On the bright side (quite literally), we haven’t seen the sun in days until this morning. That in and of itself makes it a glorious day.

1. A Sick Husband

You’ve all heard of the man-cold, right? A man and a woman can catch the same cold and somehow the man’s life is ending while the woman takes a decongestant and nothing else about her day changes? Well, at first I thought that’s what my husband brought home, but then several days of the poor guy getting worse and worse, he finally uttered the words “I need to go to the doctor.” This is a big deal because my husband will rarely go to the doctor for something like this. After a trip to immediate care, he was given some antibiotics and alas, 24 hours later he said he started to feel like himself again. Goodbye bacterial sinus infection, you are no longer welcome here.

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Friday 5

Okay, whoever angered Elsa seriously needs to go and apologize! As I sit at my desk at 9 am typing out this week’s Friday 5 because I didn’t have time to do it yesterday (that’s just the kind of week I’m having) it’s currently -6˚ outside! What’s even better? According to the Weather Channel, it feels like -26˚🥶 I mean, at what point exactly is cold just freaking freezing? Does the body even know the difference between -6 and -26? Probably not.  Anyway, whoever Elsa is mad at had better set things straight because this is ridiculous. Anyway, let’s move on to the Friday 5.

 #1. Save Yourself From The MOST Stuff

If you haven’t seen them already, Oreo put out a new cookie called “The MOST Stuff,” which (as the name implies) contains Oreos with the most cream filling they’ve ever offered. This is a very slippery slope for Oreo cream lovers such as myself. Clocking in at 110 calories and 11g sugar per cookie (3pp/5pp) this is basically a sugar addict’s dream and worst nightmare all wrapped up in one delicious little package. The last 2 days PMS hit me really hard and for me PMS= craving all the sugar. Learn from my mistakes. If you have any sort of self-control issues around sugar, do not (I repeat: do NOT) buy these cookies!!  That being said, if you’re an Oreo cream lover like me, these are awesome… Read more

The Friday 5 | 5 Things That Happened This Week | 1/18/19

Well, my friends, we made it to Friday!  Hallelujah and happy, happy day! In an effort to post a little more regularly on the blog, I thought it might be fun to bring back a series I did ages ago (we’re talking back when I started the blog in 2013) called “The Friday 5.” Basically, every Friday I’ll give you the low down on anything that’s on my mind from that week. New products I’m trying, life events, things on my mind… whatever comes to mind when I start to write. Hopefully, it’s a series you will enjoy. make sure to leave your feedback in the comments.

The Friday 5 | 1/18/19

1. I couldn’t escape the cold

I thought I was in the clear after still feeling okay days after Erik caught a cold, but alas my immune system eventually crapped out and I’ve felt pretty crummy since Tuesday. I really thought Tuesday was simply because f my all day Alice adventure, but a runny nose was a dead giveaway. I had to enlist my cold essentials to help me survive the rest of the week. What are my sickness essentials? I’m so glad you asked:

  • Sudafed- Generic brand is okay, but it has to be the drug that is now only available behind the pharmacy counter, pseudoephedrine. The other drug that is now in the aisles is crap and doesn’t work half as well as what I call “the good stuff.” It’s not expensive or anything, but apparently people figured out you can make meth or something with it (what the actual heck?!) and so they now have to regulate how much you take home in a given time period. Way to ruin it for the rest of us, guys.
  • Zicam- These tablets make everything you eat and drink taste terrible (diet friendly bonus??), but I do think it does its job of shortening the duration of my colds. I’m pretty sure it’s just zinc, but anything that helps is a winner in my book.
  • Afrin nasal spray- This has been in my life since I was young. Again, the generic brand is fine, but this spray will open up even the most stuffed nasal passages. Beware: Do NOT take it for more than a few days and no more than the recommended dosage because it can really mess things up if you abuse it. I know a woman whose nasal passages look like she was a regular drug snorter but she had never done drugs in her life. It was from taking Afrin far too frequently! I learned this in high school and have been careful ever since. 
  • A super hydrating cream for my lips and nose- My nose gets super irritated as soon as I have to regularly use tissues. We’re talking red, dry, and peely, kind of like a sunburn. Using a super hydrating cream is my saving grace. This time around I am using Lano Multi-Purpose Balm and it’s working really well on taking care of my lips and my nose, which is great because I’m pretty sure I will have gone through an entire box of tissues by the time this is over. 

2. Mom For A Day

On Tuesday I was mom for a day. My dad is currently unable to take care of Alice due to having an emergency eye surgery, so family and friends are coming together to manage childcare. I got her all day on Tuesday. We played, I must have said “no” or “stop that” no less than 250000 times, we watched half a movie, we threw a few tantrums.. you know, the joys of hanging out with a two-year-old all day. By the time I got home (after going straight to the gym, which I gave myself major props for), I showered, ate the most low key dinner ever and started struggling to keep my eyes open at 8:30 pm!  Oh my goodness what kind of black magic do toddlers have that somehow drains every last ounce of energy from your body??? Between that and the beginning of my cold, I was in bed by 10 pm and passed out all night long. Mom for a day was hard for someone who is inexperienced. You mamas are the real MVPs! 

I was feeling victorious when all kids under the age of 2, including the pups, went down for a nap.

3. Two New Skincare Items

I’m trying to not buy a whole lot of beauty products until I use up a lot of my current collection, but I did make a small purchase at Sephora while they were offering 2x points on skincare. My first product was the Fresh Beauty Black Tea Kombucha Essense clocking in at $68 for the bottle, which hurt a bit, but it’s such a raved about product I was dying to try it.  Here’s Sephora’s description:

The silky essence gives skin a luminous glow, helps fades fine lines, minimizes pores, improves elasticity, smooths its texture, boosts its healthy tone, and hydrates for up to 24 hours. Kombucha, fermented black tea proven to fight wrinkle-causing pollution and free radicals, is the star in this product.

Sounds like a winner, right? The other product I picked up was the thing that really broke the bank. Clocking in at a whopping $5.90, I finally purchased my first serum from The Ordinary. I got their Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum which is supposed to help with acne. Niacinamide was an ingredient found in the formula that was custom made for me by Dermacare, so I knew it worked well for my skin. I figure for less than $6 I might as well give it a shot. Full reviews will be coming later on. 

4. Sweat it out?

I want to know: When you have a cold do you stay away from physical activity or do you try to sweat it out? I haven’t skipped a workout yet this week, despite feeling a bit crummy and being totally hopped up on cold medication. I must say, I definitely don’t feel any worse for sticking to my workout routine. What would you do?

5. My Heart Will Go On

Many of you tell me you want to hear me sing. Well, I posted a video of me singing in the finals of “The Voice of the Ocean” while we were on our cruise over Christmas. It was a really cool experience to be able to sing with the live band on the main stage of the cruise ship. I once had aspirations to be a cruise ship performer, and now I can officially check that off of my bucket list. Pretty neat! In case you missed the video, you can see it below.

My 2019 Goals


It’s time for the official goal setting post of 2019! I know, I know, these are totally cliche and overdone, but I am seriously psyched for my goals this year. I took a slightly different approach in my goal setting and the end result gave me 10 goals (yes 10!) that I am really excited about.  This year I used the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets to do my goal planning. I’ve used this product in the past, but never really fully committed to using them. This year I thoroughly and thoughtfully did the Powersheets prep work, and the goals I came up with are things that I feel will greatly improve my life and the way I can show up for others. 

Now, since this isn’t a Powersheets review I won’t get into exactly how they work, but ultimately what you need to know is this; there are different goals that you can plan for in this book. During your prep work, you are asked to find recurring themes that you might have written down and not realized you had an actual recurring theme. After all of my prepping and some thought about how I want to shape my year, these are the 10 goals I came up with. 

My 2019 Goals

A quick note: some of these goals are actually acting as more of a category and I can create smaller goals within that one goal. That being said, let’s dive in. 

Goal #1: Hit Goal Weight and Become My Strongest and Fittest Self

As usual, getting down to my goal weight is on here, but this year it’s a little different. I’m not entirely sure what goal weight is for me anymore because I am shifting my focus to being less Read more

Oh, Hey There 2019…


Just like that another year is gone. Done. Finished! It’s hard to believe that 2018 is behind us. I know for many people 2018 was a challenging year for many reasons. While my 2018 wasn’t all sunshine and roses, I am so very thankful for everything that came to pass this last year as I was able to learn and grow from many of my experiences.  It’s these learning experiences from 2018 that are going to help me jump into 2019 with energy, focus, and an even greater understanding of myself to better aid me in achieving my 2019 goals. 

I bet you’re wondering exactly what those goals are, aren’t you? Well, fear not. You will get an entire blog post on them (and a video for my Youtube subscribers), but today is just little brain dump about the new year. Right now it is 5:14 pm on January 1st, and I’m sitting here embracing what’s left of my vacation before reality sets back in and the Mister and I are back to business as usual. I felt the need to stop binge-watching Manifest (which is incredible so far, just in case you’re wondering) and reclaim my computer to write for a bit because this is honestly one of my goals for this year: to write. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that this little website of mine was not very active in 2018. The truth is my focus flipped to my Youtube channel for the year, and while I cranked out content over there at least 3 times per week, my poor blog suffered. 2019’s goal (well, one of them anyway) is to bring back the blog, so here I am making sure I’m sticking to that on day 1. 

I actually have 10 goals that I’m focusing on this year, but some of them are more like categories that can actually contain smaller goals within the one big picture goal. I’m using the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets as my goal planning tool this year and rather than letting them just sit and take up space on my bookshelf I fully intend on actively using them regularly. Imagine that… 🙄 The Powersheets prep I did before I left for vacation really helped me dive into what I valued and what areas of my life needed focus, and the 10 goals I came up with are things I’m truly excited about cultivating in my life, and I am so looking forward to sharing every step of my journey with you all. 

However, since this in fact not a blog post about my actual goals for the year, I thought that I’d instead share what my words of the year are.  Yes, I have multiple words since I can’t seem to narrow it down to just one. In the Powersheets, they actually tell you to brainstorm a bunch of them and I ended up with so many that I loved that it was actually really hard to imagine picking just one word, so I came up with a few instead:

Fit, Focused, & Fabulous

What does this mean exactly? Well, “fit” should be obvious, but I’ll elaborate anyway. This year my health goals are less about weight loss and more about health and fitness, strength, muscle building and fueling my body well. If I’m focused on my fitness, the weight loss and body changes I desire will follow in time. It’s time to embrace the journey of becoming my healthiest self and not my skinniest self.

“Focused” is also obvious. I want to truly focus on these 10 goals of mine, which will help me become a better version of myself. A better blogger and Youtuber, a better wife, a better Christian, and a better human being. I am a professional procrastinator and time waster, and this year I will use better focus to spend time more efficiently doing the things I need to be doing. 

Fabulous is a word I chose primarily for the alliteration, I’m not going to lie, but it can very easily have the perfect application to helping me be the person I want to be. When I think of someone who is a “fabulous” person I think of someone who is full of light, life, and joy; someone who is unapologetic about who she is and is always trying to grow to become an even better version of herself. Someone who wants to reach goals and exceed what they think is their highest potential. I want to be that person, and this year I have every intention of making that happen. 

I am so excited to embrace this new year and everything it has to offer. Am I the only one that feels like January 1st is the most perfect clean slate that leaves you feeling like anything is possible? Maybe I’m just an eternal optimist, or maybe it’s the fact I started the new year away from my cold, wintery home, but that’s really how I feel about 2019. There’s something different about this year, the last year of another decade. It’s going to be a year full of making things happen, love, joy, faith, and so much more.  Will there be challenges? I’m 100% positive there will be. No one’s life is totally smooth sailing, but even in the challenges that 2019 throws at me, whatever they may be, I know that the good will outweigh the bad. When I know that starting from day 1, it’s hard to have a negative outlook on the new year 😃

So, with that being said, I’m here to wish you all a very happy, healthy, and joyful 2019. I’m looking forward to sharing the next 365 days of adventure with you, and hopefully, you’ll come with me as we create the best year ever. Are you ready? I am!