My No-Makeup Makeup Routine (Actually Using As Little Product As Possible)

Ah, the “no-makeup” makeup look. Where we strive to look like we’re flawless whilst looking like we’re not wearing a stitch of makeup. Have you ever noticed that most of the no-makeup tutorials out there actually use a ton of products and take a lot of time, even though the goal is to look like we’re not wearing anything at all? In my opinion, this is not the way the no makeup look should go. When the goal is to achieve a natural, no-makeup look, don’t you think we should be using as little product as we can?

Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of full face, full coverage days when I’m filming for my channel or going out for the evening, but on a normal weekday, I can be found with nothing on my face except a little lip balm. 

I’ll be honest, I wish I could say that my no-makeup look actually involved wearing absolutely zero makeup, but sadly this is not the case. The truth is, my skin is something that shakes my self-confidence because I have adult acne. I feel very self-conscious about going out in public without at least trying to tone down some of my skin’s imperfections.  While I often throw on a little bit of something, I have managed to create a no-makeup look that actually involves only a few products. The goal of my look is not to make my skin look totally flawless, but simply to help me blur the imperfections that make me most uncomfortable.  Some days, this doesn’t involve any makeup at all, but on days where I’m feeling particularly broken out, there are few products that are quick and easy to use that make me feel like I can go out in public and not worry about my skin’s appearance. 

My No-Makeup Makeup Products

The first thing I use is my favorite powder foundation from BareMinerals. I find the PRO powder offers enough coverage to help cover my redness without using concealer. I also use the BareMinerals Core Coverage brush. It’s densely packed bristles help the powder apply with a coverage that hides my flaws enough where I can go out and feel great. It also makes application super easy and seamless. 

My eye area is naturally pretty discolored, and those dark circles can make me look super tired. My favorite solution is another product from BareMinerals (totally not planned, I swear!). I’ve been using Bare Minerals Well Rested powder concealer for years now. I just swipe some under my eyes and the dark circles magically disappear. To tackle the discoloration on my eyelids I actually use a matte, nude colored eye primer by Ulta. I always put this primer on before eyeshadow, but on no-makeup days the primer alone works wonders. Just a few seconds with these products and my eyes look awake and I appear to be ready to tackle the day, even if I’m not.

My eyebrows are super sparse, but Benefit Gimme Brow + is the 5-second fix. This brush in gel adds a little extra volume and color to my brows without them looking done up. It’s just enough to give them a little something extra. I’ve used this product for years, as it’s great quality and super easy to use. 

The final touch is a sheer, hydrating lip color.  My favorite formula is this one from Fresh Beauty. It comes in a ton of colors and is just nice, subtle wash of color while giving my lips a great dose of hydration.  You can also find a similar product from Kiehl’s or if you want a drugstore version, try one from Burts Bees.

That’s everything! It’s a routine that takes me less than 5 minutes, and that’s if I’m moving slowly. This is just a light application of makeup that helps me feel more confident in my own skin. Do you have a no-makeup makeup routine? What are your favorite products to use when you need just a little something extra?



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One thought on “My No-Makeup Makeup Routine (Actually Using As Little Product As Possible)

  1. Jenn says:

    I use Mary Kay loose mineral powder and brush which works best immediately after moisturizer. I also have xanthelasmia and need to cover what looks like a scar in the midst of my dark circles under my eyes so I use cover girls nude colored eyes shadow to darken what looks like scars around my eyes and then blend them into a natural look. And if I just wanna feel a little better I use a brown waterproof mascara also by Mary Kay. But if I am in a hurry I might skip this step.
    I prefer the natural look even when dressing up .At that point i just add blush and lipstick instead of balm. Less is more in my opinion.

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