Moving to Minneapolis: A New Chapter

As I’m writing this, I am sitting at a table in the common area of our temporary housing arrangement in downtown Minneapolis. It’s currently Thursday afternoon and my husband is on day 4 of his new job here in the city. I’m not entirely sure that it has hit me yet that this place is not just a hotel stay. This city is not just someplace I’m visiting for a little while. This is our new home. We are leaving Chicago; leaving my family, my niece, my very regimented workout schedule at the YMCA, and our amazing church. I can’t decide which emotion I’m feeling more: major excitement at the idea of a fresh start or complete heartbreak about what I’m leaving behind.

When my husband started looking for a new job, he tried to find something that would satisfy him from a career standpoint, support us well financially, and keep us in the Chicagoland area. As you’ve probably guessed by now, that didn’t exactly go as planned. Long story short, here I am, sitting in temporary housing in downtown Minneapolis (which I am incredibly thankful for, don’t get me wrong) while the Mister is at work during the day and we’re house hunting with our realtor at night. It’s basically madness and I’m pretty much in denial that this is actually happening.

Here’s How It Will Go…

We are working with company relocation, which is apparently the best way to move because they take good care of you when you’re relocating for a new job. Never having truly gone through a permanent move before, this is a new world for us. Here’s the rundown: We are in temporary housing while we look for our new home purchase. In a perfect world, we are able to buy and close on a home before the 60 days of temp housing is over (which is completely paid for by relocation). That means that since being here on Monday, we have spent Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (we’re talking 4+ hours a day) with our realtor (who was also matched up with us via relocation, and he’s a perfect match too) exploring not only homes but the different areas to live in, and we’re headed out again tonight.

We’re looking at homes that have stairs, which I’m not used to. Sure, living in one will be fine, but stopping by 6 or 7 homes and wanting to explore every single level has amounted to more stairs than I’m used to doing in a given day or even week multiplied by what feels like 1000. I’m tired, we’re stressed, and all of the property listings are starting to melt together in my mind. It’s basically madness.

We did put down our first offer this morning though, simply because it is currently our #1 of all we’ve seen and our realtor informed us at 10 pm last night that there were 3 other offers on the place, so we’d have to put something in right away, even if it was just to buy time… so we did! 😬Tonight, we head out for even more browsing.

The Future of The Blog

Okay, so why am I giving you this rambly update that I’m not even convinced makes sense because as I’m typing this I actually feel like my brain is a melted pile of mush that’s going to start leaking out of my ears?

I actually started Diva and the Divine as a blog right before hubby and I moved to North Carolina to start our lives together. Some of my very first blog posts were updates on life in Chapel Hill, wedding planning, and basically journal entries to help keep my friends and family members up to date with what is going on in my life after moving away. It seems, dear readers, that I will be bringing back that type of content to this blog. I will still have plenty of other content coming your way as well, but I just wanted to let you know that there will be some personal updates too. Now, I know that there’s a group of you that really like that type of content even though you don’t know me personally, which is great! For those of you that don’t care for the personal updates, fear not. One of the things I am most excited about is getting my office put together and hitting the ground running with Diva and the Divine. New videos, actual blog posts being posted with consistency, and actually devoting full time working hours to making my content the best it can be. Get excited my friends, because great things are coming!

In the meantime, as I said in my life update video, please bear with me as the chaos whirls and madness is my norm for awhile. Once the dust settles, I’ll be here regularly. In the meantime, Instagram is the place to find me. Every single one of you that are sticking it out and patiently waiting deserves a gold star 🌟 You’re my favorite!

One thought on “Moving to Minneapolis: A New Chapter

  1. Diane says:

    Hello Brianna, Moving is stressful, I know. But it’s also invigorating once you find a new home and settle in. I’ve lived in seven states, and I made each of our dwellings a “home” because that’s where my husband’s employment took us. My children adapted, and we all made new friends. Granted, some states I liked better than others, but every experience was positive. But, that has a lot to do with one’s attitude. You have a good attitude, is appears, and I think you’ll come to embrace your new home. By the way, I also have CMT, so I understand having physical challenges. Wearing AFO’s is my saving grace; without them, I couldn’t leave my home. It took me several years to accept that I needed them, and once I got my first pair, I was overjoyed with how much more mobile I became. I’m significantly older than you (63), but was diagnosed with CMT at age 29. It is, as you know, a slowly progressing degenerative disease, I felt compelled to write you today to suggest that if possible, you consider buying a one-level home. If you’re not planning on this home to be your “forever” home, then that may not be an issue. But, if you see yourself living there 10+ years from now, you might find that stairs become a greater challenge. I don’t mean to be a buttinsky, but just wanted to share my experience. Best of luck as you and your husband settle in!.

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