Monday: Musical and Motivated


Unlike most Mondays, I am finding today to be a particularly pleasant Monday.  You might have noticed that my blog updates have been a tad sparse lately.  May Favorites didn’t happen because I only had a few items and wasn’t motivated enough to write a whole post on 4 little things, so I decided to combine it with June’s. In general I have found myself rather depressed and unmotivated to do anything. I’m sure it mostly has to do with my husband being away on his internship.   The first week he was gone I managed, but as week two progressed onward I got sad, lonely and missed him terribly.  Even though I knew this was my time to be productive on blog things and personal things without a husband there to distract me, I found myself wanting to do nothing more than sit in the recliner, watch TV (even though there was nothing on Hulu or Netflix that I actually wanted to watch, as I’m all caught up on my TV shows now.) and eat my feelings.  We all know how eating sad and depressed feelings goes…  I knew that I’d be seeing Erik in a week or so, but once we got past one week apart, I couldn’t help feeling miserable despite knowing the next time I’d see him. Well Friday I decided to keep myself busy by running errands, going to the mall and working out.  I was curled up on the chair waiting for Erik to Skype me around 10:30 like he said he would.  All of the sudden the lock on my apartment door opens.  There are only two people that have keys to that lock: myself and Erik.. I opened the door (I had the deadbolt locked like a good, safe woman) and who should be standing there but my husband!  The whole time I thought he was out with friends and going to come back in time to webcam with me, he was actually in his car driving the almost 6 hours to come home and surprise me.  I almost instantly felt my heart lighten as he hugged and kissed me.  It was seriously the happiest I had been in a long while. The weekend was a pretty typical Erik and Brianna weekend with a  trip to the mall ( he tried to tell me to wait until Saturday, but he couldn’t tell me why without giving away his surprise), sleeping in and cuddling and a dinner date out, nothing too exciting…but the happiness in my heart made it a very special weekend indeed.  Knowing that my husband cares enough to take 12 hours out of his weekend to spend them in the car to visit me makes me feel so loved and so happy.  When he left to head back to his internship Sunday afternoon, while I was sad to see him go, I felt 100 times better. When I went to sleep, while I was bummed I was alone, my heart was happy, and I slept well knowing that I had a very musical morning planned and I needed to get some sleep.   I woke up today feeling happy.  That hasn’t happened in a while.  The first thing on this morning’s agenda was to be one of the teachers from the music school visiting a local high school to perform a few pieces.  I haven’t performed in quite some time, so getting paid to sing was a very exciting thing.  I sang “Astonishing” from Little Women and I got to play Elsa in “For the First Time in Forever” and closed the show with some “Let it Go.”  More importantly, I got out and was social with some fellow teachers, several of whom are around my age, and had an emotionally fulfilling morning. Why am I telling you all of the random details of my last several days?  Because of what happened next.. I had about 4 hours between our gig and having to be back at my studio for day 1 of summer lessons.  Now, usually I would use the fact I was dressed up, made up and ready for work as the perfect excuse to sit and do work and grab lunch on the way home, but today was different.  I went home and fixed myself a quick, healthy, low Points Plus lunch and then promptly put on workout clothes, washed off my makeup and went to the gym, despite the fact it would mean I’d have to shower and get ready all over again. On the elliptical my legs didn’t want to go, but rather than use that as an excuse, I convinced myself to move for 5 minutes, and if they still felt tired after that I was allowed to stop.  Guess what: they were fine. I had a great workout!  Then I headed back home and got ready and even decided to go meet with the music school’s admin to discuss some important things because I was too lazy to write a detailed email.  After a great meeting I went to my studio only to get stood up by 2 of my 3 students..and you know what?  I wasn’t even that mad about it.  Instead I got excited about going home and making my delicious (7 Points Plus) dinner, and watching some TV since I was just about at my activity goal for the day. After an evening of a brief webcam check in with my hubby, a delicious dinner and dessert (all tracked and accounted for) and a cup of sleepy time tea while watching Game of Thrones, and the intention of getting to bed before midnight, it is safe to say that this was a hugely successful start to the week, and I owe it all to a change in my mood. It is amazing how a positive mood can make staying on track so much easier.  Today, I still ate my feelings, but because I was motivated and happy I felt like making healthy choices.  Because I was content with the musical work I did today, I didn’t get angry about the ditching students and let it bring my night down.  Because I am satisfied with my day, I am willing to go to bed at a reasonable time so I can set myself up for the same sort of success tomorrow. While sometimes we need a major ah-ha moment of hitting rock bottom or realizing we put on 10 lbs to help kick us back into gear, and other times it is something much more simple than that.  While not everyone has a husband or wife that can make a heroic weekend drive to recuse their significant other in the slump, you yourself can help boost your mood and your motivation. Do something that makes you happy and feel good.  Color a picture, read a book, have a relaxing spa day or even a manicure.  Spend time with your family or friends.  Depend on your support system to uplift you and make you feel good.  They don’t even have to directly encourage your healthy living.  Erik coming home with the intent to heal my heart had nothing to do with him trying to stop me from not wanting to go to the gym or not track my food, but alas, his desire to fill my heart with love and happiness snapped those little pieces right back into place. Shoot for an ah-ha moment every day.  When you find ways to make your heart feel full, it will be the thing sending the rest of your body the motivation you need to get the job done.     Here ends the random ramblings of a Monday night.  I just felt like I had to talk a little bit about what’s been going on with me, and today’s non-scale victory and emotional victory seemed like a good way to help tie it in somewhere.  If you managed to get this far, thanks for reading 🙂   Be happy, my friends.

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