March 2019 Goals

Starting the month with a fresh set of goals is one of my favorite things. There’s something that I find incredibly empowering about new goals to check off a list every month, and while I don’t always get them all done, it’s still a great feeling to have ideas a plans laid out. For 2019 I am using the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets as my goal setting planner and I have been loving it! Not only do the Powersheets do an amazing job of helping me figure out what my goals should be to begin with, but they also have monthly goal tending sheets that are laid out to help you plan your goals in 3 ways: Monthly action items, weekly action items, and daily tasks.

This month I have two types of goals to tell you about. In this post we will talk about my tending sheet, but since the first day of the Christian season of Lent is right around the corner, I have some specific goals I’m setting for that 40 day period as well. Let’s dive in.

Monthly Action Items

  • Live Stream on Youtube. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and haven’t gotten the guts to actually hit the LIVE button. My goal is to find a day to do a live stream this month and get out of my comfort zone (which is one of my 2019 goals)
  • Complete Diva and the Divine’s 2018 Finances. Tax season is here, and since I am in fact running a business I do have to report all of my income and expenses. This was on my tending sheet in January and February and I managed to procrastinate for 2 months. I completed this task on March 1. It’s done!
  • Tidy all office drawers. This is my action item for my big picture goal of “create a beautiful and organized home.” I have 26 different drawers in my office, 23 of which I am responsible for. Makeup drawers, planner drawers, essential oils, and random stuff I didn’t have a place for all lurk here. Time to get it tidy and organized.
  • Set up external accountability. I need to go into a whole separate post about this, but I learned that I need external accountability for everything. Going to the gym, running my house, doing things for my business…literally everything, so I am going to spend the month taking the proper measures to ensure I have the external accountability set up that I need to reach my goals. I’ve already signed up and paid a pretty penny for 12 weeks with a personal trainer to up my game in the health and fitness department. I’m trying to come up with ideas on what other measures I should take. Any suggestions?
  • Achieve Lenten Goals. More on this later.
  • Cancel Planet Fitness membership. I’ve been spending a lot of time at our other gym, and now that I’m meeting with a trainer on the days I would typically go to PF, I just need to bite the bullet and cancel that membership. It’s not worth hving anymore since I’m spending all of my time at the Y.
  • Read 2 books. Girl, Stop Apologizing is officially out and it’s in my hands. That is book 1. I’m also reading High Performance Habits, and so far I’m really enjoying it. I have no doubt I will reach this goal.
  • One special date night activity. I’m not sure what or when this will be, but we need to do something a little out of the ordinary, even if it’s just go to a movie. Typically, especially in winter, date night means we go out for dinner or get takeout. Awesome for me not wanting to cook, but adding just a little something different would be a nice change.
  • Book Florida Trip. We have tickets to see Dear Evan Hansen in FL (because it was impossible to get decent seats here) at the end of the month, and when I was making my tending sheet we still hadn’t booked flights. We booked them Sunday! Look at that. Already have 2 things checked off for the month!
  • Go to Florida and have a great time: self-explanatory.

Weekly Action Items

These items should be things I do at least once a week

  • Work in a cafe or somewhere that isn’t at home. I want to start getting away from my desk since I have such a hard time focusing there to begin with.
  • Training session with my trainer
  • Quality Time with my husband. Sometimes even once a week is a big ask with our schedules, so the goal is to be able to find at least a few hours a week with no phones and no commitments other than spending time with one another. Making this a priority is essential for our marriage.
  • Log 10 hours of official Diva and the Divine working hours. What’s crazy is this is my job, and sometimes even 10 hours is hard to do. I’ve definitely been working overtime at the housewife job lately. At least my husband acknowledges and appreciates that fact.
  • Sunday planning session. When we are on the ball, Erik and I take a few minutes on Sunday to talk through our individual weeks, appointments, meal expectations, and our weekend schedule so we start the week on the same page. I will then take some time and plan out my work and errand schedule around my appointments. This leaves me feeling ready to hit the ground running on Monday.
  • Post 1 blog post
  • Sit and play the piano. Once a week! JUST ONCE!
  • Watch something fun. A movie I’ve been wanting to see or a tv show that hubby isn’t watching with me. I have to earn the right to do this though.

Daily Tasks

  • Track all food
  • Meditate
  • Read
  • Prayer/Devotional Time
  • Spend 1 hour working towards my big picture goals

Don’t you just love the way these are organized? I do! What are some of your goals for the month?

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