June 2016 Favorites

June Favorites
Styling MousseLush Facial Scrub | Lancome Juicy Shakers | Champagne Pop Palette | Buxom Eye Shadows | Yogurt | Waitress | It’s Not Okay

Guys..we are halfway done with 2016!  What kind of craziness is that??  Anyway, I’ve been way busy with non-blog related things, so my favorites are a little late, but since there were some things I’ve been dying to tell you about, I figured better late than never was appropriate here.  Enjoy!

Surface Curls Firm Styling Mousse: During the summer I like to let my hair air dry and let the little bit of natural wave do its thing.  This mousse is one of the more sticky foaming products I’ve tried, but it really gets the job done.  I just put a little leave in conditioner in my hair and then flip my head over and scrunch a golf ball sized amount at the ends and I get separated, textured, and curly looking locks that are perfect for that natural, air dried look we love for summer. 

Lush Smugglers Soul Facial Scrub ($13.95): I hate to mention this because this product is a limited edition for Father’s Day (but as of this post it’s STILL available!!), but I want you all to be aware of this for next year.  This is a scrub that was actually geared towards men (at least that’s what I’ve been told) as a facial exfoliant, but once I touched it in store, I knew I had to have it.  There are bamboo granules ground up in here and it reminds me of the fine ground feel of a paste made with baking soda (which I’ve used as exfoliant in the past), which really gets the job done without feeling too abrasive.  My skin feels amazing after using this.  Bonus: it has the faint smell of sandalwood, which is so nice.  Be ready for it next year, because it’s definitely worth picking up.   

Lancome Juicy Shakers ($21): These lip products (fully reviewed on my YouTube channel) have become one of my favorite things to use this past month.  They’re hydrating and offer a sheer wash of color, but even more than that they’re simply fun to use.  Made to look like little drink shakers, you shake them up to mix the pigment with the hydrating oils and then apply with the cushy sponge tip applicator.  For more information check out my video.  I might have ordered a few more, despite what I said in my initial review.  

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Palette ($52): I didn’t want to love this; I really didn’t..but alas, I do.  This palette is absolutely beautiful, but that’s not even the main reason it made it to my favorites.  Yes, the Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop are stunning, but I want to sing the praises of the blushes.  Not only are they just gorgeous, but the pigmentation is outstanding, and the longevity is out of this world! Yes, I use a setting spray, but even with that my other blushes melt into my skin after a few hours.  These have epic staying power, and I’m obsessed. The bad news is it’s limited edition and currently out of stock, but I had to mention it on the off chance you have the chance to grab one before they’re gone. 

Buxom Eye Shadows ($40): I swatched these at Ulta one day and little did I know they’d turn into my new favorite.  These shadows are buttery soft, blendable, and have very decent staying power.  What’s really cool about these is you can build your own palette.  You can either pay $12 per shadow, or choose 6 shadows and get the empty palette for $40.  There’s really no question as to which method you should take.  There’s a huge range of color choices and finishes, so you’re able to create a palette for whatever look you’re going for.  I’m definitely planning on expanding my collection. 

Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt in Lemon Meringue ($1.00)- This is a limited edition flavor of my favorite brand of Greek yogurt.  The lemon flavor is so light and delicious, which is perfect for summer.  At only 2 Smart Points, I love pairing this with berries for a delicious summertime snack. 

Waitress Soundtrack: I am a musical theatre nerd and a Broadway baby at heart, so I try to keep up with the latest shows on the Big White Way.  While the entire world is busy freaking out about Hamilton (don’t get me wrong, it’s really good stuff..and knowing that I can’t stand rap, that means a lot coming from me) I introduced myself to the musical Waitress.  It was love at first listen.  The entire cast is so talented, and the music is absolutely incredible.  Sara Bareilles is the composer, and I can definitely hear her influence in the music.  I’ve been singing along to this soundtrack non stop since the week before the Tony’s, and I don’t think I’ll tire of it anytime soon.  

It’s Not Okay: Andi Dorfman, last season’s Bachelorette, wrote a book that is half about getting over a major breakup, and half an inside look behind the scenes of the guilty pleasure tv show that so many of us watch.  I got the audio book, and having it narrated by the former Bachelorette herself adds a really awesome touch to an already fun book.  If you are at all into the Bachelor/Bachelorette, this is definitely It’s Not Okay.  


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